Scavenger Hunt

Before you start the hunt, remember to save your clues.  You'll need them at the end if you're the winner who gets good news!

Some secrets are meant to be found, how hard will you try?  There are prizes waiting for you if you decipher what's inside.  Follow the clues and remember what's said.  The crumbs will lead you straight to Church's bed!  

Church - He's the only religion you need!

Can you solve the puzzle and make it to the finish line?  Remember you only have a short amount of time.  Each tiny clue leads you to a special place and you'll pick up more items to help you be the winner of this race.  No cheating or sharing the secrets discovered from here, We'll be watching to make sure that the victor is clear.

Clue Number One:  This one is easy, but don't be deceived, only a real sleuth will figure out what award will be achieved.  Follow this link to a place where a book is a face, Only then will you find the next clue to be placed.  

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