Saturday, April 20, 2019

Surrendering to her Mate - Erzabet Bishop

A new beginning…
Fleeing from a relationship gone horribly wrong, bunny shifter Clover Frazier makes the choice to start a new life. If only her car had gotten the memo. Stranded in the parking lot of what seemed to be a nightclub, she walks into a world she never knew existed. A new job with room and board are the answer to her prayers, but can she really outrun the ghosts of her past or will they come back to claim her?

A cat with a broken heart might just learn to love again.
Master Richard has just come out of a five-year Master/sub arrangement after a bitter breakup. He spies the new barmaid instantly, dismissing her as just another pretty face. When circumstances put them in close proximity, his resolve to stay at a distance is put to the test when his prickly panther responds to the luscious bunny shifter. Finding himself enamored by the curvaceous blonde, the teacher becomes the student and this alpha male learns that the gift of trust might just be the greatest surrender of all.

**All books in the My Wicked Mates series can be read standalone**




Bookstore Manager and Author in Houston, TX

Erzabet Bishop is an award-winning and bestselling author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Crave, Snow (Three Times More Lucky Box Set), Malediction (A Wicked Halloween Box Set), Map of Bones (A Wicked Affair Box Set), Sanguine Shadows (Vampire Bites Box Set), The Science of Lust, Wicked for You, Heart’s Protector, Burning for You, Taming the Beast, Mistletoe Kisses, Surrender, Under Cover of Darkness (2017), Three for Two (2017), Hedging Her Bets, Cat’s Got Her Tongue (Alpha Heat Box Set), Kitten Around (upcoming), Torment (Feb 2017), Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming),The Devil’s Due (upcoming), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming), Club Beam, Pomegranate, A Red Dress for Christmas, The Black Magic CafĂ©, Sweet Seductions, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Vaping Saves Lives But Our Government Wants You To Die From Smoking Instead

As an author, I decided to start this entry with a story.  My own.  In August of 2015 I shared my story on being diagnosed with COPD and using vaping as a smoking cessation tool.  It worked.  I was able to put down a 2 pack a day habit by using vaping as my nicotine replacement therapy.  The changes in my body have been unbelievable!

After six months of vaping, I was able to sing again, sleep at night without coughing my lungs out, waking up a hundred times, and since 2015, I haven’t gotten bronchitis or pneumonia once.  Prior to vaping every other month I was diagnosed with bronchitis.  Vaping was the last thing I tried after failed attempts with  nicotine patches, hypnosis, prescription medication, and cold turkey.  None of those things helped me quit smoking.  When I went to the emergency room it was a huge wake up call. Getting hospitalized was proof that if I didn’t give up that horrible habit I wouldn’t be around to try another method.

I became an advocate for vaping after it saved my life, and make no mistake about it, it was a life saver.  All the negative things I was bombarded with from people saying vaping was just as bad as smoking, or that they hadn't researched it enough to prove it safe, was like a slap in the face when I knew it was the only thing that helped me.  The only thing that has changed since then is that the people that are supposed to protect our health have become more outspoken (with no proof) that vaping isn't safe and should be banished.  While combustible cigarettes are still sitting on a shelf, encouraging youth and adults to damage their lungs beyond repair, they focus on vaping. 

I could give you dozens of conspiracy theories on why they are fighting so hard against vaping, but instead I'll just stick with the facts.  Vaping helped me stop smoking and has turned my health around for the better.  While my lungs will always pay for the fact that I chose to destroy them for 30+  years,  I can breathe so much easier than I could in 2015, and the chronic bronchitis that tagged me with the COPD diagnosis has not happened since I started vaping.  That is all the research I need.  My physician, who I'll admit I never told I started vaping only that I stopped smoking, has remarked on how much better my health is since giving up smoking.  It's sad that the stigma of vaping is so bad that I didn't feel I could tell him that was how I quit.  So yes, I admit to omitting that fact from him.

