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A Silent Prayer - Samreen Ahsan




"An intense, joltingly modern love story." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

Adam Gibson is a young and powerful Toronto millionaire. Despite his many blessings, he is an atheist, though he has an altruistic soul. He denies there is a God—until he meets a beautiful stranger in a place that does not exist for anyone but him.

Rania Ahmed strongly believes in God, but has lost hope she will ever find her soul mate. Endowed with hypnotic beauty and cursed by a brutal past, Rania has no idea she has cast a spell on Adam, who has never received more from a woman than physical pleasure. As Adam slowly discovers the true meaning of love from Rania, he begins to face his demons and reconsider his beliefs. He learns to love, forgive and repent. But as Adam grows closer to Rania, a series of strange, unexplained events threatens to drive them apart. To keep her from being destroyed by her past, he must persuade her to trust him with her deepest secrets.

In this spiritual romance, an atheist embarks on a path of enlightenment with a tormented soul who may just have the power to change everything he has ever believed to be true.


“I think A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan is destined to become a classic in the romance genre.”  —Readers’ Favorite (Book Reviews and Award Contest)

“So much more than your average romance novel.”—DelSheree Gladden (Author of the Escaping Fate Series, The Date Shark Series)

"This is a love story with a twist - perhaps one of the most unusual love stories I have ever read." —Raheel Raza (Freelance Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker)

Samreen Ahsan

History, art and literature are my passions. I love digging out information about prophecies, divine miracles and paranormal events that are mentioned in history and holy books, that don't sound possible in today's modern world. 
Since childhood, I have been into reading and writing--and yes, it can't happen without imagination, which luckily has no boundaries. Dance and music are also pastimes I enjoy, as well as reading romance fiction. I love to travel and explore historical cities. I currently live in Toronto, Canada.                                                                                                       
A Prayer Series is my first story about paranormal events based on Islamic concepts.

Connect with Author:

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Demand Gannett Media Retract the Forbidden Desires Series Listing

On August 23, the UK paper Telegraph and Argus presented an article about Karl Jones and his guilty ruling in court.  You can read that article here:  Horror Novel Writer Jailed.  While I have no problem with the paper printing his sentence, I take great offense to saying that he was the writer of the Forbidden Desires series, which as most of you will know as 10 Nights.  The book that Jones infringed on my rights and has also published under another false title:  Lessons (In Love, Lust, and Life).  Amazon has pulled the ebook but the paperback is still being sold (an argument for another day).

This isn't the only case of copyright infringement being brought out against Karl Jones.  As you may remember I did a post here about another author.  I was tagged in a Kindle Board Post and the context put my name and Karl Jones as questioning us as the same person.  Obviously I wasn't going to allow that association to remain.  What I discovered thanks to an author who alerted me to this topic, was yet another author had been plagiarized by Jones.  Only this time he had taken a series that Geraldine Evans had written in 2003 if research is correct, the RAFFERTY & LLEWELLYN SERIES.  Jones managed to change the names of her characters and stole the rest of the book.  Such effort on his part (insert scathing sarcasm here).

This man has been the bane of my existence since the 10 Nights fiasco and I'm tired of letting him get away with his horrible deeds.  I'm standing up for myself and my rights, and the first stop in doing that is getting this UK paper to retract their statement.  Please take a moment to join me in my quest by signing the petition! You can do that by following this link Retract Article claiming Jones as Author for Forbidden Desires.

I'm asking you to consider it was your work stolen, or your name being drug through the mud on a case you had nothing to do with.  How willing would you be then to have the lies stop?  Thank you so much for your time an consideration!

Michelle Hughes

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet the Face of Tears of Crimson - Candace LeRae

Candace LeRae

We are so excited to have the talented and extremely sexy, Candace LeRae on the Tears of Crimson blog today. She was kind enough to sit down for an interview, and we hope you'll all show her some love by sharing.

As long time subscribers of Tears might know, Candace was the original face of Tears of Crimson when we debuted in 2009.  She's graciously agreed to work with us again as we get ready to release the ReVamped version of the original Tears of Crimson vampire Romance.  So please take a moment to get to know Candace, and feel free to leave comments.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you originally got into modelling?

