Friday, December 30, 2011

Putting the Spotlight on a Great Artist: Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson - Artist

We at Tears of Crimson were mesmerized by the art of Sean Nelson and wanted to share his talent with our readers.  When it comes to paranormal art, in our opinion no one does it better.  This is just a small sample of his work and we encourage you to visit his Deviant Art account to discover more. Sean is available for book covers, CD Art and other projects by invitation.

Not only is Sean an artist, he's also a musician.  He plays Lead Guitar & does lead Vocals in a Gore / Death Metal Band called Diabolical Dismemberment. He has another Doom Metal band that he performs with doing lead & vocals called Cemetary Visions. He also has his own Death Metal / Grindcore solo project called Cemetary Rapist.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Eyes of a Vampire - Possible Celebrities with Fangs

This post is all in fun, I just wanted to state that for the record before I began.  I believe the eyes are truly the windows to the soul and if that's the case then this list should be right on target.  So if one did believe in vampires where would they look first to find one?  The eyes would give away the true nature of the beast so to speak.  Once the eyes have been studied the next trait of a vampire would be the ability to mesmerize the person they spoke with.  How easily can a person fall under the spell, this is the second step to discovering the hidden vampire.

Consider carefully what I'm telling you here because if you do then perhaps you will uncover the immortal that's been hiding in plain sight.  Remember that "if" vampires truly do exist they would have the ability to change form and for the purpose of this article age to make it seem as if they were just an average human.  Of course if they chose to keep their youth this would also be a possibility.

Taylor Lautner:  How can we not consider Taylor as a potential candidate for vampire even though he played a werewolf?  He has mesmerized women from all age ranges.

Ian Somerhalder:  What better way to hide your true vampire nature than playing one on television?  

Angelina Jolie:  Seriously if we're talking about the eyes or magnetic personality I think she absolutely fits the bill.

Tom Cruise:  I know the going thing is Alien, but I think Vampire is more fitting.  I think there may be something about Tom Cruise that no one has uncovered yet.

Alexander Skarsgard:  Another case of real vampire playing vampire? I can say personally that I can only wish this one were true.

Matt Damon:  Say what you want on this one, there is just something about his eyes that really makes me ponder the possibility.

So who didn't make my list of possibly celebrities with fangs that you think should be here?  I'm really curious so let me know your opinion.  Remember this is all in fun and let your imagination run wild! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Interview with Joe Wilson - Writer/Director

Joe Wilson may very well be the hardest working person in the entertainment industry.  Wilson is the writer and director of the incredible youtube series, Vampire Mob an entirely audience funded production.  We are very excited to have the opportunity at Tears of Crimson to share the interview he graciously agreed to give with our readers.  

TOC:  Fist of all, we'd all like to know how "Vampire Mob" happened to be...

JW:    I was working as a private investigator and during an investigation I commented to someone that there's a lot of vampire stories and mafia stories always seem to come back, where's the Vampire Mob story? 

I have written a lot of screenplays that have not yet made it to a screen and I didn't want to wait for someone to give me permission to tell this story, so I didn't. We made this story instead. Best decision, ever. 

TOC:  Vampire Mob is a show without frills about the Mafia and a hitman vampire. What is your background
in that?

JW:   I am not a member of the mafia nor a vampire and have not worked professionally as a hitman. 

I did work as a bartender in Boston and had a couple mob regulars, who definitely inspired some of the characters in Vampire Mob. 

Working as a private investigator also helped as the story has some surprises and twists, I'll leave it at that (spoilers!)

TOC:  How do you keep up with the funding of the show?

JW:    The budget for season two was raised by our audience donating through the web site ( We lost over $6,000 on Kickstarter in October of 2010 because we didn't hit our goal of $10,000. I didn't want to go another round with Kickstarter or Indiegogo and decided to go indie. Since that time we raised over $10,000 to shoot season two, which took six months. 

TOC:  And how do you manage to meet deadlines?

JW:   I keep working, drink lots of coffee and don't sleep much. I don't recommend it. 

TOC:  You have worked on other shows too. Which of them do you find remarkable and/or worth mentioning?

JW:   I wrote for an animated web series called "Like, News" in 1999 and I also directed and produced on a couple of web series made by in 2007, including an episode of "Powerloafing" starring Neil Patrick Harris pre-Dr. Horrible, which he is very funny in. 

TOC:  Which actor would you love to have join the "Vampire Mob" cast?

JW:    I like to work with actors who have chops and want to have fun, if they don't fit that description, I'm not interested. 

TOC:  Do you face problems in finding locations for the show? If yes, we'd love to hear some stories!

JW:  Writing scenes in locations I know I can secure easily has always been the way I make this story. There were only two locations I had in the season two script that I did not have while writing the script. 

I put the word out for ideas and help and that's how I scored one of them.  The other I used Google street maps and did a little location scouting that way. 

A few were stolen locations shot without a permit, including driving around in a car. 

Discover more about Joe Wilson, and the incredible cast of the Vampire Mob by following the links below.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Horror Movies: What's coming in 2012?

