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Shades of Love - R.M. Simone'

THE RIDE OF FIFTY has kicked open a phenomenon

SHADES OF LOVE is part of a trilogy that takes the reader to NYC and the life of a budding author, Gabriella Savannah Trudeau. A beautiful 25 year old with a clear head on her shoulders and focused on her goals as a writer and publishing dreams. She is the complete package of a young woman set for career goals and aspirations fueled by an amazing drive to go for her visions. She meets Mr.Perfect 29 year old is what happens,

When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model girlfriend and you see it is staged like a movie set of FIFTY Shades and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT...
.He was standing there WAITING for this, for you, and grabs you. 

HE IS NOT letting you go... 

What plays out in this story will captivate and fascinate you and break open your Dreams that a STORY like this can happen and when it does, it just may be the END ALL 


R.M.Simone' Enchanted Love stories or Eros and Psyche...
Warmly Writing on Roshandra

The BOOK also carries a part 2 inside as a DISCUSSION about TWILIGHT and Fifty Shades FSOG is the background on phenomenon books and films now. Also author Chloe Thurlow of UK, links to her book that discusses Fifty phenomenon and also some rather amazing current Fan Fiction links and books from there. WALLBANGERS is mentioned and also KNOCKED up by Gabby from Fan Fiction.

Fan Fiction is where many authors have begun and TWILIGHT inspired many.
The DISCUSSION touches on this and also on the subject of romance books, love stories and erotica and fantasy stories. 

Author R.M.Simone Warmly writing on. 

Shades of Love - PASSION by R.M.Simone' Book 2 in the FIFTY RIDE. 

Gabriella and Tristan move into the intimacy of this Tantra between them now. What is TANTRA? She is finding that there lovemaking has taken on the experience of giving her VISIONS and new highs of energy which is her Kundalini Rising. It creates such a connection that now if they are apart for too many days, Tristan is feeling off his usual balance. She is dealing with her own issues of the boundaries and personal space. This strong attraction between the sacred sexuality is what is presenting in VEDIC Terms a Yoni-Lingam bond. 

Her heart is opening and maybe she is now falling into love with him and for the first time. Her writing is taking on a new level too and her assignment now is to write a BDSM book to test the market. Can she? Her genre is clearly romance and love stories. PASSION opens many doors for this relationship and their Hearts. A heady mix of Love and Sacred Tantra Sexuality. Roshandra warmly writing on. Author 

Shades of Love - BOUND - Arc Sample THE FIFTY Ride SHADES OF LOVE by R.M.Simone' An ARC Sample is free and this opens the trilogies into the subject that Author Gabriella in this FICTION Romance story is going to write three chapters of the BDSM genre test market for her publisher she is signed with. The assignment was a curve ball as Gabriella writes romance and love stories that are based in love and relationship. This launches the story into her pen name she is using. SAVANNAH TRUDEAU. The Arc sample poses the idea of how she may write this assignment and how TRISTAN, her relationship twin love, may aid her in input regarding BDSM. 
There will be three books in this series off the main trilogies on Savannah's solution to the publishing house and surprises her what she ends up doing. 

This Arc will become a full NOVEL. So have a FREE sample. Get to know the characters of FIFTY SHADES OF LOVE. Gabriella Savannah Trudeau and her love Tristan Green Montgomery. Set in NYC with adult romance and tantra and a meant to meet couple in the stars crossing in the skies. It is about LOVE, not losing yourself to the other and about each being strong having their own pathways of careers. Gabriella is a novelist. Tristan is an entrepreneur and it is all about the two meeting under a canopy of Fifty Shades of the current subject of that THEME.

Please follow the links to my BLOGS or my Facebook page. Booksbyroshandra at wordpress or on Facebook, Shades of Love page... thank you ..Roshandra, warmly writing on

About the Author:  My life is all around this creativity of writing, teaching, healing, and opening up realms of light for those that are drawn to 'me' and my services along with this creative life i live.

My 'writing' came to me naturally. It just happens to 'FLOW" for me and the dreamy worlds I seem to 'see into'. I discovered in 2008, that a series of four books wrote themselves about a woman that her pathway of spirit opened up for her. Leaving a normal and very happy life for this adventure that drew her into other realms. I finished the books, sat back, and realized it was very much about myself. Writing it I did not realize that as often the 'writer and the story' weave from the author's own experience, imagination, dreams and wishes along with a message that felt it had to be expressed. I work a lot with VISUAL imagery and ART. This opens doors into other realms for myself to share to the reader the story or adventure i am taking them on with 'me'.

My writing is centered around Romance, Fiction, Supernatural, Spiritual, Fantasy and Mystery. I also have recently launched a series of GOTH Romance and a Novella that carried energy 'codes' for the reader. 

I am a energy healing, angelic visionary and interior designer working with REIKI and Design along with LEY LINE GRIDS. 

My PASSION in my writing comes from my Creative FLOWS when i am in writing.
I also have stories on fan fiction and was inspired by the Twilight books and films along with Books like the GOLDEN COMPASS and HARRY POTTER. 

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