Oh, wow. Where do I begin? It was 2006 and I was 18 and we had just moved to Tampa. I needed a job somewhere close to my house at MacDill Air Force Base, somewhere I could work nights while I went to school and make good money.

I got a job at Hooters. I cannot tell you how nervous I was to start working there, but, hey, I needed a car! I was tired of taking Tampa public transport to and from school. Well, as you can imagine, pick-up lines came a dime a dozen. The most common was “you should be a model". That is what put the original idea into my head. I did some online searching for different talent agencies.

Most of it required head-shots for any application submissions. So, I had my first task. I looked around for photographers but everyone charge ridiculous amounts of money. I started searching for cash and came across a few websites with up-to-date listings for my area. I showed up to a few, got booked for runway shows, and the rest is pretty much history.

We've heard you did an independent movie?  Is that right?  Could you tell us a little more about that?

Yes, I was involved, however, very Minor, in a production called, " The Skyship Chronicles". Written and directed by Jeff Zampino and Christian Cashmir of Litewave Media. www.skyshipchronicles.com " Gustav, an evil scientist steals the inventions of a rival inventor. Victory turns to defeat as Gustav learns the inventions are useless without the power source, which the clever inventor has hidden.

30 years later, Adam, a young man from rural Kansas finds the power source while working at a post office. Upon opening the lead-lined box, two women appear from out of nowhere, and carry Adam off, just as Gustav's skyship appears.

After 30 years of hunting, Gustav is on the trail, and he will stop at nothing." I do believe it is still in the production stage and I am not sure of the release date. I do, however, know that it will be shown in Ybor City at a red carpet event when it is completed. You can check them out on Facebook; Litewave Media - Video Production.

Is it true you’re also an artist?

I would like to think myself an artist, albeit, an eccentric one. I love to work in pencil, acrylic, and clay the most but I also write, collage, diorama, crochet, so, make jewelry, perform alchemy, and the list could go on. I am very creative and tend to express it in any way I am mused at the time.

I saw on facebook that you also own a health food store.  How did that get started?

Yes, I opened a small home business called, “The Gaia Syndicate ", in 2003. I specialize in exotic fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit. I also make organic teachers, oils, it mixes, and garden kit. I started it because I was sending out so many cultivars via various plant and seed swapping websites that I decided to centralize it.
I belong to quite a few online forums for plant and seed exchange and it is there that my eyes were opened to just how many people that do not have access to the "exotic" and often medically beneficial cultivars that I have been blessed with living in Central Florida. I decided to look online and see what was available so maybe I could help. Put people in the right direction.

 I was shocked at what I saw. Price gouging is all I can say. I was immediately heartbroken at the amount of people who are doing their best trying to live healthy by way of herbs and nutrition and were getting completely ripped off. I am talking about 200% mark ups, sometimes more depending on the cultivar. I opened a couple of quick online stores and began offering my wares at affordable prices. I was surprised at how high of a demand fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs had online. The orders come in faster than I can stalk some days! I wish I had more time to dedicate to working on my website but I am in school 35+ hours a week until December 2014.

You’re a very busy lady!  What other projects do you have coming up in 2014?

Very busy indeed! 2014 is going to bring some major life changes for me. I will be licensed at the end of the year as a massage therapist. Hopefully my website will be up, running, and spreading the love of Gaia around. I am also working on a few undisclosed projects with a few photographers as well as a couple of art projects of my own.

If you had to choose just one goal that hasn’t yet come true for you yet, what would it be?

One goal, that hasn't come true to me yet is to become a holistic doctor. I finally decided to say, through it, and go for it. No matter how much of a quack people may think I am.

Are you open to doing other modeling or acting projects?  If so where do your interests lie in those fields?

I am absolutely open for other modeling and acting projects. I am so all over the map that there are few places my interests do not lie in those fields. I have to say, though, I am much more confident as a model or spokeswoman than as an actress. I still have that small self-conscious teenager part of me?

Where can we go to find out more about you?

To find out more about me, you can check out the awesome, " Candace LeRae " fan page Michelle has put together for all of you in till I can make an appearance back on Twitter.

