Monday, July 10, 2017

For my Diabetic Friends!

It is VERY rare for me to do a product promotion on my page, but I felt this is something I had to share.  I was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  I'm TERRIFIED of needles, so the thought of checking my sugar twice a day was the stuff of nightmares for me.  I researched until I found something that would give me painless ways of checking my blood sugar, and ran across Genteel. I was pessimistic that this would work but decided since it had a money back guarantee, I'd take the chance.  BEST CHOICE EVER!

I felt NOTHING.  I used my fingertip and the little blue cap that came installed on the kit.  No pain, perfect blood draw, and a complete win.  If you're terrified of needles or have little people with diabetes that need to have their blood checks, I can't recommend enough.  I give this product my 100% approval.  If it can make me stick myself it's obviously a winner, because I'm seriously a huge baby when it comes to needles.

I do not get reimbursed for promoting Genteel so this is my personal opinion.  It's very rare that I support a product so much that I'll talk about it on my blog, but I felt I HAD to share this in case someone else had the same fears I did or was tired of their fingers being sore all the time.  It's hard to write when you feel like your fingers are being used as pin cushions.  Genteel worked for me!  Here's the link if you want to check them out yourself:

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