It looks like 2012 is going to be a great year for horror movies according to the lineup I just discovered.  For all the vampire lovers some incredible films are in the works such as:  Underworld Awakening, Dark Shadows, Dracula Year Zero, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer re-imagined.  Hollywood is finally getting that the fans want fangs.  Of course that wouldn't have anything to do with Breaking Dawn pulling in a huge box office profit. Insert sarcasm here, I think we all know that Hollywood is seeing dollar signs with the sexy undead whether they sparkle or not.

I'm somewhat worried about a Buffy without the mind of Joss Whedon behind it nevertheless I will be seeing this movie because it's Buffy.  Dark Shadows may be one of the most talked about releases of 2012 and I have to admit I'm curious how Johnny Depp will pull off Barnabas Collins.  I would never miss an Underworld movie because they've all been incredible.  Tim Burton has his hands in both Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter so I definitely know we're going to get some great entertainment value with those.  

To find out what horror movies outside the vampire genre will be filling the big screen in 2012 find your way to Movie Web. I'll review these movies as soon as I see them and hope that you'll send in your reviews as well.  I'm really looking forward to a 2012 filled with vampires and I can't wait to sink my teeth into them all.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview with Tiffany Heiser

Paranormal Romance Author Tiffany Heiser

TOC:   First of all, we'd like to know a few things about your background. Were you as a child keen on vampires or anything else paranormal? 

TH:     Yes, actually. I had started off reading vampire books as a kid, then fell in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and every other vampire-related show after that. I now enjoy anything paranormal not just vampires, but the dark and mysterious definitely catches my attention. 

TOC:  What was is that motivated you to write "Bonded With Love"?

TH:     I knew I was ready to sit down and write a novel. Bonded With Love came to me in a dream, Rena and her challenges came into my thoughts and flowed right out the second I put the pen to paper.

TOC:  Do the titles of your books have a specific meaning to you?

TH:    The search for a title took me until the end of the first draft and throwing ideas back and forth between my friends and me. I wanted to find something that fit what Rena has to deal with throughout each book. The meaning of the book is more for Rena that it is for me. 

TOC:  Rena has been through a lot and at the beginning of the book she was struggling to accept and get over her parents' death. Are any of the situations in the book based on reality?

TH:   The situations in the book aren't based on reality, only creativity. However, the actual issue that Rena tries to get over at the beginning isn't a reality, but I did have my own problems in my childhood and had to learn to grow from them. With each situation in Rena's life she also has to push forward and find that inner strength that we all carry in us. So, you could say that I used my own experiences to help her continue on and not give up.

TOC:  Are there any books that have left an impact on you?

TH:    Honestly, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer did. I read the first book years ago, and it brought me back into the world of reading. We all go through that point in life where you stop doing something you love because of life and time, and reading had ended for me. But with reading the Twilight series I was able to find my love for books again. 

TOC:  Did it (the book) influence at any point your writing?

TH:    Yes. Stephenie Meyer created her own world of vampires, her own image of what she wanted them to be. I wanted to do the same with my novel. I wanted my characters to be different but still have that dark mystery added to them. I wanted to create a new world but still let you see each one as real people and see that they, even as vampires, have to deal with real life as well.

TOC:  What are you working on currently?

TH:     Right now a short story titled The Past Returns is with my beta readers- it's an interlude for Bonded- giving a little more insight to the past and the present all in the same story. 
I'm working on Book 2 for the With Love series- a possible working title Struggled With Love out in mid to late 2012.  Also have started a new series about demigods- the first book is expected to be out by late 2012. 

TOC:  Will you stick to writing paranormal romance?

TH:     Absolutely! It's my favorite genre, I couldn't imagine paranormal without a little romance involved somewhere in the picture.   

TOC:  What are your plans for the future and what do you expect the New Year to bring you?

TH:     My plans for the future- hmm... Definitely expect to continue writing, bringing new novels and series. I have vivid dreams constantly, and as long as though continue I will keep the novels coming. 

         I have high-hopes for the New Years. The short story will be out at the beginning of the year and I will be getting out two new novels for my readers. It will be a busy year, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!  

TOC:  Are there any tips you'd like to share with other authors?

TH:    Don't give up on your dreams. If writing is what you want to do, then do it. Read everything you can on it, learn how to perfect it- then put yourself on a daily schedule and follow through.
The second that you put down that pen, or type that last word, will be one of the greatest days of your life.   

TOC:   Thank you Tiffany for taking the time for this interview. The "Tears Of Crimson" world is looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work!

TH:  Thank you to the "Tears of Crimson" group for their time and support!! You are great new friends and I look forward to see what the New Year brings us all!

Buy Bonded with Love at Amazon and find out more about Tiffany Heiser by following the links below.

(This interview was done by Katerina Dotcheva from the Tears of Crimson Staff)

The Amazon Kindle Curse

Before you read any further let me just say that I love Amazon.  I have this love, hate relationship with them but I still need them like I need the air I breath.  This week I made the decision to not go to Amazon every single hour and check my books sales rankings.  That lasted an entire 24 hours and I must say I'm very proud of myself for holding out that long.  I'm a self-published author for those of you that don't know.  And if you don't know it's not because I haven't been promoting my book, A Night at Tears of Crimson, on facebook and twitter for a year now.  The only way I have of judging my books worth is by the sales rankings on Amazon, hence the love/hate relationship I have.

