Thursday, November 28, 2013

Let's Get It On!

What happens at Tears of Crimson after the Thanksgiving feast?  Our mind sinks right back into the gutter and we get to work!  So what are we getting ready to serve up?  Well this sexy image of Eric Balfour, you know Duke from Haven, pumped up the fantasy muse.  I mean seriously the guy looks like he should be riding a hog and getting down and dirty in the sack... hey don't give us that look!  So a sexy Eric in leather with some rough and rowdy loving... that got our minds whirling.

We pummeled our brains trying to figure out what we knew about biker gangs and turns out, well not a hell of a lot!  So what do you do when you have this great idea for a book and want to get the 411?  You find a great author friend who just happens to know a lot about the subject and beg him to fill you in.  So much love to Zach Kullis for the knowledge because even though the new book will be a fiction and contemporary romance, we want the facts to be straight.

Of course at Tears of Crimson we rarely have an issue with shyness and decided on whim to go out and tweet the sexy Eric, doubting he'd ever give us the time of day and I'm sure this means way little to him but we were so stoked to get a tweet reply.  So stoked that all our friends of Crimson were sick of hearing about it, I'm sure.

Obviously we can't use Eric's name or image in the book but the fact that he answered was just pretty cool and has put him as our number one fangasm dude of the month!  

Okay so back to the book!  March is the estimated release date... but you know how the craziness works around here, it could be sooner.  All we can say now is that it will be a biker romance and be based off some great factual knowledge and of course with everything we write.. lots of steamy hot goodness involved! And obviously we can't use the brand names of the bikes... because seriously being sued would suck royally... but at least you'll know now what he'll be riding!

We're sending out some serious love to Brandy Dorsch because she supports the insanity at Tears when most people tell us we're crazy for some of the stuff we talk about here!  I know a little random thought but I think she'll get it.  So while we're being random (because having ADD just kind of makes that crap happen) let us know what you think is worthy of a fangasm dude (or chick).  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence was on fire during the second movie of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Jennifer Lawrence was on fire during the second movie of the Hunger Games:  Catching Fire.  A brilliant emotional portrayal of the reluctant leader that stole our hearts as Katniss Everdeen. We discover a more grown up version of the Mocking Jay with part two and after the post traumatic stress she's dealing with after the Game, it show beautifully on screen.  This reviewer wanted to join Haymitch in a drink watching the heart-wrenching scenario unfold.

President Snow (Donald Sutherland) was easy to hate and made the perfect villain, which played right into giving Lawrence the spotlight she so rightly deserved.   As a long time Woody Harrelson fan, this role is such a delight to watch and friends who remember him from Cheers will get the humor that he's now the drunken tutor that we finally understand is dealing with his own Post Traumatic Stress from playing in the Hunger Games.

Five out of Five Stars from Tears of Crimson (and the reviewers giving lower ratings were either on crack or didn't see the same movie).  We're are waiting impatiently for the third in the series and even going in knowing we'd be left hanging for the conclusion, it still made us cling to our seats hoping the show would keep going on.  The writers did a fantastic job as did the supporting cast.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creating an Awesome Twitter Landing Page

  Start with a background image 2500 x 1600 is what I used to make sure it wouldn't tile.  (hint you can visit to get free background pics like the one above).

Create your insert by making a new transparent image  339 x 663 write whatever you want on that insert.

Merge the two pictures together.  Make sure to keep the insert .5 away from the top and left for a cleaner image.  Save the completed picture as a jpg to make upload faster.  Really there's nothing to this and with a little trial and error you can have a great facebook landing page.

After you make your background image:  Go to your twitter profile.  Select Design.  Then upload the new background.  That's it your done.  You can mess around with the background color and links until it matches your new background image!

You can see my profile on twitter at  If you get stuck just leave me a message below and I'll help.  Don't forget to share your new background with me here!  I love seeing what people create!

Whore Radio - Embrace it!

So maybe we're a little obsessed with our inner whore!  Come join us!  Oh and a little reason why author's shouldn't be songwriters *grins* This is what all the songs would look like!

Whore - Michelle Hughes song lyrics

I know what you want from me, but baby I just can't give in
Doesn't help that, that body of yours is like a one way ticket to sin
You make me feel things that I can't resist
Long to surrender with just one kiss
I know you're wanting even more .. but I feel like your whore

Slow down I'm begging just let me breathe, before I can't say no
The feelings you bring to life inside of me, leave my body anything but cold
Those hands know just what I need
Few minutes more I'll be on my knees
I'm shattered right to the core, still I feel like you're whore

Chorus -

Climb on into my feather bed there's plenty of room for two
You've been teasing me all night long now let me show you what I can do
You make me feel like a whore, and I want it deep down inside my core
You make me feel like a whore, so let's flaunt it I've never wanted any man more
I'll give you nights of ecstasy, for the lust you bring out in me
I've got what you're longing for, you make me feel like a whore


Long legs wrapped around me tight, fingers that know how to please
Are you ready for the ride of your life, just look what you've done to me
Those lips better step up their game
If you want me to scream out your name
My bodies ready to soar, there's no doubt I'm your whore

Come a little closer give me what I need, hot loving against the wall
Show me the animal you need to feed, answer that mating call
I can be your little tiger or a kitten in bed
I see those dirty thought running through your head
Don't make me beg you for more, I already feel like your whore

(Repeat Chorus)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Whore: Banned from Facebook

I tried to purchase an ad for the new book, Whore and was shocked when I got this reply from facebook:

Your ad wasn't approved because it uses profane, vulgar, or threatening language, or insults, harasses, or demeans people, or addresses age, gender, race, physical condition, sexual preference, or generates high negative feedback.

