Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 Nights Could Change Everything!

10 Nights can change everything.  Your perspective, your life, your belief, and your heart.  Have you ever thought about what a big difference could become of your life in just 10 Nights?  If you set all your attention on what you wanted for that period of time, and focused on nothing else, how big of an impact do you think that would be?

For arguments sake, I'd like to focus on what we at Tears of Crimson love best, passion.  If you could change anything about your love life and had 10 Nights to reach that goal, whatever it may be, would you be willing to put your entire world on standby while you took the chance?  Think about this honestly.  One goal, 10 Nights, and everything else that rules your thoughts being pushed to the back burner while you made this your priority.  Could those 10 Nights alter your entire way of thinking about things then?

So tell me what would you change about your love life if you had 10 Nights to do it and nothing else standing in your way?


  1. Your site and new work above look amazing. Keep it up babe! Talk soon! <3

  2. Hey Ruby,

    So great hearing from you and thanks for the compliments! Always working to make it better! Hope everything is going great with you and look forward to talking soon!


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