The obsession with those sales rankings has become more addicting than drinking coffee every morning.  I can actually prove that fact by saying I don't get my first cup of coffee until I've clicked on Amazon first.  I'm one of those people that really loves to see others succeed in life.  I follow about 3,000 authors on twitter and each time I see one of these incredible authors climbing up in the sales ranks I felt elated that they were getting the opportunity to have their work read.  When you start watching your colleagues numbers fly up the scale on sales you look at your own and the never-ending search for success begins.

My first thought was I must not be doing something.  I have a decent twitter following of almost 11,000 and my facebook friends are nothing to sneeze at, running almost to 3,000.  Don't get me wrong I love talking to all the wonderful people I've met on Twitter and facebook, these people have become my best friends.  That being said I still couldn't understand why my sales rankings weren't going up.  I had to ask the obvious question.  That question was, was my book worth reading?  So I sent my book to a few people that I knew could care less if I sank or swam and I got a good response.

I made the decision to drop my kindle book to $0.99.  I was really against that move for the first nine months that my book was out there, but at this point I needed to see if it helped.  My rankings started increasing, or decreasing since the lower the number the better your book is doing.  Within a week I had dropped from a ranking of 238,000 to at one point 44,000.  I have to tell you the first day my book hit that lower number I was filled with an elation that is indescribable.  After that first week my numbers started going back up again and the insanity with numbers became an obsession.

I found myself getting emotionally drained every time I saw an increase, which of course means loss, in my sales ranking.  After a week of this even my family was noticing changes in my normally cheerful outlook on life.  I started searching google on a daily basis looking for anything that might offer some insight in how to get more people interested.  I was blogging like a crazy woman and using google insight for trending topics thinking that maybe someone would run across my blog and hopefully want to buy my book.  I started sending out tweets 24/7 promoting and posting to facebook.  Hours a day I did everything I could to increase my odds and reach people.

Two days ago I came to the realization that you can't force your book to succeed.  My sanity is worth much more than a book making a number one best-seller list on Amazon.  I took an internal look and what I discovered was that if this book didn't go on to greatness I was going to be fine.  I have a husband that allows me to stay home full time with my five beautiful children, we aren't swimming in debt, those incredible kids of mine are healthy, and we have a great life regardless of what any sales chart says about my writing.  I've met thousands of incredible friends, which should be impossible for a woman who lives in Rockford, Alabama.  When I look back on everything in my life that I have been blessed with, a sales ranking on Amazon really can't compare at all.

I will probably keep checking on my Amazon ranking, but it won't be with the same doom and gloom mindset that I had previously.  I know that there are so many things in my life that I can be grateful for and if being a famous author isn't one of those things then so be it.  I took a chance, I followed a dream and that's something to be proud of.

Author Michelle Hughes

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Haunting on North Street

When you grow up in a haunted house it's hard to be impressed by some of the ghost shows that air on television. We never had to use a gadget to pick up voices from beyond they spoke loud enough to wake you out of dead sleep. Barely heard footsteps would have been a welcome relief from the pounding that moved through my grandmothers house every night. When I hear people say that they wished to see a ghost so they could believe, I think some wishes probably shouldn't be made.

The house I grew up in had a history of haunting dating back over a fifty year time span. It touched the lives of four generations and left no doubts about paranormal activity. It wasn't uncommon to be awakened from a deep sleep to a face hovering over your bed. I discovered early on that sleeping with my head under the covers made the horrors that awaited in the dark much more acceptable.

I can't remember a single night that went by when there wasn't some type of activity taking place. Some nights it was simply a rocking chair moving on it's own while other nights full apparitions would walk in front of the television. The most memorable night there,  is one that still haunts my memories. I remember this night so vividly even after more years than I care to admit here.

My grandmother was only able to get around by wheelchair and was resting alone in her front bedroom. My baby sister and I were in the middle bedroom, while my mother and middle sister slept in the back bedroom. To help understand the layout out of this home it had once been two separate shotguns style houses that had later been combined into one residence. All the bedrooms were on one side of the house while the kitchen, living room, washroom and bathroom were on the other side.

It was late night or early morning depending on your point of view, a little after three in the morning. Behind the back bedroom where my mother and sister slept there was a room used for storage that had a door that led outside. This door was forced open by winds we would learn later should not have been present as it was a calm summer night. A roar echoed through the house that I can only describe to this day as the scream of some wild animal. This was the type of roar that you expected to hear from a lion attacking prey. The footsteps pounded through my mothers bedroom before stopping at the bed where me and my sister were awakened by the loud sounds.

My youngest sister and I were both to afraid to scream and huddled closer in the bed together not sure what was going on. The lights in both the bedrooms turned on without help from human hands and the backdoor slammed and whatever had entered our house was gone. To this day I don't know how any of us went back to sleep but we did and there wasn't any talk about what had happened. That in itself should explain that this was not that unusual for this house. What child do you know that can go back to sleep without some comforting after an event like this took place?

An hour later I awakened to my baby sister screaming that there was a man standing beside her bed. She gave a quick description of man with a bandage wrapped around his head. It was at that moment my mother was awakened not from my sisters screams but by a phone call from the neighbors. Her son had just committed suicide. This should have been a warning to us to leave the house but looking back now our family was just not financially able to make that kind of move.

