Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kindle Fire - Sharing the Love

I'm a Kindle Lover for Life, and I think you'll be one too after trying it out.  I don't normally advertise on my page, but today I wanted to talk about my favorite device, and why I think it's the most amazing thing since sliced bread.  I've had mine for two years now and I honestly can't imagine not having it these days.  It goes everywhere I do.  Originally I was an iPad user, but when mine hit the tile floor (seriously don't ask) and the screen was cracked, I decided to try out the Kindle Fire instead.  Best decision ever!  I paired mine up with a defender case and I think I could drop it off a cliff and it would survive.

As a writer, I spend hours at my computer each day and while that helps to sell books, the negative side to that is my vision was affected.  The constant strain on my eyes made it really hard for me to look at small print and after getting glasses, I found that reading paperbacks was still almost impossible.  It happens!  One of my favorite features on my Kindle is the ability to adjust the font to any size I choose.  I hate to say it but the Kindle made paperbacks obsolete for me.  If it doesn't come in a Kindle Book, I just don't read them these days.

I'm not a huge app user, yes I know the app companies are groaning out loud about that, but what I do love is movies.  With my Kindle I can watch all my favorite shows on the go and that just makes this little device my favorite thing outside of my desktop.  Yes we can hear groaning again, because I'm not a laptop fan. Seriously who wants to type away on one of those things?  Not I, but for those that love the laptop, more power to you!  I'll admit pricing was a huge factor into replacing my iPad for the Kindle, but it's a decision that I've never regretted!

I'm not a huge techy person.  What I was looking for in a product was a way to keep enjoying the books I love to read and the added perk of being able to watch my favorite shows was just a bonus.  When I say not a techy person I mean I don't even like to text on my cellphone.  I will however use the Facebook app to send updates.  Again, back to the size of fonts, when you're straining your eyes to see the keys on the mobile it makes it more of a hassle to share things.  I can definitely say that Kindle has kept me social.

Another perk in owning my Kindle is I don't have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest bookstore to find my next favorite read.  Instant download?  Oh yeah baby, I'm there!  Let's just say my former English Professor would be impressed with how many books I'm reading these days!  I live in a little rural town in Alabama, you know the kind where you have to drive 30 minutes just to reach a gas station?  So getting to the bookstore was big pain in the arse!

My Kindle Fire truly was the best purchase I've ever made, and I just fellt like sharing the love today.  Even if you aren't a writer, and dealing with eye strain, I could see this being a great gift for people in your life that have trouble reading small print.  My little people love playing the games on it, I wish they were reading more, but hey at least the options there.  Since my Kindle seems to get more love than their iPads, I'm guessing that it works just as well, if not better for them as well.  That's just my two cents worth on the Kindle, take it with a grain of salt, but for me it was the right choice.

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