Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vampire Freebie of the Day for Kindle

I know how much my vampire lovers enjoy a good free read, so I'm happy to pass on "The Hunt" by Linell Jeppsen.  Available today and tomorrow free on your Kindle.  If you don't own a Kindle, Amazon has a free application for your PC, there is also a free app for your iPad.  Get ready for The Hunt! 

A ragged band of vampires are cutting a bloody path of destruction from Alaska to Washington State! As frost turns the leaves gold and paints the high mountain treetops silver, hundreds of hunters arrive in Swan Valley for their annual deer hunt. What they don’t know is an outcast band of vampires have arrived, as well. Raphael Goldhawk, king of the high vampire council, has decreed the taking of human life unlawful. Raul Stannard, an ancient enemy of the half-human king, is determined to overthrow the council, even if it means the exposure and eventual annihilation of the vampire race. Four people, a Ferry County forest ranger (Roger Atley), an Indian spirit-walker (HarleyTruefeather), and a young married couple (Brian and Holly Jensen), are about to be caught up in an ancient power struggle, and in a love affair as old as time itself. This novel combines ancient history with modern times, in an epic show-down between good and evil, love and hate. Grab your camping gear and hold on tight! It’s time for THE HUNT!

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