Monday, March 20, 2017

Amazon Kindle Scout's 2 Year Anniversary

Thank you,  Kindle Scout (Press) for including me in your family.  Working with you has been an absolute joy, and I look forward to many great years to come.  This is the 2 year anniversary for Kindle Scout, and during that time they've helped over 200 authors find incredible homes for their books.  I feel very fortunate to be included.  Celebrate with me, as we share in this incredible milestone, by visiting here: Kindle Press Published Books

The support group for Kindle Press authors has been phenomenal.  If you're an author looking for a publishing company that truly supports your work, I highly suggest putting your never-before-published book up for a nomination:  Kindle Scout for Authors  Readers, you are what makes this possible, please visit Kindle Scout for Readers and nominate the books you'd love to read.  If they are published you'll receive that book free!  You'll find incredible books like these below for 99¢ as a gift from Kindle Scout starting today!

Join us each day this week and next as we explore incredible book published because of readers like you here on Tears of Crimson!

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