Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Solution To Youth Buying Adult Products

I was browsing Amazon today and ran across this Driver License Scanner when the solution to youth buying adult products came to me!  It's simple, the product above is $144 and something that any vape shop, alcohol package store, or convenience store could implement.  Pharmacies already use this type of product for people getting controlled prescriptions.  To purchase the product you have to scan your driver's license and that information goes into a database.  This would stop ANY underage person from being able to purchase adult products, and would also give law enforcement the ability to see if someone was purchasing an abundance of products and reselling, therefore stopping this product from being bought legally and distributed illegally.  My daughter worked in a pharmacy for three years, so this solution obviously works to keep controlled substances away from those who aren't supposed to use them.

I understand that some people are going to argue this is a violation of your rights to know if you're buying certain products, but when it comes to prohibition, I believe this outweighs the alternative.  This is such an easy answer to everything but buying adult products online, and I'm sure there are people that sell alcohol online so they already have a solution in place.  What a scanner like this does is verify age, and keep a database of purchases that go into a spreadsheet.  Problem solved.  Honestly, I don't know why some lady who doesn't even a business related to adult products had to come up with it.

If youth usage of cigarettes, alcohol and/or vaping is considered the problem, then this is the solution.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea.  You can reach me on twitter at on Facebook at or drop me an email at authormichellehughes @   My proposed bill to congress below.

A Bill to Stop Youth Purchase of Adult Products to
Stop Underage Sale of Cigarettes, Vaping Products and Alcohol

Section 1.      This bill would require that any adult product (alcohol, cigarettes, vaping products) be required by law to have a scan of their driver’s license by the person purchasing this product.  This scan would keep a database of the purchaser on file.
Section 2.      Any location selling adult products would be required by law to use this form of identification process to prevent the sale to minors
Section 3.      Depending on which type of adult product is sold, the government agency that will oversee the enforcement of the bill will be responsible for making sure this is enacted.
SECTION 4.      The reason this bill needs to be in place is so that we can reduce the purchase of adult products for underage users, and to have a database of purchasers that may have the intent to resell to said underage users.   
Section 5.      This bill would nullify the need for flavor bans in vaping,  and assure that anyone purchasing these products for resell to the youth could easily be identified.  This same bill would stop the underage sell of alcohol or tobacco products that don’t fall under vaping to have the same solution.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The CDC'S Misinformation Campaign Against Vaping

Public Health created a fake panic over legal nicotine vaping products and every news media platform and a majority of politicians jumped on the hysteria without facts.  As of yesterday, 92% of all deaths and illnesses were caused by illegal, black-market, THC (pot) products and the other eight percent have not chosen to come forward and admit the truth.  Those are facts that you can research.  I said this on September 8, 2019 in this article Nicotine Vaping is Not the Culprit  and now those truths have been validated by the CDC.  30 people have now died, partly because the CDC refused to give facts that might have saved people's lives.  Smokers that might have tried vaping could die because they listened to their government as they fed them a false narrative that legal nicotine vaping wasn't safe.  

When it comes to vaping, I deal in facts, not fiction.  Cigarette smoking is a horrible addiction that takes on average, 1300 people's lives every day in America, 250,000 a year.  These are facts.  There have been zero deaths from adults using legal nicotine vaping products.  Fact.  Chantix, can't claim that number, 78 deaths have been associated with the pharmaceutical companies stop smoking drug.  The facts are that vaping has a higher success right of helping a smoker quit than any other smoking cessation product on the market and it was innovated by consumers, not big tobacco as the media would have you believe.  Feel free to read the story of how vaping was created here:

Even now, when public health has finally admitted there was no need for the panic they created, mainstream news has refused to stop saying vaping is responsible, and you have to dig for the THC story after all the misleading headlines.  Most of the bans that have been put in place due to the discredited information from the CDC, have been beaten in court because unlike politicians, the judicial system has to show probable cause.  This is something they haven't been able to do because it doesn't exist.  This was a witch hunt to create panic and it's so blatantly harmful, that legal action should be taken to make sure this sort of atrocity doesn't happen again.  HHS, CDC, the Surgeon General, all must be held accountable for the irreparable harm they've done to the vaping industry.  Many vaping shops have had to close their doors, creating a loss of jobs.  We can't know how many smokers will now die because of the fear-mongering lies that were spread without cause, that might have chosen vaping as a safer alternative.

This has been a public health disaster, and the politicians that grandstanded on this issue without researching facts, they should be held accountable for misleading the public as well.  The #WeVapeWeVote campaign on twitter was called out unjustly as being manipulated by bots.  The truth was it was a Grassroots movement that quickly gained momentum by adults who were watching their rights being taken away over false claims of health issues.  We have a huge issue in this country, but it's not vaping.  Cigarette smoking is a true epidemic and tobacco lobbyists have the funding to push their agenda.  Nothing has proven this more than what we have seen since early September with this fake news on legal nicotine vaping.