Before resubmitting your ad, please visit the Help Center to learn more and see examples of ads that meet our guidelines.

If you’ve read the guidelines in the Help Center and think your ad follows the rules and should have been approved, please let us know.
For more information, please read our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines.


The Facebook Ads Team

So there had to be a misunderstanding, I thought.  I decided to write them back and explain this was a book title that I was promoting and here's the lovely little reply I got back.

Hi Michelle,

This book cannot be promoted on Facebook. Both the book cover and the name violate policy.

This decision is final.


Facebook Ads Team

I guess Ralph told me.  His decision was final and it didn't matter what I thought about it (trust me I'm laughing here because I happen to like dominant men, pretty obvious since I write about them).  What I don't get is how Whore can be a violation of policy when I see books all the time being promoted about sluts, sexual relationship, and yadda yadda yadda.  Baby it's romance and if Whore offends you, I'm thinking that's a personal issue that you should take up with your shrink and not my book sales.  Just sayin'.

What's a girl to do?  Obviously spend her advertising money somewhere else.  It's just a little frustrating seeing half naked pictures of people pop up in my timeline (which btw I like) and then be told that I can't advertise my book because it's titled Whore?  And hello there is nothing graphic about the cover!  Oh well, guess I'll just go Whore my book elsewhere *giggling*  Feel free to pimp right along with me!  If facebook kicks me I'll be back on twitter @CaraDonovan_  Here's the links to all the places you can buy or read about whore

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bloggers and Reviews - We Need Pimps!

Don't look at me that way!  You know I wouldn't ask unless I felt I couldn't live without it!  Trust me it won't hurt at all (unless you want it to) and you'll be doing a favor that will be returned anytime you ask.  Seriously what's better than an open ended favor that you can hold over my head?

If you'll look follow this link it will take you to the Cara blog and you'll see a tab called Whores and Pimps (Honestly I know you want to look!).  The link will take you to a sign up for the release of Whore and we would like to get reviewers and bloggers on the feather bed.  Since we're pulling out the new Pen Name, it's going to take a lot of word of mouth to let people know what's going on.  Now I know I've got friends out there that know how to use that mouth!

So what am I trying to talk you into?  A review if you've got time, a excerpt of the book  if you don't (that I'll even create for you if you need it), and just word of mouth to your other friends that Cara Faith Donovan is putting out a book called whore.  See I told you it wouldn't be painful!  If you're a blogger then please follow the link to Whore and Pimps to sign up and if you'd just like to help spread the word and need to know more you can send an email to  (Just no lewd requests for naked pictures, my hubs gets a little ticked about those).  If you'd like to host a guest post drop me a line too, I give good blog I'm told (winks).

You can check out the goodreads link on the top right for more information about Whore and please add it to your TBR (to be read) shelf.  I'm getting rather good at wearing the pimp hat if i do say so myself!  Lots of love your way and I appreciate you working it for me!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Feel Like You've Lost Your Mind? Click Here!

We haven't exactly pulled out the little white jackets yet but we're close!  Holy sin someone explain why we needed to do everything so close to the holidays!  At Tears of Crimson we love a challenge but WOW! Giving birth to a new pen name, participating in NaNoWriMo, creating two new websites, and trying to format the book coming out in two weeks?  Yeah I think a little insanity might be in order.  Mix that in with our daily responsibilities and you've got One Crazy Month!  November will be known from now on as the time that we almost lost it.

On the positive side, the new cover is done and so is the website and Nook early previewed the book and has it on sale now!  Don't ask it's a long story and our brains are too tired to explain!  Does it sound like we're trying to pull the pity card?  We're not but if you have some sympathy, feel free to head over to Goodreads and add Whore to your reading list!

While you're at it, spreading the word that Cara Faith Donovan is the new name for books wouldn't hurt either!  On a serious note this is all part of the fun of publishing.  What's a great book without a little hair pulling out, banging your head on the desk, or feeling callouses on your fingers from all the love you put into it?  Not much!

We haven't had time (okay maybe we just forgot) to hook up with bloggers for a release day blitz.  If you've got a blog and would like to help us out there, please send an email to Michelle.  We're glad to send Kindle, Nook, or PDF version for review prior to release date if you've got a blog!

So that's what we're doing this week.  Feel like you've lost your mind?  Come share your insanity with us in comments!

Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Nights of Sinful Delights - 99 Cents!