The events kept occurring in this house and I have to admit I was pleased when my mom remarried and we finally left and moved to the city. I visited my grandmothers house at least once a month and while I loved spending time with her it was always overshadowed by the evil that remained there. Many circumstances happened over the course of the next eight years and we ended up moving back in with my grandmother again. A new spirit had found their way into this house that my mother repeatedly saw. A little girl that she claimed had no face when she looked your way.

My Grandfather had worked with a company that kept him out of town except on the weekends but when we moved back he had fallen ill and had to give up his job. For reasons I can't explain it seemed that whatever was haunting this house had become kinder in some ways. Perhaps I had just grown up over the last eight years and the things that I now saw just weren't as terrifying. Objects still moved on their own and late at night you would hear the voices speaking but it was not normally directed at any of us, more like a conversation that was being overheard.

My mom decided to find a place of our own that was close enough that she could visit to take care of my grandparents. My grandfathers health was slowly declining and mom had to be trained to do medical care at home so he wouldn't need to be put in a nursing home. My grandmother was still in a wheelchair and couldn't do the things necessary to make him comfortable. My grandfather had always ignored the strange events that were surrounding him in the house before but as his illness grew worse he started talking with whatever haunted his home.

There were days when I would visit and he would have full conversation with people that weren't there. I wanted to believe it was just part of his illness but after all the things I had heard and seen growing up in that house I couldn't fully make myself believe it was just illness. I won't get into some of the conversations I overheard because I feel it disrespects his last days. Over the years I've always questioned if the events that happened were part of some dark force or just the illness that caused the horrible ending he fell prey to.

We were sitting at home late one afternoon when my mom got the phone call that would change all of our lives. My grandmother, who still was in wheelchair said she hear a loud sound in the back room and was afraid to investigate. I was a mom myself by this time and we loaded up in my moms car afraid of what we were going to find when we arrived at their home. My mom made me and my five year old son wait in the front bedroom as she walked back to the back bedroom. My grandfather had ended his own life.

The police were called in and I remember following the ambulance with her in complete shock. The strongest man I had ever known would never have done something like this in my mind. My grandfather had been the epitome of a true alpha male before illness had found him. It was incomprehensible to me that this strong powerful man would ever give in to such a weakness. We would discover later on that the way he committed the act did not make physical sense to the officers and that this was an act that would be almost impossible for him to commit on his own. Again I won't go into the details of just how it happened out of respect for his memory.

After his death my son began displaying strange behaviors. He would converse with imaginary friends and even a dog that no one else could see. I was working in the medical profession at this time and accounted this to losing his grandfather in such a horrific way. I found my son a psychiatrist and he spent two days a week speaking to him about dealing with his loss. The strange conversations with his friends continued but the psychiatrist informed me it was truly his way of dealing with the death of a man that he loved and respected.

My grandmothers health continued to decline over the next year and she suffered many ailments. Let me just say that my grandmother was my heart and the bond that we had was stronger than any other relationship I'd ever had. I had been working when I got the call that she had overdosed on insulin and they had just taken her into the hospital. My grandmother had always been extremely careful with her medication and I just couldn't accept that she would make an error like this. That night I lost my best friend and confidante. It was something I didn't accept easily and I there was a part of me that blamed it on that house. Everything evil seemed to center in that one place and I knew that to have a normal life that house could no longer be a part of my reality.

Of course all the illnesses and pain could be chalked up to bad luck. What can't be explained was the things that not only I saw but every member of my family had witnessed. It wasn't just one family either, my grandmothers house was like the safe place when anything went wrong for any of her children and grandchildren. The next door neighbor also gave accounts of how rugs would roll up under furniture without moving a single chair out of place, again you can chalk all that up to an overactive imagination if you choose.

We sold that house and the owners that reside there now have asked if something bad happened in the back room. I don't know what experiences they have had in that home, mainly because I choose not to know. I still have relatives that live close to that house but I never ask if they've heard anything. In my mind whatever evil haunted us all those years is best left to dwell in the darkness of our past.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Unforgettable Seance

So yesterday I promised after my Ouija board story to share with you the Seance nightmare I lived through.  You can go back and read the Ouija board one if you haven't caught up yet.  Back to the story, this happened somewhere around my 17th year and it has stayed with me for a long time.  A good example of why you don't want to play with things you don't understand.  

A group of friends that were really interested in the paranormal decided it would be a good idea to see if we could do a seance and conjure up some spirit.  We attempted this several times without any luck so as a joke I suggested we try to bring back Vlad Tepes.  I know, me and my obsession with vampires!  So we lit some candles, black because you know we were young and black was the color of spirits in our minds then.  Sitting around the kitchen table we closed our eyes and the leader of our little group, she was reading a witch book so that gave her credentials, began her chant.

We were all pretty serious about this seance stuff so we kept quiet and our eyes closed as we concentrated on the name Vlad. After about 10 minutes, which in my opinion is a pretty long time for a bunch of teenage girls to sit quietly, the candles started to flicker. The temperature in the room seemed to drop and I personally started to get really nauseated.  I asked them to stop because by this time I was feeling pretty sick. The leader of our group wasn't ready to give up because things were starting to happen.  She told me just give it a few more minutes and not to break hands.  We were all holding hands around the table.  