So why am I bringing this up today?  Well, our brilliant government (said with all sarcasm at the moment) believes that adult lives don't matter and we must ban flavors from vaping and I happen to only vape bakery flavors.  When I stopped smoking the last thing I wanted was a tobacco flavor since it reminded me of what made my lungs get in this horrible shape to begin with.  Obviously, this matters to my health, and millions of other ADULT vapers that use flavors to keep them away from cigarettes.  I am a strong believer in adolescents not smoking or vaping, and we have laws in place that already make that illegal.  Common sense states that we enforce those laws and not punish adults who use this as an alternative to regular cigarettes. 

I'm encouraging you to think for yourself, and to listen to other sides of the equation that they aren't giving you, millions of people just like me who are living a better life because they discovered vaping and are able to breathe now and tell you about it.  Ones like my 65 year old mother, who was also able to quit smoking via vaping.  We are the people vaping was created for, not matter how much they try to make you believe the industry is targeting youth.  Vaping was created by smokers who wanted an alternative that government, quite frankly, wasn't smart enough to come up with on their own. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

All She Ever Needed - Lora Logan

Becca thought she had it all figured out; accepted into one of the country’s most prestigious cooking schools, she was ready to leave home and begin the life she always imagined for herself. What she didn’t expect was meeting the one man who she could see herself giving it all up for. Jameson was much more than a musician with a tough, tattooed exterior, he was the one person who wanted Becca to have all the things she wanted for herself. But once she leaves for school the distance between them becomes too great, and Becca decides that in order to create the life she really wants for herself, she has to leave him behind. Following her vision, Becca finds herself in a whole new world and on course to becoming a professional chef. When she meets wealthy, Ivy League grad student, Maddox Spencer, he fits perfectly into the life she has imagined for herself. But when the death of a close family member brings her back home, her worlds collide and she must choose between the life she’s always desired and the one man she could never live without.

Lora Logan Not unlike many of her characters, Lora Logan is attracted to tough, tattooed men, and is lucky enough to be married to one! The mama of three Maltese puppies, she is an animal lover and can be found most days snuggling with them while reading or writing.
While Lora begins every story with an outline, her favorite part of writing is the fact that her characters usually steal the show. She happily follows behind with a pen in her hand as they choose their own trajectory.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sharing My New Military Tee Shop

My beautiful Kayla joined the USAF Sept 19, 2019 and I was going absolutely nuts sitting around thinking about her while she was in Basic Training.  I decided to put that energy into creating shirts for mom, dads, sisters, brothers, family and friends for people in the Air Force.  I thought I'd share those ideas with you today.  Every penny I make from sales is going toward our trip to my daughter's graduation in April, and after that I'm going to find a way to donate to other parent's to help them afford the trip.  It's such an important time in our young Airman's lives.. graduation!

These shirts and many others are available at  If you don't see something for your airman, let me know and I'll try my best to design it!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Supporting Our Military

My beautiful daughter, Kayla, leaves for basic training Tuesday for the United States Air Force.  Obviously, I'm extremely proud of her dedication to serving this country, and my heart is full of sadness at letting her go at the same time.  She decided a few years ago that nursing wasn't the line of work she wanted to go into, and began working as a Pharmacy Technician.  I wasn't shocked at her decision to join the military as my baby sister is an Army Veteran.  To me serving in the military is the most selfless thing a person can do, and that fits right in with the beautiful young woman I was privileged to raise.

Until you've had a family member serve, I don't think you fully understand the sacrifice of watching your child, husband, or relative leave everything they know behind to serve a greater purpose.  To me, respecting our flag and National Anthem have always been important.  Now?  That respect has grown tenfold and I'm not sure I can hold my tongue toward anyone that doesn't respect the sacrifice these wonderful people make so we can have all these freedoms.

I grew up as a military brat myself, and spent years overseas, and at other bases so I know what it means to be away from family too.  When you look at our flag, or hear the National Anthem, I hope you'll remember not only my daughter's face, but every single Veteran that has fought to give you those rights we sometimes take for granted.  Everything you do in this life is because someone in the military has fought to make sure you had that ability.