Are there any words of encouragement you’d like to offer to people considering a job in modeling, art, or acting?

The only thing I can say those hoping to get into the field is ACTION!! Because, that is what it takes. Success does not happen overnight and neither does an entertainment career or hobby! There are many web sites out there where you can setup your own portfolio and network with others in the industry; hair and makeup, designers, photographers, artists, producers, etc. ModelMayhem.com is an easy place to start. You do not need professional pictures to start, just a few pictures that are an accurate representation of yourself in a good biography.

 Looks are awesome, but unless you're an a-lister, your personality is what books you gigs. As with any online site with ads and real people, be careful if you plan to meet. Always bring an escort I cannot stress this enough even for you guys out there. Oh, and most important. Self-confidence, it's the most attractive thing anyone can have. Don’t have any self-esteem? Fake it until you make it. You create your own reality, if you can dream it, you can have it.

Before you leave us, is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?
Before I go, I would like people to know that I am just like them, addicted to Tears of Crimson!

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My Husbands Sin - Mary T. Bradford

In the weeks following Lillian Taylor’s burial, her four loving children assemble for the reading of her will. For the grieving youngest sibling, Lacey, life is about to come crashing down as a deep secret is revealed. The fall-out affects every member and they struggle to regain the happy family unit they once shared. Each of the four, now adult, children take the reader on a journey as they try to come to terms with and learn to handle this huge revelation.

I want to thank Michelle for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Tell us what My Husband’s Sin is about?
My debut novel is centred about the Taylor family. Lacey, the youngest of the family is dealt a horrible blow at the reading of her mother’s will. She is devastated and the knock on affect on her three siblings shakes the family unit. Lacey has questions that need answering and at one stage she must leave Ireland to search for some of the answers. Will the Taylor’s come together and unite or do they fall apart and remain so?

What are the main themes in your book?
In my novel, My Husband’s Sin, there are a few themes but the main one is loss. Losing a parent or indeed any family member is a difficult time for everyone concerned. Lacey Taylor, suffers loss greater than the others when after her mother Lillian’s funeral, a letter she is given destroys her life further. She now suffers betrayal as well. But it only takes a small crack to appear in a family for it all to come crumbling down

If you were casting the movie version of My Husband’s Sin, who would you choose for the leading roles?
I would love the young actress, Amanda Seyfried, play the part of Lacey in my debut novel. The solicitor, Mr. Philip Sherman, played by Jeff Bridges, then Sally by Michelle Pfeiffer and finally Robert, by Jason Stratham. The other characters, Willow and Cora I have no idea.

Why did you write this novel?
I always promised myself that I would write a novel. I have written many short stories and had tons of ideas but none of them ever stayed with me and nagged me like this one. It started as a simple story and just kept growing, the word count grew and the characters kept insisting on me sorting out their dilemmas and after some moments of writing delights and writing disasters, I ended up with My Husband’s Sin.

How do you go about writing a novel? Is it a simple or a complex process?
Wow what a question! I am not a plotter when it comes to writing in general. I have either an idea or a name to begin with and after some thought, I may have an end. Then to get from the start to the finish, I have no idea, honestly. I put down on paper whatever is in my head and take it from there. As I am writing, the characters or indeed objects pop into the writing and it is they that lead my stories. In My Husband’s Sin, a black metal box appeared. I had no clue why or what it represented until much further on, it turned out to be an essential part of the novel.

Whether writing a novel is a simple or complex process I think depends on the writer. Some like to do a lot of research and make maps and plans and know each detail before they commit to paper. Others, I suppose like me, put it down and get it out and then when doing the next draft, and the next, and the next... finally get to the end.

What are you working on currently?
I have my fingers worn to the bone at present because I have three projects on the go. Yes I am a nut to take it all on. I am writing my second novel which is totally different from My Husband’s Sin; it is not even in the same genre. It is a good V evil story, a priest who is sent to do battle with the devil and it all takes place inside a locked room.  So who wins? That is a question I have not yet answered LOL.
I am also writing a western novella for a group that I am involved in. The group are called Writers of the West, it is an exciting project. Finally, I am busy seeking a home for a play I have ready for production.