My stomach had other ideas and I snatched my hands away and ran to the bathroom.  I'm sure I don't need to get into the details there let's just leave it at I got very sick.  We were at my house so everyone left for the night.  Throughout the evening I had the most horrible nightmares about blood and war.  I woke myself up screaming several times.  After one of the worst nights of sleep I can remember I woke up feeling a little better and was convinced something I ate just disagreed with me the night before.

I got up and walked to the bathroom and the entire room was filled with flies.  I'm not talking 10-15 flies I'm talking Amityville Horror movie amounts of flies.  I'm sure there could be a logical explanation for that happening to a bathroom that was spotlessly clean without any flies in there the night before, but I just haven't found it yet.  You would think that turned me off seances forever but I was young and there were several more that I was a part of years later.  Those are a story for another day though.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ouija Board Experiences - Share yours!

Ouija Board Experiences

When I was a younger teenager I got this gift as a present for Christmas one year, I know ironic gift from your parents right?  I had a group of friends and we would take this board down into our basement and try and call spirits up from beyond the grave.  It was exciting when the board would move around on it's own and it was a great source of entertainment for me and my friends.  All the fun and excitement changed drastically one night when we, being the naive teens we were, attempted to contact something or someone called Captain Howdy.  Don't ask me where that name came from because it wasn't my idea and I honestly don't remember.

We started out just goofing off like we normally did and the board was really moving that night.  I don't know what really spooked us but it felt like there was a decreased temperature in the room and there was this overwhelming sense of doom that filled each and everyone of us.  There were five of us that liked to do this for entertainment and I remember simultaneously we all pulled our hands away from the board like our fingers had been shocked.  After that incident I spent the next week feeling like something was watching me and started having really horrific dreams about that Ouija board and a little boy that had been murdered.

I knew that I had to get rid of that board because I wasn't sleeping at all with it in the same room.  Without telling anyone, I didn't want to hurt my parents feelings for throwing away their gift, I took it from my closet and threw it in the trash outside.  That night I finally managed to get to sleep and I dreamed that the Ouija board had grown arms and legs and walked back upstairs to my room.  It had placed itself back in my closet again.  I remember waking up in a cold sweat.

The minute I woke up I felt the urge to walk over to my closet.  The Ouija board that I had thrown out was sitting in the top of my closet just like in my dream.  I can't even begin to tell you how freaked out I was.  The next day me and my friends took that board outside and burned it.  We got grounded for starting a small fire but I never saw that board again.  To me it was worth the trade off.  Remind me next week to tell you about the stupid seance we had and the horrible consequences of that teenage mistake.

Do you have a Ouija story you'd like to share?  We'd definitely love to hear about your experience!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skyrim Vampires - Taking over Gaming

So what's the latest vampire craze you might ask.  Vampire Diaries is always a hot trending topic, but no we're not talking about a show or a book.  What's really trending this week for Vampires is the video game Skyrim, it's the fifth installment in the Elder Scroll series put out by Bethesda.  This game has some of the best graphics that I've seen and when you add in the fact of being able to become a vampire it pretty much tops my favorite new game purchase.  

Skyrims is a "RPG" single-player game that allows you to fully customize your character and choose what role in your fantasy world you'd like to become.  You can't start off as a vampire but you can contract the disease.  Once you become a vampire you have to feed everyday and find rare artifacts that go along with your new vampire nature.  It's not as easy at it seems to play the undead in Skyrim and the sun will damage you.  Every time you feed you'll get stronger but the suns rays also get more potent.

Being a vampire in Skyrim is not an easy role and it limits your ability to go outside in the daytime, but there are some pretty cool perks if you choose to go this route.  Increased strength and stamina, and you get the ability to persuade people with a little more ease to do your bidding.  For all my friends out there that like the sexier vampires you won't be seeing that in Skyrim.  Really pale, the bone structure is exaggerated, red eyes in other words the demon form of vampire.

There are many more creatures you can choose to play in the world of Skyrim, such as becoming a werewolf. With the Were you are immune to diseases, much more strength, and once a day you get to turn into your wolfy form.  Of course this has drawbacks because if you venture into a town where they don't know you the villagers will attack you even if you're a friend.  If you're looking for a world full of magic and mystical creatures, not to mention a visually outstanding platform you should really check out this game.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Film Star Ruby Violence

Tears of Crimson Interview 
with film star 
Ruby Violence

TOC:  Thanks so much for stopping by to chat with us at Tears of Crimson today.  I'd love to ask how you first got into the profession of  making horror movies?

RV:  Well I have always loved horror films, ever since I was about three years old and would watch old films, such as Exorcist and The Omen, etc.

TOC:  I've noticed on your blog that you're surrounded with incredible creatures from some of my favorite horror movies.  Which are your favorite horror characters, and what draws you to them?

