Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gothic Gates - R.M. Simone

Steamy, Sensual, Sumptuous series by Author R.M.Simone'

“Hello Dearie, what is the problem?  Can I help you find something?  You seem lost?”

I took in a deep breath feeling foolish standing there holding the package of music.  “Well I am a courier delivery and was just let in and he told me to pick out a costume to deliver the package to the host.  Really this is not what I had in mind and it was to just deliver this.’  I began rambling and felt out of place.

“It’s okay, the host has his ways.  Look let me help you 'Dearie'.  Now what do you have on under your clothes?  Any sexy lingerie’?”   She began rummaging through things grabbing this and that.

I began to unbutton my blouse realizing I was on some kind of ride to just get through this. Get the job done.  Under my blouse I forgot I had on a black long waisted strapless bra.  She saw it and smiled.  I was really just numb with this entire event.

“Good, that will work perfectly.  We are all wearing black, it is so Goth you know.”  Next thing I knew she asked me to take off my Levi’s kicking off my shoes she searched for a tight fitting slinky skirt.  Slit up one long side of it reminding me to slide off my panties.

“What do you mean take off my panties?
I just came to deliver this package.”


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