What would your perfect day be?
A perfect day, let me think, it would be warm, not too hot, by the sea, with a picnic of cold meats/white wine/salads. A book of course and would I want company? Well if, Kevin Costner or Charles Bronson were available, or maybe Michael Bublé, he could serenade me right?

Tell us about a hidden talent you have that most people don’t know about?
I enjoy public speaking. I have my CC (Competent Communicator) from Toastmasters International and I started the advanced manuals. I also represented my local club Fáilte Toastmasters in competitions. Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to participate but I may go back to it another time.  

My Husband’s Sin is the debut novel from Mary T Bradford. She is an Irish author, married and mother of four children. She has been writing short stories for many years with which she has enjoyed publishing success in Ireland and abroad. While working on a story it happened that the story kept getting longer and the word count continued to climb, resulting with Mary having her novel. My Husband’s Sin is published by Tirgearr Publishing at www.tirgearrpublishing.com

Recently Mary has dipped into play-writing and one of her plays was shortlisted in the Claremorris Fringe Festival in April of this year and was performed by the Half A Breakfast Theatre Group. Another of her plays had a Staged Reading in July at Friar’s Gate Theatre in Kilmallock, Limerick in Ireland. Her short story collection, A Baker’s Dozen, is also available on Amazon.com.

When not writing, Mary enjoys crafts. In particular, she enjoys crochet and cross-stitch and catching up on her reading from the stack of books on her bedside locker.


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Unconventional Desires: A diary of discovery: Domination, Submission, Sadism & Mashochism

Some desires are thoughts that are fleeting, often idle musings of no consequence, gone completely almost in the moment of their conception. Others though are true desires and some are distressing, obsessively hidden from others but impossible to hide from one’s self. Particularly when those desires are sexually motivated and unconventional in their nature. They have a way of being obsessively pursued, driven by the compulsion to have them satiated.

Unconventional Desires is the diary of Victoria, whom has two sides to her character. Her public persona is that of an ordinary girl, a biology graduate with an ordinary job. The other side to her persona is a character which is deeply buried in a desire that she considers dark and obfuscates it from her friends, family and most of all from herself. She fears this darkness that lives deep inside her mind, she does not understand it and cannot accept its nature. So she represses it out of fear, fear of losing herself to it and the fear of being rejected by those she knows and loves if they ever saw it.

The darkness though is given light by a simple fictional story she reads. This leads to a place where others live in this same darkness. A darkness that most would consider unconventional if not abominable. Her journey begins the moment she walks through the virtual door of an internet chat room, a room which she knows very surely having passed into, she can never leave and close the door behind her never to return. This room allows her to open her mind to her desires. Brightening the light of her darkness and giving motivation to her unconventional desire, the desire to submit to a man, to be controlled by him and to feel pain at his hands for his pleasure and in that giving receive her own pleasure.

She ultimately finds such a man to meet her desires and fill the void in her darkness. He wines and dines her, brings her flowers and chocolates, and is ever the gentleman, he opens doors for her. Doors that lead her in to places where she is willing suffer for him. Satisfying his need to control her and in return gaining the control she needs to fulfill her desire. The physical objects of her desire are the collars, gags, restraints, and whips he uses to meet her physical and psychological needs, allowing her to accept him as her master and lover.

Victoria Louise Sadler

My name is Victoria Louise Sadler, I live just outside of London England. I am a full time mother, wife, submissive and recently published author.  I am a life sciences graduate though have not worked since having my daughter 10 years ago, because as a family we have the luxury of my husband earning enough to support all three of us. 

I have recently written my first book called Unconventional Desires which is the edited diary of my first year in the BDSM lifestyle as a submissive. I would love to think that I have brought pleasure to my readers with this book and given food for thought to those who have chosen to explore this alternative lifestyles which is the core element to my diary.  Besides writing, reading and spending time at home with my family I love nothing more than  a walk in the countryside and  a glass of wine at the local village pub

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Kindled - First Lover Book Bundle

Kindled:  to excite; stir up or set going; animate; rouse; inflame.