RV:  I love a lot of horror characters but I would definitely say my favorite is Freddy Krueger! Another favorite film of mine is “House of 1000 Corpses,” and “The Devil’s Rejects.” Bill Mosely is definitely one of my favorite horror actors along with Robert Englund from my “Freddy Krueger,” movies. I also love Jason Vorhees, and Michael Myers to name a few. Freddy is definitely my favorite.

What draws me to them depends sometimes but mostly the fear fantasies I get from them.

TOC:  Have you noticed any changes in the horror industry when it comes to filming in the last few
years?  If so, what changes and what do you think of them?

RV:  Oh definitely, especially with all the remakes of older films such as “Halloween 2.” There are a lot of remakes that I really don’t like though.

 Also with more teenager type cheesy films, I‘m not a huge fan of except for a very few. Some of the remakes are pretty good, such as the remake of Friday the 13th. Teenager horror films that I do happen to like include “Ginger Snapps,” the first “Scream,” and “The Ring.” I’m very picky when it comes to my horror films.

TOC:  I was just told that you recently filmed a horror movie.  Could you give the us a little insight about the plot and when it will be available?

RV:  I did a mainstream film called, “T,” for Tranny which I had so much fun filming and loved everyone I worked with. You can definitely google it to see the preview and will be coming full soon at a horror film festival. I also just did a hot Vampire film recently that I will definitely keep everyone up to date with.

TOC:  Do you see the trend in horror movies growing bigger lately or slowing down?

RV:  I do officially notice the trend or teen horror movies and remakes. For me it’s hit or miss. I usually don’t like remakes or teeny bopper horror films but there are definitely the exceptions. I like what I like. I don’t have just one genre of films I like.

TOC:  If you could be cast into your perfect role what would it be?

RV:  Oh definitely a hot, sexy, blood lust vampire.

TOC:  We really want to take the time to thank you for letting our readers find out more about the incredible work you do.  Is there any advice you would like to give our readers that might be considering pursuing an active role in horror movie acting or photography?

RV:  Thank you for the compliment. I would say for advice definitely don’t turn down a possible role right away. Take the time to read the script and think to yourself if you can really get into the character. For horror photography, same rule applies as above. Also make sure it’s a role or character that you know you can really get into. Even if it takes you a few hours or days to think if you can do any role, always consider it. Don’t  give up easily. If you really want to do it, do it.

To find out more about the delicious Ruby Violence you can visit her at or follow her on Twitter @RubyViolence

Coffin Hopping Book Blog Tour

Details for the Coffin Hopping Blog Tour

If the name didn't give it away already, this is a book blog tour for paranormal authors.  The invite is open to every author who writes books about vampires, ghosts, zombies and other such creatures.  The idea here is to share our love of the undead with other readers and authors.  If you don't have a blog but love to read paranormal books you are invited to join in as well.  Without incredible readers like you none of us would have an audience to write for, so we all thank you from the bottom of our heart for keeping our work alive.

We are currently sending out inquiries to all the paranormal bloggers we know to find out how many people would be interested in jumping in the coffin with us.  If you're a blogger with a paranormal theme send us an email to be included.  There are no fees associated with this blog tour, because we at Tears of Crimson just enjoying sharing our fangs with others.  So come on over to the dark side and get ready to do some Coffin Hopping! 

Tears of Love,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Self-Publishing Help -re-post from my personal blog-

Making the decision to self publish should be a well thought out plan of action.  If you think it's going to be a walk in the park, then let me just clue you in to a little reality check.  Sure you can just take the manuscript you've been writing and stick it on one of the many self-publishing sites out there and hope that someone might see your work.  Chances are outside of your family and friends no one will even know you've written a book.  At this point I'm sure you're thinking "thanks for the doom and gloom", but that's the unfortunate reality for most people who don't come up with a plan to self-publish their beloved book.  Let's take a look at how we can give your book a chance in a competitive market and see if we can alter your chances of getting your book seen.

Before you even begin trying to actually publish your book I recommend getting a twitter and facebook account and finding some people who have had success with their own book marketing.  These people are going to be your lifeline for information and further promotion techniques.  I have yet to meet any self-published author who doesn't have a long list of people to thank when the book finally hits a shelf. Becoming a GoodReads and freado member will definitely help you out when you get ready for that big day of releasing your baby.  After your book has been published you'll definitely want to get an Author Page on Facebook and your own website.  Many people will tell you to do it before you publish your first book, I personally think it makes no sense until you have a product to promote.

We're going to assume that you've already got your manuscript ready for print at this point.  If not check back here again when you do.  I'm going to give you advice that I wish I had been given prior to attempting my first book.  Formatting is key here!  Book templates will give a professional look to your manuscript and if you're a first time author you should really utilize this.  Another important addition to your book is a copyright page, it makes your book look more professional.

So you've got a great manuscript and it's formatted perfectly.  Next you need to find a cover that's going to make it stand out.  Finding great photo's for your cover will definitely take some time and effort on your part.  One of the first places to start the search for your cover picture, unless you're a great artist, is using stock photos.  My favorite place so far to find "free" stock photos that won't infringe on copyrights is Morgue File.  Please make sure to check the license for any picture that you use for cover art!

