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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tears of Crimson Poll

Before you get excited, or run away screaming, this is just an unrealized idea at the moment.  As most of you know I began vaping in August of 2015 after being diagnosed with COPD.  This was such a life changing event for me that I've been slightly (okay tremendously) obsessed with the vaping community since I began.  That obsession led into DIY soon after I began vaping because I'm extremely choosy about what flavors I enjoy and prefer doing things my way.  There!  I admitted it, I'm a picky consumer!!!

I'll be honest, I never thought about selling e-liquid, I just enjoyed making it  and the thought wouldn't have crossed my mind until people who were using my recipes told me how much they enjoyed them.  Being the creative person I am, obviously my mind went in the direction to create something people could enjoy.  That being said, I'm here today trying to decide if this is a worthwhile endeavor for Tears.  Don't worry I've got a new book releasing VERY soon, so I wouldn't be giving up the romance!!!  Branching out into a new phase is always a little nerve wracking, so I'm asking for your opinions.

Let me say up front that IF I decide to move forward with this venture, I will be working with professionals to make sure any product under my companies name is safe and produced in a clean lab with people I can trust.  This would be a major investment to do it the RIGHT way, so that's where you come in.  Please take a few minutes to answer my poll questions below and give me your honest opinion.  Trust me, I want to hear what you have to say!!!

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