When passion is kindled the heart soon surrenders.  In this sensual bundle you'll discover that the first taste of love can be sweet or simply knock you off your feet with undeniable attraction.  Three incredible couples, unique in every aspect except that the heroines are innocent. 

Whore:  Laura Burns was screwed! 
She had 30 days to find a new place to live and Taylor Ross seemed like her best option.  There was only one problem with that scenario.  He thought she was a whore!  He wanted her to seduce his clients and in return he would save her from poverty.  Can a virgin be a whore?  That depends on your definition of the word!

Bought For Love:  Can a person be bought for love? You don’t know Jack!
Emily Yates was sweet, young, and innocent. The perfect pawn for a man like Jack to use. She was a blank slate that he could mold into the woman he wanted by his side for his political career. From the moment she walked into his office, he was determined to have her in his bed, in his life, and as his perfect little pet. Jack poured on the charm and Emily saw the man he wanted her to see, but would she discover out who he really was before her heart was destroyed? You don’t know Jack. He gets what he wants.

Strawberry Wine:  Everyone remembers their first love

Luke Parks was mine.  My first kiss, my first love and my first broken heart.  He swept me off my feet with just one look and after a summer of awakening my body to passion left me broken.  He was twenty-four and to a girl of sixteen, I'd never been prepared for the devastation of loving and losing so completely.  Time, like all things moves on, but my heart never fully recovered from watching him drive off down that country road out of my life.

Purchase Links

Page Foundry
Nook (Coming Soon)

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The Bad Things Ball - Halloween in New Orleans!

Sponsored by:

The place where vampire's shop. The boutique features items crafted by local artists. Some of the items include stained glass bats and gargoyles, gothic jewelry, hats, capes and costumes created by our seamstress Lady Angelic, and our famous fortune candles that we have to select for each customer. Visiting the boutique is an experience you will never forget. We like to keep our customers for eternity.

With over 1.7 Million members, and 2,500 bands, VampireFreaks.com gets 500,000 unique visitors a day (5 million page views a day)! The site is massively popular across a variety of subcultures, including Gothic, industrial, fetish, metal, punk, rave and alternative crowds yet keeps its focus on industrial/electronic music, thereby raising awareness and exposing new people to the industrial scene like no other. Are you a member yet? If not, JOIN NOW!


 From its small beginnings , "Bad Things" has redefined vampire events in the gulf south through eclectic music, dance and entertainment. Now, several years later, The Bad Things Crew, with the help of Lucky Pierre's, is throwing a halloween night ball filled with mystique and allure. (ages 18+)

The Bad Things Crew:
Maven, AKA "DJ Lore"
Resident DJ at The Endless Night Vampire Ball and New Orleans Premier Fangsmith

Adora Lore
Vampirefreaks.com systems admin and founder of "The Vampsta Vixens" - a troupe of sexy fanged models and dancers originally started for "Bad Things", they are now their own entity! She is also a talented and passionate belly dancer.

LordChaz Howell
Official MC of both "Endless Night" and "Bad Things". Lord Chaz is infamous in New Orleans as the oldest and most talented vampire tour guide the city has ever seen.

Professor Alexander Addams
Dark magician and Lord Chaz's star vampire tour guide.

Scarlett Ravel
Vampsta Vixen and captivating violinist.

Gia Bathory
Vampsta Vixen and alluring dancer.

Entertainment will include but is currently not limited to:
Performances by the Vampsta Vixens

Wicked Beats by:
Dj Lore
DJ Resin

Others TBA

Costume Contest:

At the event we will have a crowd supported costume contest. Participants should impress the croud and the Bad Things crew with their costume. Costumes will be judged on originality, creativity, and simply awesomeness. We know you plan to dress to impress this Halloween at the event, might as well win some prizes for doing so!


There will be a total of four winners.
The winners will be crowned as The Bad Things Ball Royalty::
King (best male costume)
Queen (best female costume)
Prince (male runner-up)
Princess (female runner-up).
Each winner will receive the appropriate, but Bad Things inspired crown/tiara, a royalty gift bag (discount for fangs, gift certificate from Vampirefreaks.com Clothing Store (fuckthemainstream.com), and other.), mini group photoshoot at the event, and featured on the fanpages/website after the event.