Now comes the question on what service am I going to use to self-publish my book.  There's dozens of companies out there, I chose CreateSpace.  I can't vouch for other companies because I haven't had any experience with them.  Create Space allowed me to get my book on Amazon, which was my original intent.  I purchased the Pro Plan for $39.99 which meant that my books could be bought by bookstores.  I'm sure other authors have had good experiences with other self-publishing companies, but this company served my needs.

I deeply recommend having an editor go over your book before you publish.  These services can be purchased online and they will save you headaches in the future.  No matter how many times you read through your manuscript there are bound to be errors that get overlooked.  As the Queen of Typo's this lesson is one that cost me serious time and profit.

After you publish your book the real fun begins.  Remember we talked earlier about setting up a Facebook author page?  Visit Create a Page on Facebook and take the time to fill out your information as accurately as possible.  Also we discussed freado, they have a great widget that you can use for your author page that gives a glimpse into your book, I strongly recommend this free app.

On the day of release you want to get as much PR as possible for your book.  I recommend starting with your local newspapers. Contact them and tell them you're releasing a book and it's a great inspirational story for your town.  There are also online press releases you can utilize.  You want your name and the title of your book going out to as many places as possible.  Include your website on the signatures of your email.  Make your twitter profile link to your site.  Aggressive promotion is absolutely mandatory for a new author.  How can I buy a book that I have never heard of?

One of things I noticed is the trend of e books and how many of my readers were purchasing my book in that format.  Nook, Kindle, and ibooks are great ways to generate new sale and having your book available in this manner is becoming a must.

I use Twitter and Facebook to promote my work at least 2 hours a day and usually it's much more.  These are some basic ideas that worked for me and I hope they will be helpful for you.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have and if I don't know the answer I'll try my best to find someone that does.  I wish you much luck in your journey of self-publishing!

Michelle Hughes - Paranormal author of the vampire series A Night at Tears of Crimson
Twitter:  @MichelleHughes_
Facebook:  Author Michelle Hughes

12 Days of Christmas - Vampire Style

Our Version of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
a bite of  immortality

On the second day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality

On the third day of Christmas
my vampire gave to me, 
three french men, 
two days of sun, 
and a bite of immortality

On the fourth day of Christmas
my vampire gave to me 
four necks to bite, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the fifth day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the sixth day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the seventh day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the eigth day of Christmas
my vampire gave to me 
Eight donors willing, 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men,
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the ninth day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
nine beheaded slayers, 
Eight donors willing, 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping,
 Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men,
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the tenth day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
ten states to rule, 
nine beheaded slayers, 
Eight donors willing, 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality.

On the eleventh day of Christmas 
my vampire gave to me 
eleven haunted castles, 
ten states to rule, 
nine beheaded slayers, 
Eight donors willing, 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality. 

On the Twelfth day of Christmas,
my vampire gave to me 
Twelve vampire fledlings, 
eleven haunted castles,
ten states to rule, 
nine beheaded slayers, 
Eight donors willing, 
seven golden goblets,
six virgins weeping, 
Five bats with wings.  
Four cups of blood, 
three french men, 
two days of sun 
and a bite of immortality. 

Review: Bonded With Love - Tiffany Heiser

From Tears of Crimson, The New Orleans Vampire Bar

Rena is struggling to get over the death of her parents when a mysterious young man walks into her life and changes her destiny forever.  In Bonded With Love, Author Tiffany Heiser gives us a glimpse into a world of vampires that breathes life into the undead.  The plot will keep you motivated to read from finish to end.  The characters are well defined and readers will feel as if they are developing a personal relationship with them.  

The plot follows Rena, a young girl in highschool who is still trying to find her place in life.  When she meets Cryder there is an instant attraction and a mysterious connection that leaves her both excited and confused.  Rena's best friend, Cecile becomes involved with Cryders's best friend Drake.  There is a constant animosity between Drake and Rena from the beginning.  Rena knows that Drake is hiding something from her life-long friend and feels the need to protect her from whatever secret he's covering up.

In Bonded With Love we discover the history of the vampire world and those that are out to destroy it.  Add that history in with the romance between Rena and Cryder and a coming of age understanding and what you have is a great read.  This was definitely a wonderful addition to the Tears of Crimson Library.

Purchase Bonded With Love  on Kindle
Visit Tiffany Heiser's website

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Vampire Rules According to Gabe

Gabe being the dominating force he is demanded that I share these vampire rules with all my human friends.  I won't go into most of that conversation, because seriously it wasn't fitting for polite company.  I was told to inform every human before addressing him that they would need to understand these rules and comply.  Those that chose not to comply he would be pleased to teach them proper etiquette in a private dungeon visit later.  I don't make the rules so please if you have any comments address them to Master Gabriel   Below I have included his rules with a parting comment.  I do hope you're not offended but as a Vampire he left me little choice and I was forced to follow his command.

Let me make this much easier as I know humans have a hard time submitting to a true Master. 

#Vampire rule 1 Kneel in our presence

#Vampire rule 2 humans only speak when spoken to

#Vampire Rule 3 We are the rulers of this world you are simply nutrition learn your role

#Vampire Rule 4 We can bend your mind and body to our will so save yourself the energy and give in quickly

#Vampire Rule 5 You cannot defeat us, even if you manage in your weakness to destroy one of us there are thousands of other waiting

#Vampire Rule 6 If we summon you we expect immediate respect. We have no desire to play games unless it pleases us as a diversion

Gabe has also demanded that I inform you that humans do make enjoyable pets with the proper training.  As I said before these are his words and while I most certainly do not agree with his point of view, I do enjoy keeping my blood so I adhere to these rules in his company.  

