Monday, October 7, 2013

Sneak Peek into Call of Souls

My name is Kiera Burke and I didn't wake up one morning and decide I wanted to hold the fate of the mortal world in my hands.  I spent most of my life running from the desires that most women long for, earning me some not so pleasant names from the men on campus.  There were even running bets on who could crack the ice princess first.  What they didn't understand was I longed for a lover.  It wasn't my fault that anytime a man initiated sexual contact I felt violently sick.

That all changed the night my best friend and I decided to attend Caleb Love's concert.  From the moment his haunting melody began my body was on fire and I ached to surrender to his lyrical seduction. It wasn't just the song he sang, but the way his perfect body seemed to resonate a Siren's Call to any female in close proximity.  There was only one problem.  While the rest of the world knew him as Caleb the Rock God, I discovered what he truly was.  A Nephilim Succubus who would accept nothing less than my soul for the pleasure he offered.

Thrust into a world of immortals, having my free will ripped away, and being told that I was the mate of demonic angel that lived off sexual pleasure was enough to drive any human to the brink of insanity.  Discovering that binding myself to Caleb was the only way to save the world as we knew it ... well let's just say some souls are called to face things that no sane mortal could handle.

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