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I thought I knew where my life was going.  Which goes to show that we don’t know anything.  I had the perfect life.  A husband who loved me, getting the promotion as the head of our cardiopulmonary department, and a life plan that gave me purpose. Then with one fail swoop, everything was destroyed.  Finding your sister in bed with the love of your life puts things in a different perspective.  Discovering that she’s stealing your dream makes you question every thought you’ve ever had.

I lost everything except my medical career.  The one place where my life wasn’t falling apart around me.  Until it was.  Dr. Eric James was our ER physician, and maybe if I hadn’t had a life plan I’d never have noticed him in the way a woman discovers a man.  Maybe I’d never known what passion was before him.  I came to him in a moment of weakness, and he mended a part of me I thought was broken forever.  Life has a way of screwing up even the best things that have ever happened to you. 

Trauma.  When reality crashes into a fantasy, sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath.  I knew the right thing to do but giving up when a person’s life was in my hands went against everything I was taught.  Love doesn’t follow the right rules.  Unlike a medical emergency, there is no plan for survival.  What I needed was a prescription for love that wouldn’t destroy the tiny part left of me still fighting to live.

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