Discover more about Gabe in A Night at Tears of Crimson 99 cents on your kindle

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A Small Taste of Crimson - Vampire Romance

 “I am going to worship every inch of your body before this night has ended lover,” lifting her leg he removed one shoe then lifted the other leg doing the same. He made quick work of her skirt and underwear until she stood before him naked and trembling in the moonlight. He gazed over her full breasts and felt his fangs ache with the need to sink into the tender flesh and taste her bounty. With a feral growl he quickly stripped himself of his clothes.
I couldn’t breathe as I looked at him. His muscular thighs were so perfectly formed as were his long legs. He turned his back on me for a moment to lay our clothing over a dry boulder. I groaned softly as his perfect backside filled my vision. Everything about him was beautiful and a shiver of pleasure moved throughout my body. He turned back to me with a small smirk on his face reading my mind and I blushed deeply.
You my lover exemplify perfection,” he walked toward her slowly watching as her eyes widen slowly enjoying the blush on her cheek and the wanton thoughts moving through her mind in such a startling contrast. Walking over he lifted her naked body into his arms and walked into the warm creek that led to the waterfall. As the cascading water fell on their bodies he slowly lowered her to her feet sliding her silken skin against his hard body until she stood before him. His shaft throbbed with the need to feel her silken folds engulfing him and he fought desperately for a last shred of control.
My breath caught as I felt him against me. The feel of the water flowing over my heated skin and the touch of his fingers as he stroked my sensitive flesh was so incredibly erotic I felt my core tense almost painfully. “Please Rafe,” I begged him to hurry not wanting to wait as his fingers slowly slid into me moving in a sensuous rhythm that mimicked making love.
As her warm honeyed dew drenched his fingers he groaned loudly at the need to possess her. Sliding his fingers from her clenching folds he lowered to his knees before her, lifting her leg over his shoulder as his mouth lapped the sweet essence of her. Her soft cry of passion fueled him on and his hands moved to the smooth roundness of her ass pulling her even closer as his tongue teased her core.
Oh God Rafe please!” , I was coming undone and knew at any moment I would lose my balance as the tremors of fulfillment moved over me in waves so strong they left my breathless. Whimpering helplessly as he continued his gentle assault I feared I would die from the pleasure of his kiss.
He loved the taste of her on his lips and it took all of his control to lift his mouth from her. He lifted her into his arms and moved over to a smooth, flat boulder. Setting her on her feet he moved to lay down calling her with his mind to join with him. He felt the small hesitation as she understood his desire and smiled as she allowed passion to take the reins and moved over him. Her beautiful thighs parted as she straddled him and his hands reached up to guide her head towards him capturing her full lips for a brief moment before pulling away. “Show me the passion that burns inside of you lover,” he ached to feel her silken flesh meshed with his. No restraints did he want when they loved, every feeling she had he demanded she give over to him.
Biting my lip as his words shook me to the core I lowered myself slowly on his steel sword with agonizing slowness. I wanted to savor ever delicious inch of him and forget the entire world outside of the two us. I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped as he filled me completely. My body stretched to accommodate his long length and I moved slightly feeling the incredible friction. Throwing my head back in wanton abandonment I discovered a slow rhythm and rode him feeling the crescendo building with every stroke. I felt incredibly alive as I gave over to the passion that only he could inspire me to give. My breath escaped in soft pants as I felt my core tighten and overflow much like the roar of the fall that surrounded us.
Feeling her come undone his hands moved to her hips and increased the rhythm, driving into her with strong thrusts until his body erupted forcefully filling her with his essence. Wrapping his hands into her hair he drew her neck down to his mouth and allowed his fangs to pierce her quickly. The sweet taste of her blood causing his shaft to twitch to life again and he knew he would never be satiated. Her soft moans of pleasure did little to help control the desire to continue sipping of her warm fluids and he fought against his animal nature to remove his fangs. Licking the wound closed he sat up with her still impaled on him. “You have no idea of the pleasure you bring to me my love,” her trembling flesh clenching him was too much of a temptation and he thrust upward again.
I felt the desire build again as he slowly arched up and I wished that we could continue loving this way for an eternity. His hands lifted me up and slowly brought me down over and over until I felt my body climax again. Tears rolled down my cheeks at the beauty of our joining and I clung to him tightly as he guided my body until he found his release again. My body ached deliciously and when he lifted me from his body I groaned at the slight pain of being used so well.
Forgive me lover,” he stood and pulled her up to her feet slowly, “I would never wish you pain.” Holding her face in his hand he kissed her cheeks and jaw tenderly before guiding her back toward the falls. The warm water cascaded over her flesh and he felt his body respond again and fought to gain control. She was already aching, he reminded himself focusing instead on caressing away their early proof of passion from her body.  

Want more purchase A Night at Tears of Crimson on Kindle for $0.99

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