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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Vaping - It's all about LOVE

What does vaping have to do with romance?  It's all about love!  Love for your fellow human being, love to help a person kick the habit of smoking so they are able to live and share memories with their family and friends, and love from me to you because I suffered from smoking and I never want to see another person suffer that way again!  This is the best gift you can offer any smoker that you love, the gift of truth and the tools they need to kick the habit that is killing them and helping them switch to a healthier alternative.

The FDA has tied the hands of local vape businesses and they can no longer tell you that vaping is 95% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes, but I'm not a vaping business therefore I can!  I can tell you that in 2015 I was diagnosed with COPD and my lung capacity was 68% after smoking 30 years and destroying my lungs.  I can tell you that I could barely walk to my front door without giving out of breath, or speak a few words without coughing my head off, and even lost my singing voice.  Add to that being diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis at least twice a year for five years, and I was going to die from this horrible addiction of smoking!

I left the hospital after being admitted for shortness of breath and elevated blood pressure three days later with that diagnosis of COPD, and drove straight to my local vape shop.  The same place I'd turned my nose up at thinking people were crazy to try puffing on some electronic device that blew out clouds.  I haven't touched a cigarette since that day.  I can tell you also, that in June of 2017 I had another pulmonary function test done and my lung capacity was 96% after exclusively turning to vaping.  I want you to think about that for a minute.  All these negatives you see about vaping?  How is it that my lung capacity went from 68% to 96% after I started vaping?  The answer is pretty simple.  Vaping WORKS and they are spreading lies about the benefits of vaping vs smoking.

Those are my REAL results, so I'm very curious about how these anti-vaping people continuously come out with lies and don't explain the positive results that people like me have found.  Why isn't every health official in the USA looking at these numbers, not just mine but the THOUSANDS of other people like me, who are leading normal lives again after turning to vaping?  There is a story there somewhere but you can bet it has nothing to do with protecting public health.  I won't get into all the conspiracy theories about why the FDA and the American Medical Association are creating a witch hunt to end vaping, I'll just say that vaping saved my life and they are KILLING people by not supporting this life-saving technology.

Don't wait until you, or a loved one are diagnosed with COPD to try vaping as a alternative to smoking.  I have the proof to back up my health claims, ask the opposers what REAL proof they have.  What you'll get is a bed of lies that can be researched by any intelligent person and found to be completely fabricated.  That's the truth they don't want you to have.  They will spend millions of dollars to destroy vaping because you smoking makes them tons of money.  Always follow the money trail folks.  


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