The bottom line is this.  Vaping, with flavors, is the right of adults to choose when they are looking for a way to stop smoking.  Taking away that right, or limiting the flavors that adults can use, cannot happen.  We've seen many groups come out and say that we need to protect the youth from using this product, and obviously, no one in the vaping community wants underage use.  Like cigarettes and alcohol, there are laws in place to restrict access to youth, and those laws should be enforced strictly.  Removing flavors from vaping would be no different than removing flavors from alcohol, and that's not something any adult would agree with.  Vaping should have never been labeled as a tobacco product because even with a tobacco flavor, it's still not tobacco.

Regulations on vaping products should be limited to making sure they are using a clean lab that is inspected for sanitation, and that they are only using the ingredients of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor concentrates, and nicotine if included in that product.  The FDA already has a list of ingredients used in every legally sold vaping product.  Obviously, this should be marketed as an adult product, and the same legal age used for other products made for adults is already implemented.  In closing, the CDC'S misinformation campaign against vaping was the biggest public health disaster in the year 2000.  It's imperative that we make sure something like this never occurs again.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Demand Public Health Prove That Legal Nicotine Vaping Has Harmed One Person

The facts are, the public health system has no proof that vaping legal nicotine products has harmed one single person.  Proof is found by testing the blood or urine of a person claiming to have a lung injury from vaping and showing no THC in their lab results.  Not that Mr. John Doe (or Mrs.) said he only vaped legal product, because hearsay doesn't stand up in a court of law, and it certainly doesn't apply to a person who might hide the fact that he purchased an illegal product.   With that being said, a witch hunt against vaping for adults and flavor bans began with no physical proof, and to date, the CDC, nor any public health organization has come out with any proof to the public that legal nicotine vaping has caused harm.

From a scientific standpoint, one would have to surmise that this was a poorly researched smear campaign against the tobacco harm reduction offered by vaping.  With our public health putting out information without research, the mainstream news followed up by giving false information to American's and making this fiasco go viral.  Our President, going off information from public health, which again has released no proof to the public, compounded this issue by sending out a tweet about the dangers of vaping.  What we have is a failure in public health to give accurate information and possibly even skewed facts to cause a panic. 

As of October 1, 2019, 78% of vaping lung illnesses were reported to have been from people that used THC.  Again, we note, reported because without blood or urine tests they have no physical proof that the other percentage of people weren't also vaping illegal THC products.  With 78% of illnesses coming from THC, not nicotine, it's imperative that those that claim to have a lung illness from vaping be tested to show proof, or their claim is invalid. 

To delve into this further "Interviews about e-cigarette use were completed with 86 patients in Illinois and Wisconsin. Use of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-containing e-cigarette products, the majority of which were prefilled cartridges obtained from informal sources, was reported by 87% of patients during the 3 months preceding illness." This is from the CDC and can be verified here  and once again, pay attention to the words reported because this could easily be more if blood and urine samples were taken.

Vaping, to most adults, means the use of nicotine products, not illegal drugs, and public health is not making it clear that these are two very different scenarios.  This opens up further concerns that the average person may not know that illegal black-market products are harming people, and they could very easily cause a bigger death toll if people abstain from legal nicotine products and buy from illegal vendors.  Another grave concern is that the banning of legal nicotine products will force more people to the black market for purchases, creating an epidemic. 

The CDC estimates that more than nine million people vape in the United States.  If vaping bans continue and all of these people turned to illegal products, it's easy to see the catastrophe we'd have on our hands.  Until the public health authorities have physical proof that legal nicotine vaping has caused a single death, it's in the publics' best interest that legal nicotine vaping remains available to thwart deaths from illegal products.  The burden of proof is on them.  They have a legal and moral obligation to do their jobs and stop releasing information falsely without proof to back up their findings.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

HiggyCigs DIY - The Easy Way to Mix (Giveaway)

With all the flavored vaping bans, many adults are looking for an easy way to DIY and with HiggyCigs, it's extremely easy!  By using a blended nicotine/pg/vg base and HiggyCignature concentrates, you can make a bottle of flavored e-liquid in under a minute!!!  To help get you started, I'm doing a giveaway for one lucky person here:  (HiggyCigs has graciously offered two free empty bottles to go along with this giveaway too.)  WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance (required).

If you don't want to wait and see if you win the giveaway, here are the steps to create flavored e-liquid the easy way!

  • Visit HiggyCigs and order a nicotine base (remember this is just like a complete bottle of eliquid without any flavor created to your vaping needs)
  • Order your HiggyCignature Flavor shot these are pre-mixed combination flavors, you don't need to add other flavors to this.  Your bottle will tell you the percentage recommended.
  • Order a oral syringe (the 3ml should be all you need) 
  • Order bottles.  For 30ml bottles this is the lowest price I've found.  Amazon Bottles
  • Visit eLiquidRecipes and use their easy calculator to figure out how many ml you will need for the bottle size you choose to use.  
  • Mix and Shake!

This is a quick, thrown together, tutorial

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