My baby sister just started receiving her VA benefits, after fifteen years of separation after a medical discharge.  There are many other's who've given their lives in service to you and it's a complete disrespect of those lost lives when you don't honor the flag and this beautiful country we are fortunate enough to live in.  There are mother's, father's, wives, sister's, brother's, and other loved ones that will never get the opportunity to watch their solider stand for that flag again or sing the National Anthem with pride.  It's our job as an American to do that for them. 

Above everything else we should be American's.  So the next time you see someone taking a knee, burning a flag, or making jokes about the military, kindly remind them that some people died for that freedom, while other's are out there, sometimes thousands of miles away from family to give them that luxury.  Freedom is never free, even if you feel that it is for you.  God Bless, from a mother in Alabama watching her daughter prepare to go fight for those freedoms!

Michelle Hughes

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Infanticide - When Does A Mother's Right End?

Should Abortion After 2nd Trimester Be Legal?

No. There is no reason to abort in the 3rd trimester.
Yes. There should be no time limit on the availability of abortion.
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Yesterday I talked about how America was changing, and not for the better, and this was one of those reasons I gave.  When women can abort a child in the last trimester of pregnancy, or even not save that baby when it comes out alive, we've got a huge problem in this country.  I don't care which side of the abortion issue you stand on, murdering a baby that can live outside the womb is infanticide.  

We are travelling down a very dark road in our history when we find it acceptable to murder a baby that can live outside the womb.  What's next?  Killing the elderly or those with mental handicaps.  I refuse to believe that a person of sound mind can look at this and not see something is very wrong with this path we're walking down.  Today I'm going to discuss my opinions, and encourage you to research for the truth.  As always, I have my comments open, so please feel free to share even if it's against what I believe.  Freedom of speech, always!

Before we get into my opinions, I want to state some facts.  The University of Vermont has stated there are two ways to perform a last trimester abortion.   "Intact Dilation and Extraction (partial birth) removes the fetus from the uterus through the vaginal canal and creates a suction to remove the brain and spinal fluid from the skull.  Dilation and Extraction (D&X) is another late-term method. The Doctor dismembers the fetal part that has been brought out of the vagina and removes it. The rest of the fetus remains in the uterus while dismemberment occurs."

We learn from the Charlotte Lozier Institute that "unborn babies can experience pain at 20 weeks gestational age (20 weeks LMP, since Last Menstrual Period, the fetal age estimate used by most obstetricians) or earlier."  Aside from any moral issue you might have on this subject, the knowledge that this baby can feel pain, should automatically tell you that late term abortion is not ethical.  We put down our animals without pain, but these unborn babies must suffer?

On the moral issue, a baby that can live outside the womb should no longer be considered a "fetus" because it doesn't need the mother to survive.  The rights of the mother end once the baby can survive without her.  I'm not going to debate the moral issue of whether abortion is right or wrong at any time, because that debate has been going on for years without any consequence.  I will however argue all day (and night) about the rights of a baby that can live outside the womb and how wrong it is to butcher them like unwanted trash.  

There is right and there is wrong, and to me the only right way to go is demand that late term abortion is not only illegal but criminal.  Someone has to fight for those that can't fight for themselves, so I hope you join in and champion these innocent babies ending up on the chopping block because a woman has decided she has more rights than an innocent child who can't beg for their life.

Michelle Hughes

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Dumbing Down of America

What has happened to the America I grew up in? We have reached a point in our history where the news media can no longer be trusted.  Race relations are at the worst point I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  Our flag and Pledge of Allegiance are now somehow offensive?  We are allowing babies to be killed up to birth.  I barely recognize this great country that I love from my childhood days.  Was it always this way and we walked around with blinders on?  Maybe so, but I choose to believe that the powers that be in our country are dead set on Dumbing Down America!  That being said, the opposite seems to be happening on some sides. 

My opinion, and that is all this is, may offend you.  I won’t apologize for that because I still believe in Freedom of Speech.  I personally believe that if America doesn’t wake up soon, then everything we've strived to build this country into, will be destroyed.  If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, ask yourself if you can go out in public or on any social media venue and give an opinion without vile hatred spewing from anyone who doesn’t agree with what you’ve said.  There was a time not so long ago where people could have a political disagreement and leave it at the polls.  That time is now over.  If you’re a Republican, as I am, you are considered immoral if you’re a Democrat you’re considered brain-dead.  I’ve been guilty myself of thinking that about the opposing party.

