Saturday, June 28, 2014

Southern Belle Blog Tours

You know what the say about Southern Belle's?  They don't stop until they get the job done.  This is a new virtual book tour group and they are currently looking for great bloggers like you to join the Belle's.  If you're a blogger and love books, then I hope you'll take a minute to hop on over to their site and give them a look.  Since they are just starting out, the one thing they need most is great bloggers.  Signing up is easy and I think you'll find the Belle's have a knack for promoting great books.  How do I know?  Well you might say that I've taught them everything they know.  My mom and daughter are heading up this company.  I'm the not so silent partner.

What I can promise you as a blogger, is the easiest set up imaginable.  They'll send everything you need including the html to copy and paste for every tour.  If you're looking to promote your blog, this is a great way to do that.  The Belle's will send readers your way to help promote great books.  As most of you know I started this journey with nothing but a great love of writing, and the one thing I know is that virtual book tours work.  This venture is something I've thought about for years, but couldn't make come to life without help.  Now with Susan and Kayla taking the lead, I can help out and still do what I really love, write!

To sign up as a Belle Blogger you can visit this quick link:  Blog for the Belles to find out more about what it means to become a Belle this easy guide will help:  Blogging for the Belles PDF  It's really a win for everyone if you run a blog.  You get great posts sent to your email and content for your readers.

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