Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cherished - New Cover Reveal (Submission never felt so sweet)

(Cherished contains strong sexual content, adult language and is not suitable for minors.) 

Luca Phillips dropped me to my knees with a promise …

He was sexy and confident, absolutely brilliant and Luca wanted me. I was infatuated from the first conversation, wanting to be what he needed. For the first time in my life I understood what it meant to desire. All he demanded was my trust. I’d been broken by my past and doubted I could give that gift, no matter how badly I craved him. 

Luca’s world was dark when looking in from the outside, but the light in his eyes promised something more. Hope. Together we could change the downward spiral my life was taking. His words. 

Kneeling at his feet, handing over control, he asked one question. How far are you willing to go to be…. 


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*When you can look into the mirror and see yourself as the beautiful woman I do, then I'll know I've given you the one gift no one can ever take away. 

*The outside world will never understand that submission is not subjugation to another person, it's letting yourself be free of all those things that hold you back from experiencing the greatest sexual pleasures. 

*If you walk away from this, from us, my only hope is that you look back twenty years from now and remember that there is no person on earth more deserving to be cherished than you. 

*When you're down on your knees, looking up at me, that is the moment when I feel the need to protect you most. 

*Those who don't understand the true meaning of a Master/slave relationship will never see that in submission a woman holds more power than the man she's given herself to. 

*Even when your hands are bound, your vision obscured, allowing me to do things to your body that should seem terrifying. You always have complete control. I'll never take you further than you're willing to go. 

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