Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Angela Owens-Vallot This Thing We Do

Does love at first sight exist? Or is it only lust that can't possibly go anywhere? Those are the questions plaguing Alyssa. The day she walked into work and the new boss was there, something happened to Alyssa that she has never experienced before. Without even looking at her, Shade Alexander renders her speechless, time stops, and butterflies take flight in her stomach. 

Then Shade Alexander opens his mouth and speaks! Alyssa is no longer left speechless, she's pissed. The audacity! Who says those things?! People talk and it doesn't take long to learn that Shade is nothing more than a player, or is he? Alyssa has no desire to be the next notch on his bedpost and isn't willing to mess up her perfectly ordered life in order to find out if it's true. Then it happens, it took just one night, one dance, and one breathtaking kiss to knock her off her well balanced perch. 

Alyssa's backbone melts and she puts herself right in the middle of a game she has no hope of winning. Sheer determination has her immersing herself in a dangerous game hoping to win against all odds. Will Alyssa make it out unscathed or will Shade Alexander scorch her with the flames of a passion beyond anything she's experienced? Delving into a world of sexual rendezvous, secrecy, and scorching hot passion will Alyssa be able to beat Shade Alexander at his own game, or will she lose before she even begins?

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