Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Banning is Just #RUDE

After writing a new book, as an author I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  You pour your heart and soul into the characters, love and nurture their scenes, and finally... you take a deep breath and release it into the world.  Well, unless you get an email telling you that your content isn't acceptable because of book racists!  That's the label I'm giving these companies that decide what adults can or cannot read.  It's no secret that my books are labeled for adults only.  I haven't released one single book that wasn't intended for a mature audience.  So why does Kobo, Apple, Tolino, and Scribd feel like they have the right to choose what you can read?

If I told you what religion you had to be, or what clothes you must wear today, you'd be pretty upset, right?  So shouldn't you be angry that these companies don't think you have the intelligence to know what books enter your electronic reader?  Just like you don't have to agree that all cops are bad, all white people are racist, and all black people are criminals, all books that touch on a topic some are uncomfortable with doesn't give you the right to ban them.  Labeling (something my daughter has been speaking out against recently) is WRONG!  Banning should be criminal.  Below is the correspondence I received concerning my new book, RUDE.  Which will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in Paperback June 5th.

As you can see from my response to Draft 2 Digital, my gorgeous twin brothers don't have a relationship together, but with the same woman. I'm not giving spoilers about the book but I will say that I'm a romance author who believes in a happily ever after.  I could go into a rant about how loving someone is never wrong regardless of race, sexual orientation, or any other factor, but I won't. I'll just put it out there that everyone has the RIGHT to love!  You can agree, disagree, or fly into a tangent about that truth, but that is my belief.

I'm a grown woman.  I write books for adults.  So in my opinion?  Book banning is just rude.  Book banning is wrong.  The only person who should decide what I read, is me.  That's my two cents for what it's worth.

*.•´¸ #RUDE is a stand-alone sexy romance novel •*´

Two sexy twin brothers that always share.  Everything. Including women!

Liam walked into my world and turned it upside down with his lickable abs, bedroom eyes, and alpha male persona.  He was sin personified and I wanted him to damn my soul.  Everything about him drew me in, daring me to step outside my comfort zone and forget all the rules I'd made to keep my heart safe.  He was rude, vulgar, and promised everything a good girl dreams about doing with a bad boy.

As if his temptation wasn't enough, his twin brother was thrown into the mix.  Luke was Liam's polar opposite in every way, except for his panty-melting looks.  Charming, respectful, and a man you wouldn't mind taking home to meet the parents. There couldn't be a more perfect man.  Put the two of them together and it was a combination no woman couldn't resist.  

I've never considered myself a prude, even though I was holding out for marriage.  How could I walk away from a night that fantasies were made of?  Liam told me that great sex was never boring.  It was dirty, passionate and always a little rude. All I had to do was say yes.  Two sexy twin brothers promising one hot night of unadulterated sex.

Would it be Rude to turn it down?

AMAZON                   BARNES & NOBLE

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