Friday, September 12, 2014

Escape to Desire on Fantasy Isle - Book Debut

Imagine an island of fantasies only for adults. A place where every desire you had was brought to life at the hands of people who knew exactly what fulfilled your needs.  Now stop imagining and step onto the private oasis of pleasure named Fantasy Isle.  What happened when Fantasy's Bar & Grill went native?  A stimulating world of desire was born and you're personally invited to wet your feet in the first full-length adventure that started it all.

What's your price?  

If someone offered you an opportunity to never worry about finances, and have everything in this life that had been denied before, would you still hold on to your morals and refuse?  I always thought I would.  But two million dollars is a hell of a big incentive!  I considered myself a strong, independent woman, until the recession slammed me down face first.  Had my situation been different I never would have considered taking his offer!

Cade Stellan.  Billionaire, and closet pervert.  He liked to watch.  And I'm not referring to sporting events!  He wanted a woman that he could control and unfortunately, I'd caught his attention.  I say unfortunately because as much as I wanted to deny him, the price he offered proved that I could be bought.  Why a man like him had to pay for anything would never make sense, nor would why he had chosen a person like me to fulfill those needs.  As much as I wanted to turn him down, and prove to myself that my standards were higher, I knew I wouldn't.

A world of passion awaits you on Fantasy Isle, the pleasure resort for adults.  The Fantasy Isle book series, offer readers a stand-alone novel for each fantasy revealed.  Playing off the Fantasy Bar & Grill Trilogy, Michelle Hughes welcomes you to a world of sensual temptations. Through His Eyes, is the debut book for Fantasy Isle and introduces readers into a voyeuristic mind set, with ménage undertones.  

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Michelle Hughes

Thanks so much for such an incredible year in the writing world.  Fantasy Isle is the continuation of the Fantasy's Bar & Grill Series, which was a huge success and something I was amazed that readers approved of.  I started this series three years ago, but was reluctant to put it out there for the public due to the menage story line.  These hot little fantasies were so much fun to write, but I worried it stepped over the lines in contemporary romance.  Thanks to wonderful readers like you, I know now that as long as the happily ever after ending is in play, I don't need to hold back!

For those of you that don't know me, I'm a Southern author from Alabama.  Married to the greatest fisherman on earth, who has a real job as well, I'm also the mom to five incredible children.  When I'm not writing, which is usually anytime that my kids are home, we enjoy hanging out on our mountain hideaway in Verbena, usually riding four wheelers, cooking out with family and friends, or fishing.  I'm pretty down to earth and enjoy talking with readers.  Social media is something that I use to make up for the isolation of living in a small town, so feel free to find me and start a conversation.

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