I don’t understand how we can have people working the border saying there is a crisis and that the Democrat’s refuse to acknowledge there is a problem.  I don’t understand how we can dismember innocent babies in the womb when they can live outside the mother’s body.  I don’t understand how we can look at our flag and not respect it or the American anthem for being patriotic.  I seriously don’t understand how any of us that lived through 9/11 can accept that we allow Muslim’s in congress that can’t be sworn in our bible.  Does that make me immoral?  Absolutely not.  It makes me an American. 

We’re at a place in history that is unlike any other time.  Maybe we all must wake up and start looking at the facts and turning away from what Main Stream Media is feeding us, because it’s apparently clear to anyone that is objective, that they are spoon feeding us their rhetoric and not the truth.  And it’s not just the left, it’s the right as well.  When I was growing up, the media put the facts out to the people, and you drew your own conclusion.  That is no longer the case.  The media has become paid actors to support whatever political agenda they are hired for.   Ironically, in my first journalism class that was the one thing we were told never to do.  As a journalist you shouldn’t have an opinion, you should be unbiased.  There’s a reason I decided to write fiction instead of following that route.  Ask yourself when watching your news programs tonight if any of those journalists are being unbiased. 

If we can’t trust our media, who do we trust?  The basic answer?  No one.  Question everything you read or hear.  Research and follow through where that leads.  The only person responsible for what you find is you, and sadly, that’s the only way you’ll discover the truth.  They have an agenda, and that’s The Dumbing Down of America.  I guess the real question is, are you going to allow it?

Michelle Hughes

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Obstruction of Justice - Luke Rosiac

Investigative reporter Luke Rosiak is being hailed as “one of the smartest, most diligent reporters in Washington” (TUCKER CARLSON) and “a bulldog” (DANA LOESCH) for uncovering “what is possibly the largest scandal and coverup in the history of the United States House of Representatives” (NEWT GINGRICH).  

It’s like something out of a spy novel: In the heat of the 2016 election, an unvetted Pakistani national with a proclivity for blackmail gained access to the computer files of one in five Democrats in the House of Representatives. He and his family lifted data off the House network, stole the identity of an intelligence specialist, and sent congressional electronic equipment to foreign officials. And that was only the beginning.

Rather than protect national security, Congress and the Justice Department schemed to cover up a politically inconvenient hack and an underlying fraud on Capitol Hill involving dozens of Democrats' offices. Evidence disappeared, witnesses were threatened, and the supposed watchdogs in the media turned a blind eye.

Combining tenacious investigative reporting and high-tech investigative techniques, Luke Rosiak began ferreting out the truth, and found himself face to face with the "Deep State," observing how Nancy Pelosi's Democrats manipulated the Department of Justice, the media, and even Republican leadership to sabotage the investigation into what Newt Gingrich calls possibly the biggest congressional scandal in history.

Investigative reporter and author of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats.


Friday, January 25, 2019

Hard Time by Loki Renard and Jane Henry


He's hunting me. And when he catches me, he's going to break me.

I've been running from the law my whole life.
But Rico is the one man I can't escape.
And I don't know if I want to.


Jasmine Francoise lives to taunt the law. The FBI. Me.

I'll bring her to justice.
She'll scream her confession over my knee and in my bed.
She deserves hard time.
I'll make sure she gets it.

Loki Renard

It's just as well Loki Renard became an author because other career paths proved disastrous. She was once thrown out of someone's house for trying to sell them citrus based cleaning product, and her brief brush with corporate life ended when she wrote profiles for her fellow employees likening them to various feral animals then attempted to negotiate the idea of not coming into the office and getting paid anyway. Perhaps if she'd had the dedication to slug herself in the face a la Fight Club, things might have turned out differently.

Jane Henry

USA Today Bestselling author Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.

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