Saturday, February 15, 2014

Coming of Age - It's not always hearts and flowers

We've all had that one friend that just couldn't seem to let go of the jerk that she gave her heart to, right?  You know he's wrong for her, everyone that sees them together knows he's a piece of crap and just using her, but as far as she's concerned?  Well he's the best thing since sliced bread.  Maybe she's just young and stupid and in time you hope she'll grow up and see him for what he really is?

How far does a guy have to take it before you admit he's scum and decide you're better of without him?  I mean seriously there's not one man alive, no matter how appealing the package is that would make you put up with his stupidity?  In Strawberry Wine I dug back into my past and remembered the one guy who destroyed my heart but did me a huge favor in the process.  When you see how horrible a relationship could be and then take that second chance, maybe, just maybe, you'll end up with the romance that is destined to last forever.

I like to label this as a coming of age, new adult romance and it sort of encompasses it all.  It reminds you of a time when you were young and vulnerable and how easy it was to fall in love while overlooking the truth.  It shows how hard it is to get past those early days when your hormones were ruling your mind and showing that you just weren't ready to make life choices like that.  The ache of losing that innocence that could never be reclaimed, and the regret that you didn't wait for the Knight in shining armor.  Strawberry Wine is all of those things, but there's also so much more. 

It talks about second chances.  Moving past the friend zone with the perfect guy, and making a decision that could change your life.  True love isn't easy.  Giving every ounce of your heart, mind, body and soul when you've felt loss that you never hoped to recover from?  It's all about sacrifice, forgiveness, not only yourself but the person that caused the pain.  If you're looking for a book that won't break your heart ... this probably isn't it. 

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