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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wrenched - Zora Nyxx


Istvan Marinko's personal relationship theory of "Women chose, Men get Chosen" is put to the test when he encounters Celeste, a sexy older woman who's starting anew. Istvan's never found his groove in the realm of women and social situations and now he's been chosen and pulled into the unsuspecting surge and sensuality of Celeste. Everything believed is shattered and he has to chose when Celeste's past come crashing down on them.

"Why was it so bad to want to taste, touch and explore the female flesh without having to commit to a relationship? It was too much for me, trying to guess how this movie called Celeste was going to play out. What I needed to know, was my ultimate out come. Stating up front sex is off the table, I deal. Anticipation is what kills me when I get green lights, then everything slams red.

The film was almost over and I gently squeezed her thigh and whispered in her ear, “What are you doing here...with me?” I needed a hint, a clue, something from her, or I was going to put on my gentleman hat, wish her well and walk. She didn't change her expression or look away from the screen and I only heard her breathe one word softly which vanquished my internal frustrations and kept me in my seat.

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