General Admission - Fledgling. - $35 *Early Bird Special I- $10 off till 100 ticket sales reached.

VIP - Daywalker: $70 Upstairs entrance, use of the upstairs balcony, and bad things event memorabilia. *Early Bird Special II - $10 off till August 31st, 2014

VIP - Caligula: $120 Upstairs entrance, use of the upstairs balcony, entrance into Caligula Lounge, bad things event memorabilia, signed 8X10 of the Bad Things Crew, Photo-Op with the Vixens, coupon for custom fit fangs ($10 off), Special performances in the Caligula Lounge, Post-Show Meet & Greet.

*The Early Bird Special discount will also be counted at the door for Endless Night VIP ticket holders as well as The Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club Ball (though Bad Things is not sponsored by or connected with Endless Night nor the Anne Rice Ball in any way)

Mischief, debauchery and general twisted behavior go without saying, after all, we are "Bad Things"!

We'll be there!  How about you?  Get your tickets now while they are still on PreSale:  http://badthings.biz/about/the-bad-things-ball

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Tears of Crimson - ReVamped!

You're not reading this wrong, the Tears of Crimson Saga, is being rewritten!  Why?  It's not for reasons you might think (okay if you're a snarky person that is) I do have other projects that I am working on.  It's all because of a damn dream that won't stop screaming in my head!  As most readers of this blog know, Tears of Crimson was the very first book I published and it was based on dreams I'd had since I was fifteen years old.  I'm not giving up my age now, because a real lady never tells.

Rafe has been my muse since I began writing, even when I wasn't writing paranormal romance.  He seems to believe that I can add things to the story that I didn't have the experience to write about when I first began this crazy journey!  Believe me, arguing with him is pointless.  He'll just scream in your head all night while you try to sleep if  you go against his wishes!

This won't be a series!  Let me just put this out there, up front so there is no confusion later on.  I'm rewriting the entire thing from scratch, even changing major points in the plot because this time it will follow the dreams.  Former readers will feel like they are getting a completely new book, and new readers, well I'm hoping it will bring to life the dream that kept me writing all these years. This is a huge risk for me, since the majority of my reader base now is contemporary romance.  For those friends, I promise I'm still writing in that genre, this is just a project that has to happen!

With True Blood ending soon, and the Twilight phenomenon over, I know that bled into my subconscious concerning revamping Tears.  I was a huge fan of both even though they were never "my vampires".  When I say not my vampires, it means that they didn't have the same concept of where vampires came from or physical qualities that to me make a vampire.  I do see vampires as demonic in some ways and as such lost souls that can't be redeemed.  That doesn't mean they don't have the capacity to love, they were all human at one point.  In my world a vampire can't be "born".

So when will I release this revamped version?  I'm not giving myself a deadline!  When I feel it's perfected, I'll hand it over to an editor and cover designer then give more information about a release date.  As some of you may know I attempted to change this to a first person book in 2011, it was originally released in 2009. I feel that it wasn't perfected in that format and was never fully satisfied.  Yes I'm picky, but this story has shaped my life as an author, and motivated me to continue on this career path.  Even my site is named after this book as well as my publishing company!  So obviously it means a great deal to me.

I just wanted to put some facts out there, in case you heard rumors that this book was being rewritten. My heart is so excited to bring back the original cast who filled my dreams and kept me inspired.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my new vision of Tears of Crimson with you, my friends!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Voyeurism? Let's talk kink!

I just handed off Through His Eyes to the editor, and wanted to touch on the subject of the book which deals with voyeurism.  For those of you that might not know, voyeurism is receiving pleasure through watching others. Cade Stellan is the main character in the new story, and I came at this through his inability to touch or be touched.  I don't want to give the impression that everyone who enjoys voyeurism has issues like this, but for Cade it was the only way he could enjoy sexuality.

Imagine a life where you could only find pleasure by watching it happen to someone else.  Touch is something that we as human beings normally thrive on.  It's also how we show our feelings to a partner. From birth we are shown that even infants respond better to the world around them when they are held.  In Cade's world touch is forbidden and doesn't give him the same feelings it would a healthy person.  So how can he show his emotions to a partner?  And in retrospect how would a partner deal with someone they loved when they would never feel their touch?