Five Nights of Sinful Delights

Boxed Set

Purchase on:  Amazon    

or Dowload  the PDF from Tears  

In lieu of the changes coming as we bring back to life Cara Faith Donovan, we’re offering a great deal on five of our sexiest books from Tears of Crimson:  Sin, Romance Book Club, Undercover Submissive, Angela’s Salvation and Scarlett’s Temptation.  For a limited time you can receive all five full length books for the insane price of 99 cents!  833 pages of Sin.

Have we lost our minds?  That's debatable, BUT we wanted to offer our readers a last chance to have this collection before they were all changed to reflect the name change.  If you want to keep a little piece of history from Tears of Crimson this is your chance.  These will be the last books with the name Michelle Hughes on the cover.

The new book releasing from Tears of Crimson will be titled Whore, and will hit the shelves just in time for Christmas.  Obviously Cara Faith Donovan will be the author and Michelle Hughes will be thrown back into the administrative side.  With the new book release, Whore, we're inviting our readers to let go of all their inhibitions and embrace their inner whore!  Can a virgin be a whore?  That's the question we'll ask readers to decide for themselves!

Enough about that for now.  November has been a crazy train ride and we're all trying to catch our breaths as we flip-flop through the name changes, participate in NaNoWriMo, and basically try and catch all our friends up on what's going on.  Nothing says little white jacket like giving yourself an impossible deadline! Isn't that what life is all about?  So hang on tight and come enjoy the ride as we move into 2014!

We've got your virgin and alpha male temptations with seduction so steamy you might need a cold shower when you're done!  Our bad boys like them sweet and innocent and since it's getting harder to find that in today's modern age, it's what we love bringing to our readers at Tears of Crimson.  Take a virgin and put her with the right Alpha Male and watch her bloom.  That's what we want to be known for, not to mention that we just find it hot seeing how a sexy man can make a sweet woman turn into a tiger in the bedroom.  

Thank you Tears of Crimson Friend's for always giving us such undenying support!  Without our Friend's of Crimson all this would be just a dream.  So during the month of thanks... we're giving ours to you!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Rebirth of Cara Faith Donovan

Cara has been hanging out as my alter ego since I began my writing career and now she's coming back to life at Tears of Crimson.  So hang on to your garter belts ladies, and you men?  Well I'm sure you can come up with something to grab on to!  Michelle Hughes as most of the loyal readers here know, is my real name but all the books steaming up your Kindle, Nook, and bookshelves will now have a new secret identity, Cara Faith Donovan.

What the hell are you thinking Michelle?  Well let me explain.  When you live in a small little town in Alabama and happen to have children, writing erotic romance doesn't always go over well.  So as much as I love what I do when your kids teachers start talking about reading your books it's time to consider what's best for those little people in my life that are not ready to discover the work in mommy's books.  Betty Crocker might dish up some hot little tales, but I'm sure what she's cooking in the kitchen and the things she does in her personal life are two separate things.  I hope you get what I'm throwing down here today.

Those that have supported me in the past I'm hoping will embrace this new change and hey you'll be privy to a secret because after the transition I won't be discussing this again.  From this day forth, and until death get the gist... I promise to obey my inner sex goddess and write stories that heat up your nights.  The only thing changing is the name!   The only books that will not be getting the Cara Faith Donovan secret service move will be the Vampire Series.  If you've read those books you'll understand why.  If not well might I suggest you do?

This site will continue running without change.  The new author site is the twitter name (same account btw) is now @Cara_Donovan and there's also the new facebook page  (which could use some likes since I've just created it).  The first book to be released under the name will be Whore and should hit your e-readers and paperback by December 4, 2013.   In light of the new book release you'll be seeing the tagline "Embrace Your Inner Whore"  and maybe that's what the freedom of a pen name will allow me to do with my books!

I'm hoping you guys will help make this transition easier by spreading the word.  The Street Team can always use new members and beta readers are in hot demand!  Michelle *wink wink* will still be handling the administrative duties for Tears of Crimson and Cara Faith Donovan so if you're subscribe to the newsletter nothing will change there.  If you'd like to be a part of the street team or a beta reader drop me a line at michelle@tearsofcrimson and I'll hook you up!  As always... Love from Tears of Crimson

Friday, November 1, 2013

Get Ready to NaNoWriMor!

It's on like Donkey Kong at Tears of Crimson.  Today starts the annual National Novel Writing Month where writer's are called to produce 50,000 words in 30 days!  You can get all the Groovy facts at NaNoWrimo.Org  Join the fun and insanity as we pound our heads into the keyboard and try to produce an incredible novel in just a month!  Now I know some of you are saying it just can't be done, but let me just stop you right there.

If you focus on writing everyday you can meet this goal.  One of the things I love about NaNoWrite is it makes you focus on sitting down and doing what needs to happen to produce a full length book.  I encourage every writer to come out and take on the challenge and find out what you're capable of.  You can keep up with  NanoWriMo on twitter, facebook, and by all means drop us a line at Tears of Crimson and share your experiences.

Let's get this party started and write a bestseller!  Who's with me... I see you over there trembling in the corner!  Get up and join in the fun.  Besides if you go nuts you'll look really cool in the straight jacket, right? Seriously this is going to be so exciting... give it a try!
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