Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - From My Heart to Yours

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for an incredible year!  I wanted to take this time to tell you just how thankful I am for your love and support.  2014 has been a magical year, and given so many blessings, and I know it's because of wonderful people like you that all this has been made possible.  As my family prepares for our traditional gathering around the table, to share our love and thanks, I'm wishing all of you the absolute best.  Whether you are traveling to be with loved ones, or they are coming to you, I hope all your memories are ones you will cherish for an eternity.

These are the days that really matter, the time we are given with those we can't imagine not sharing in our lives.  In 1995 and 1996 two of the people dearest to my heart moved on to their next journey, and when I look back today, it was memories from the holiday season that remind me how blessed we are to have people in our lives.  That blessing may only be for a short time, or it could span for generations, no one knows.  So it's my hope that you'll take the time this year to put aside all differences and remember what really matters.  Family.  None of us are promised tomorrow, so shouldn't we make today truly count?

Our tradition brings all the women into the kitchen to share in cooking, or attempting to, and catching up over time lost when our lives kept us busy with other endeavors.  The men will usually hang around outside, either listening/watching sports or doing the Turkey on either a grill, or the fryer.  I have to be honest when I say I don't know what they discuss, but I'm sure in their own way they are catching up as well.  It's a tradition that's been with our family as far back as I  remember my Granny Louise or Granddaddy Crawford.  Even years later, this Southern Tradition of ours has continued.

No matter where life takes us over the years, this is the one time we are all brought back together. I hope that you and your family, enjoy your traditions.  I also hope that no matter where you are, or how and if you celebrate, your heart is filled with love.  We've already put up most of our Christmas lights, and wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up our tree.  I'd love to hear about your traditions.  For any of you that don't have someone to share this holiday with, know that you'll be in my thoughts.  My heart aches to know that this is sometimes the loneliness season for many people and I would like to reach out those without family and offer my support.  I'm only an email away!

I give thanks to all of you wonderful people, and hope that your blessings are many.  Wherever you are, may the spirit of the season fill you with a sense of joy.  Every day that we are given one more sunrise to open our eyes, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Love Always,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Steel Panther - Throw Back to the 80's

I ran across this band today, and obviously I've been way out of touch because they've been out for a while, and thought I'd share them.  It's been a while since I've done a band, and what better way to change that then with a throwback to the 80's band.  A quick warning, this is one of their tamer videos, so if language bothers you, well you've been warned.  Some quick links for them: https://www.facebook.com/steelpantherkicksass and Steel Panther on youtube 

I'm a huge 80's fan so anything that pays tribute to that, I'm usually on board with.  I'm not sure Steel Panther does, because it's mostly satire, but nonetheless I found myself smiling and these days that a thumbs up.  So in a way they are paying tribute to the 80's by making fun of it, so I'm saying that counts!  The long hair, sexy gyrations, pumped up beat, it's all pretty cool.  And yeah, it's funny as sin, and who couldn't use a good laugh these days.

So give them a listen and let me know what you think.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coming Soon... Or Color Me Insane

I hope you're all having a wonderful week, first of all! Thank you so much for the hundreds of emails and facebook messages asking about upcoming books.  I want you to know that I'm working my fingers to the bone to bring you new material.  My Jack lovers are ready to tie me up and burn me at the stake I'm sure, but I promise I haven't forgotten about him!  He's so damned stubborn though, and I've rewritten his second book eight times. Seriously, I kid you not!  He demands perfection, and don't think he's going to let me give you anything but that.

Currently I'm working on three titles, Jack 2 being one, the second book to 1st, and the revamping of my original paranormal romance, Tears of Crimson.  To say that I'm a little insane at the moment would be putting it lightly! When I've wrapped those up, I have the second book for Fantasy Isle to finish, but I have to put down some limits or they'll be coming after me with the little white jacket.  It warms my heart more than you know when I hear from readers impatient for the next book in a series.  Alas, I'm only one person though, so I honestly can't work any faster than I already am.

Currently I'm writing three hours a day, which is all my addled mind can handle with my family responsibilities. I'll admit to slacking Halloween weekend, but hey it was New Orleans, what can I say?  Speaking of that me and my gorgeous twins, along with my sexy sister had a blast during that weekend.  I think it was an 18th birthday my girls will never forget!  That trip also helped fuel the muse by reminding me why I loved New Orleans so much, and has kicked the Tears of Crimson ReVamp into overdrive!  So I'd say it was a weekend well spent.