For Cade he wanted his partner (Eden) to have all the experiences that he couldn't give her.  He meets a young woman that has no physical experience with passion, and encourages her to live out his desires while he looks on.  I've tried to put myself in the position she was in, and I'm not sure I would have the capacity to make my partner happy if that involved finding pleasure at another persons hand.  While the heart, I believe, can live without physical intimacy, I can't imagine it's easy.  Obviously there are couples that manage to maintain a relationship after issues like erectile dysfunction and such take place.  Still craving your lovers touch while being denied would put a strain on any couple.

What are your opinion on this?  I'd be very interested in learning how you think you would cope if the love of your life could no longer please you physically.  Cade's book will release soon, if you'd like to read about his adventure you can add the book to your goodreads list here:  Through His Eyes - Fantasy Isle This will be the first book in the Fantasy Isle series, but I will say each book can be read as a stand alone.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hot Summer Nights Anthology

Title: Hot Summer Nights Anthology
Compliation of:
USA Today/NYT Bestseller Geri Foster,
International Bestsellers Rachael Orman, Jade C. Jamison & Courtney Cross, 
Amazon Bestseller Abbie St. Claire,
Plus, authors Lacey Davis, Kelly Collins, Avery Claire, J.W. Phillips, & Kimmie Easley
Genre: Erotic Romance

Can you handle the heat? A compilation of steamy stories to entice, tantalize, heat you up and take your breath away by ten of your favorite authors. Grab a cold drink before settling in for a hot summer night of reading.

Intended for 18+. Be warned you may need a change of panties from erotic situations, naughty language and hotter than you can handle sexual liaisons. 

Melody is on her third date with James Thomas. She knows he expects them to have sex tonight, but what she doesn’t know is that he’s taking her to Fantasies for Rent an exclusive ranch where she’s in for the hottest experience of her life. Melody may learn she’s a submissive, but in the end will she agree to all the fantasies the club has to offer?

This book contains situations that you may find objectionable. If you find spanking, anal sex, bondage or ménage offensive, then this book is way too hot for you.

Tilly Shanters has big plans to make this summer a blue ribbon event. She’s heading off to college in the fall and has a few things to check off her list.
~ Win the county fair pie contest
~ Pack for college
~ Lose her virginity

Author Alex Saunders is just passing through. He has a few things to check off his list as well.
~ Clean out the house that was willed to him.
~ Sell it
~ Get to Hollywood to see his book turned into a movie

They had their summer set, until fate stepped in to redirect them. One night––one event––everything changed.

A fifth-year surgical resident who only has time for her new career…

A talented heart surgeon who’s just returned from Doctors Without Borders and wants to make time for romance…

A relationship that can’t possibly get off the ground…or can it?

Quinn Ross has only a couple of months left of her residency in Houston before she takes her boards and joins a prestigious heart surgeon in Dallas. When she gets a serious case of pneumonia and becomes a patient herself, she meets Dr. Roman Burke.

Roman found his love in Doctors Without Borders and made a career out of helping those less fortunate, especially small children in places like Haiti. Roman hid his heart under a magnificent tattoo for a very private reason and when Quinn thinks she’s found the reason…she’s misled and very wrong, making a wild move which leaves her feelings and her heart locked away.

Can they find they find their way back to each other?

After finding her husband of twenty-one years with her best friend, Cherry Black found herself in an abyss that she was not ready to climb out of. That was until her long lost spark was renew upon meeting and interviewing the elusive owner of the hottest BDSM club in the state. 

An interview that she will never forget. 

An interview that will either heal her or destroy her. 

After eight years of marriage, Ian and Brittany are in a rut. Their life together has become routine, no longer filed with fun and spontaneity. And their love life? Non-existent.

Longing to break the dull, repeating pattern that is her life, Brittany looks to a friend for some advice on how to put some spice back into her marriage.

Her friend’s advice? A hands on, in home sex therapist.

