Sunday, May 21, 2023

Boxabl Folding House - What do you think?

I was watching a video about these new folding houses and was amazed.  I think they are still in the development stages, but I could see this being incredible to set up a new AirBnb or even a mother-in-law home on your property.  I'm curious what you guys think about this.  I saw a price for $15,000 but I'm not sure if that's for a certain style.  I also saw some that were fully solar and that was what really interested me.  I'm still researching this, but considering adding something like this to my homestead when they come out.  

If you're interested in researching this as well here's the link


  1. These folding houses seem like a great addition to any property! I can definitely see why you'd consider them for use with AirBnb or even as a mother-in-law suite. And the fact that some are fully solar-powered is a huge plus. It's exciting to see innovative housing solutions like this. As a side note, if you're looking for humanities dissertation help, there are plenty of resources available online to assist you!

  2. I recently had the opportunity to explore the Boxabl Folding House, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed by its innovation and practicality.

  3. Exciting to see more innovative folding amazed houses in future.

  4. I must say, I was truly amazed by what I saw. Although they are still in the development stages, the potential they hold is simply incredible.

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