Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Writing Virgin and Alpha Male Romance

Let's face it.  In a world where holding on to your virginity past senior year in high school is almost taboo, the virgin/alpha male scenario in or after college is almost obsolete in reality.  Maybe that's why I choose to write books that follow along this format.  That could definitely be it, but I also grew up reading Harlequin Romances.  You know those box sets you used to get four of in the mail every month?  Or am I showing my age?  I remember vividly as a young girl growing up, that excitement when my grandmother got her set in the mail.  I would wait until she was asleep and sneak one into my room, reading through the night.  Yes, I was a sneaky book reading child!

I fell in love with Cowboys, Sheiks, Prince's and Pirates!  They all swept their girl off her feet and rode off into the sunset, and all of those girls were virgins!  The reality of that happening may have been as unusual in the 80's as it is today, but boy did my heart beat a little faster reading about the scenarios.  I'll even admit to playing out sweet romance scenarios with my Barbie's.  I'm telling you that Barbie chick had a heck of a lot of first time experiences!

When I decided to turn to writing as a career, there was no doubt what type of books I planned on writing.  The female HAD to be a virgin, and the male?  No way he was anything other than Alpha!  These are the types of books I love to read (yes I'll review books with a romance topic that has a virgin and alpha male in them) so it made sense that this is what I'd write.  Those years of new adult college age days have long since passed me by, BUT by writing those scenarios I get to live through my young adult days forever.  Kind of hard to argue with that scenario. I like to say it keeps me young at heart.

I've tried to write books that move away from that scenario, but they don't fill my heart with enough passion to make it through to the end.  So what kind of books do you like to read?  I'm always curious what draws readers to their type of book.  I'd love to hear from you!

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