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Tweet: I left my soul at #TearsofCrimson the New Orleans #Vampire Bar join me  I left my soul at #TearsofCrimson the New Orleans #Vampire Bar join me 

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January 16, 2015 (Verbena, Alabama) - After four years of writing steamy contemporary romance, Michelle Hughes will return to the paranormal romance platform to deliver readers a unique view of immortal creatures.  Hughes states her reason for returning to the genre was due to the ending of several well-known vampire related shows and the outpouring of fan mail requesting she consider writing in this format again.  The author did state she will not abandon her current readers, and plans to release titles under both genres.

Tears of Crimson was Michelle Hughes first published book in 2009, but she found her niche with a different group of readers.  Recreating her original publication led to a new outlook on immortal mythology and there’s little left of the previous storyline.  Four other books are set to be released under this serial title, but each book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. 

Prior to her writing career, Hughes was a Respiratory Therapist.  Self-publishing allowed her to leave that field behind, and focus on the creative aspect.  Her company, Tears of Crimson LLC, offers authors promotion globally through social media marketing.   Michelle states that any author looking to build a platform in the area of self-publishing, is welcome to seek her out for advice.

Michelle Hughes has expressed great interest in bringing the New Orleans Vampire Bar, Tears of Crimson, to life in the French Quarter New Orleans where the book takes place.  Hughes visits the city yearly and remarked that the one thing missing is a vampire nightclub.  Investors interested in collaborating on this project should contact Tears of Crimson. 

The book release is set for February 17, 2015.  Interested persons can purchase the book via pre-order on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Scrib’d.  Distributors can contact Hughes directly for stock.  The book launch debut will be strictly online at Facebook, Twitter, and through the Tears of Crimson Website,
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