Don't give up on me!  I promise that I'll deliver your men into those hands as soon as they finish telling their stories.  I might add a few of them may have a red arse by the time I'm done, because I have to keep them in line.  Imagine a room full of men trying to get their stories out all at once!  I'm exhausted keeping the testosterone level manageable.  Some of them have started calling me Mistress Michelle, because I'll be honest I've cracked the whip to keep those boys in line!   Seriously though, I'm having a great time and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me on track!

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.  I try to answer all emails and posts, but since I'm limiting myself on social media to write, it may take me a little longer than before.  Without all you wonderful friends, I can definitely say I could never have dreamed to have a career like this.  I love you more than you'll ever know.  Until next time, have a beautiful week!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sharing the Holiday Love with a $50 #Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

There's nothing I love more than the holidays!  I don't know about you, but we have already started shopping for ornaments for our Christmas Tree, planned our Thanksgiving celebration, and can't wait until the holiday spirit fills every heart!  I usually give away a $20 gift card per month, but wanted to do something different to combine November and December.  So I combined the two and will hold the giveaway on December 12th.  My reasoning for this is that the person that wins could also use the card to send someone else a gift and have time to still ship.

Entering is easy, simple visit http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/174e7aed24/ and follow the steps.  Rafflecopter chooses the winner randomly and how they choose, to be honest I don't know.  It's been a great little tool!  As always, these give away's are my thank you to the wonderful readers who have been so supportive!  I wish that I could give everyone a gift, but I didn't write Fifty Shades of Grey and can't claim a million dollar paycheck this year!  If I ever do, we'll rethink the option!

If you get a minute, check out the new website:  www.michellehughes-tearsofcrimson.com it has the latest pictures from the photo shoot with Looking Glass Photography with Tammy I was really happy with the photos she took and if you're looking for a great photographer, seriously consider her work!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hump Day Fun - Silly Facts & Useless Knowledge

If the only humping you're getting lately is like the picture above, hopefully this little fun filled post will make your day a little brighter.  If nothing else, remember Friday is only two days away!

1.  Did you know that in Fairbanks, Alaska there is a law that says a moose can't engage in sexual intercourse?

2.  The origin of Ignoramus came about because a grand jury would write it on a bill when the prosecution's evidence wasn't worthy.

3.  In Memphis Tennessee there is still a law on the books that states a woman can't drive a car unless a man is walking in front of them waving a red flag.

4.  Be careful what you say to your lover during sex in Willowdale, Oregon!  It's against the law to whisper dirty things getting your hump on there!

5.  If you live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  you better not have sex with a truck driver at a toll booth, that's still illegal!

6.  In Georgia, it's illegal to keep a donkey in your bathtub!

7.  If you live in New York, it's illegal to say hello while putting your thumb to your nose and wiggling your fingers!

8.  Putting salt on a railroad track in Alabama is punishable by death!

9.  Don't commit a misdemeanor in Arizona while wearing a red mask!  It turns into a felony!

10.  In Little Rock, Arkansas, it's illegal for a dog to bark after 6 P.M.

11.  Don't set a mousetrap in California without a hunting license, it's illegal!

12.  Logan County, Colorado?  Kissing a woman while she's asleep is a big no no.

13.  Did you know that an ant will always fall on it's left side when drunk?

14.  If you want to commit a crime, consider Australia.  The Koala bears fingerprints are nearly indistinguishable from a humans.

15.  Elephants are not allowed to plow fields in North Carolina!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Authors! Book Now for the 1st Annual Tears of Crimson Mardi Gra Book Carnival

Tears of Crimson is sponsoring the 1st annual Mardi Gras Book Carnival online. This is a great way to get exposure for your titles for adult readers. The theme is Romance: Paranormal, Contemporary, Erotic. Great prizes, Exposure, and a day of off the charts fun for Authors!

It's been an exciting year at Tears of Crimson and I'm really excited to offer a promotional opportunity for romance authors.  If you've been a regular follower of Tears,  you'll know that I'm revamping the original Tears of Crimson book and instead of going at it Solo, I've decided to offer up the event to all romance authors with books to promote.                                                                                
A Mardi Gras Book Carnival seemed like the perfect way to celebrate an array of incredible romance books, so the idea came to life.  This will be an online event covering as many social media outlets as we can find.

