Saturday, August 3, 2013

Call Of Souls - Tears of Crimson Serial

My name is Kiera Burke and I didn't wake up one day and decide that I wanted to control the humans around me.  Everything I thought I knew about the world changed in one fateful moment.  Now I will spend eternity trying to break the curse that was forced upon me. Bound to a demon that I need to use for survival, I hate knowing his body is my craving.

My punishment for succumbing to his touch?  Taking the souls of the innocent and damning them for the pleasures he gives.  There's only one way to break the curse of needing to damn those who never asked to be drawn into this ancient battle between good and evil.  This is my purpose.  While my soul will forever be forfeit, I have the chance to save the humans that my race considers only sustenance.

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Call of Souls is a new experience that I'm excited to bring to the friends of Crimson.  Why am I calling this a serial instead of series?  Because after the first book each book can be read on it's own as an individual story.  I'll be releasing more information about this project in the months to come.  Some of your favorite characters from the Tears of Crimson Nightclub will be finding their way into the plot but Kiera will be the focus.

Kiera grew up not knowing the history of her kind. Taken away at birth, she was raised to believe she was just a normal human.  Two weeks before her eighteen birthday she was rescued, but her savior had the ability to damn her soul.  Imagine waking up one morning and discovering that your entire life had been a lie. Now also imagine that your soul craves to destroy the innocence in everyone you meet damning them to an eternal hell.  Brought into an ancient battle between good an evil, Kiera has one chance to change her destiny.  

Call of Souls is not a young adult read.  As an nephilim succubus her hunger isn't for blood but sexual pleasure and the life energy of those filled with light.  Humans can't resist her call and the temptation to feed never ebbs.  Ancient legends come to life as she attempts to earn her freedom from damning souls of the innocent.  

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