Brittany brushes her off at first, but after another night of unexciting sex, she’ll try anything…ANYTHING to save her love life, even if it is an unconventional route. Journey through the ups and downs of love, life, and lust with Brittany, Ian, and their sex therapist.

A shooting star
A tragic mistake
A forbidden secret
A sexy summer of love
When two worlds collide, two hearts unite.

Jackson “Jax” Caraway has been on the journey from hell. Four years ago, his life was turned upside down when he was smacked with the title of pedophile, fleeing the city, now a black sheep. There are two sides to every story, and his side has yet to be justified. Finally ready to step from the shadows to live his life, he’s decides to take the plunge. He just never expected for fate to drop a bombshell at his feet.

Jessa Roberts, graduate of fashion design school in Paris, is at a crossroads in her life. Finally she is free to plant her roots wherever her heart takes her. After having accomplishing her dreams, she doesn’t know what to live for anymore. Looking skyward, she wishes upon a shooting star to discover what the meaning of her life is. Normally a quirky, urban girl, she decides to branch out during a boring summer to experience the country life. And boy does she love the country view, all six feet, hard body in tight wrangler jeans, white t shirt, and boots. Lucky her, the amazing specimen is outside her window too.

On a hot summer day, their worlds collide; sparking instant chemistry, intertwining their hearts, and a magical love affair begins. A true fairy tale. Will the past come back to haunt them? Will the secrets of their forbidden love tear them apart? Can their love be enough to last more than the summer?

I’ve really done it this time.
I’m such a fucking weak, pathetic mess when it comes to this man and he knows it.
And because he knows it, I hate him for exploiting my weakness.
He blows my entire world wide open, breaks down my barriers and I let him.
Because when it comes to this man, my beautiful, broken man, I’m totally fucking lost.
I don’t know how to deny him or deny myself of what I truly need.
He awoke darkness within me I had no idea existed.
But he did. He saw the monster I really am, embraced it, coaxed it to the surface and unleashed it.
He fixed me, saved me and put me back together.
Then he broke me all over again.
And still I came back for more, just one more night.
One more night to be me.
One more night to be the real me.
The me that only he gets to see, because the minute I leave his penthouse apartment, I will bury my real self way down deep again.
Until the next time.
Because there will be a next time.
There is no END where we are concerned.
He is my broken man and I am his broken woman.
And we are broken together.
Whether I like it or not............

Elizabeth Slade, a college English instructor, has experienced success as a romance writer, but she has a dirty little secret: She can’t write sex scenes without a little help from Carl, a gorgeous guy who plays her pretend boyfriend and makes a booty call whenever her imagination is flailing.

She’d like for Carl to commit to be her permanent and real boyfriend, and she thinks that’s where they’re headed until she finds him getting way too cozy with another woman in a bar.

At that point, she enlists the help of her friend, fellow college instructor Roman Decker, who offers to temporarily take Carl’s place while she sorts through her emotions. She grows confused when she realizes she’s also attracted to Roman. When Carl comes back to her on bended knee, does she take the bad boy who broke her heart or try to convince her friend to make a real go of it?

Hope Fairbanks is ready to cut the purse strings. She longs for the day that her affluent family will quit trying to buy off her dream of traveling the world as an art broker. When she lands an internship at an elite NYC art gallery, Hope believes she’s finally on her way to freedom. That is until her first major assignment is to assist the highly sought after painter, Jonah Dempsey, with an upcoming show. The eccentric, older artist unleashes Hope’s creative side by stripping away her inhibitions, one lashing at a time.

Ava Porter wants to seduce her boss who has no idea she's even on the planet. After indulging in enough wine to knock out her common sense and removing her contacts,she decides to pay him a visit.

Lucas Anderson is dog sitting for his younger brother when a beautiful woman knocks on the door, removes her coat to reveal a red bra and matching thong. Not a man to say no to a lady, he invites her in.

After an amazing night together, it takes a while for them to reunite, but when they do,sparks fly. Ava has dated so many losers, how can she think differently of Lucas? Life is full of surprises and they have to learn if love can be more than a one night stand.

Abbie St. Claire: https://www.facebook.com/authorabbiestclaire

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