There is no charge to be a part of this event, however I am asking all participants to donate for gift cards, and giveaways.  How that will work out will be discussed and agreed upon by everyone involved.  I truly believe this will be a wonderful chance to expose your books and do some serious cross platform promotion.  I've created events like this in the past and found them to be very successful.  This is the ground floor start-up for the event and I encourage to sign up quickly so we can lay down the foundation.  Here is the link to sign up:  http://bit.ly/TOC2014MGBC
There is a facebook group already formed for the event and you can find that linked here: https://www.facebook.com/events/391461334340764/  Other event information will be sent to those that have registered.  

I'd love to have you as a part of the 1st Annual Tears of Crimson Mardi Gras Book Carnival!  There's nothing I love more than celebrating great romance!  This promotion is open to all romance authors including, but not limited to, Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic, and Fantasy!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

1st - Love for Sale Book Tour with Michelle Hughes

1st - Love for Sale Book Tour $50 Giveaway!

Billionaire, Dominant, Innocence, it’s all about the 1st!

Billionaire playboy Seth Rubin always got what he wanted.  It was usually handed to him on a silver platter.  He wasn't expecting an innocent to fall into his lap, or her naivety to be such a turn on..  He liked his women experienced and willing to fall in line with whatever sexual perversion he could dream up.  Caitlin was a challenge.

She might be a virgin, but Caitlin Smith was no pushover.  Brought up in foster care, she'd learned how to protect herself and knew exactly what she wanted in life.  That is until Seth walked in and screwed up her entire plan.  With a body built for sin, and more charm than should be legal for one man to have, he would challenge everything she was.

Seth and Caitlin were as different as two people could be but they both wanted the same thing. Control! When passion controls the scene, any rule might be broken.  Who will surrender first? 

1st is the first in a three part series that explores bondage, discipline, and a world of sensual delights.  Go ahead and get started.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Behind the Scenes with Author Michelle Hughes

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about 1st, the first book in the new series, Love For Sale.  I've heard it time and time again, that authors are trying to make a comparison to Fifty Shades of Grey, let me put that question to rest right now about the Love for Sale series.  Seth doesn't have some horrible past that made him enjoy forcing women to submit, he’s just egotistical and knows what he wants.  Raised in privilege, and continuing on his family legacy, he built up his company with blood, sweat and tears.   So what you won’t get in the series is some poor, pitiful, the world owes me for what I've been through, scenario.

Caitlin is not your average woman.  She did have a crappy upbringing, but instead of wallowing in her self-pity, she decided to make a name for herself by working hard and overcoming obstacles. A man like Seth is the last person she expects to be attracted to, and when it happens, let’s just say she’s not very happy about the situation.  He wants a pet, and she wants an equal, so the flames are going to fly when these two headstrong people butt heads.

One of the things I wanted to express in this series is that submissive’s aren't normally weak.  For a strong woman to give her power, it’s much more enticing to a dominant male.  I’m sure you've heard that old saying:  “Why buy the cow when the milk is free”?  I think it’s very fitting in the loving BDSM relationship, a weak willed woman could never give what she already is.  Submission is something freely given, and a real dominant alpha male is worthy of the gift.

Many, many years ago, I lived with a couple who participated in the BDSM lifestyle.  They were both very dominant people when it came to their careers, and chose this path because it allowed them to find fulfillment of a different sort in their personal relationship.  There are people who “play” in BDSM, and more power to them, but in a true “relationship”, meaning something the couple lives 24/7, I saw a very different scenario than what was played out at dungeon parties.  Having seen both these worlds I understand how easy it would be for people to mistake a real lifestyle versus something people just play at.

I’m obviously not the authority on BDSM, but I've seen the positives that a relationship of this nature can bring to the table, as well as the negatives when people do it for the wrong reasons.  Love for Sale has a little of both worlds.  I think, as with any relationship, the beginning doesn't necessarily dictate how things will end up.  As a couple begins to understand what makes each of them tick, there’s a lot of room for changes.  I hope all readers enjoy the journey as much as I’m enjoying sharing it.

Share Your Thoughts With Michelle


Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Weekend in New Orleans - Part One *day*

Some of the photo's from our Halloween Trip to New Orleans this weekend.  I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and I still have the night time ones to go through!  Many thanks to the wonderful Lord Chaz  for the picture above with one of my gorgeous twins.  She was so very excited to meet him and I have to say he's just wonderful!

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