Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kindle Scout No Longer Taking Submissions After April 3

I opened my email yesterday to a sad note.  Kindle Scout is no longer taking submissions after April 3, 2018.  I remember last year when they accepted my book, Cowboy Sanctuary, and the feeling of elation I had from being part of this elite group of authors.  I was very pleased with the promotion the Kindle Press team put into promoting my book.  As most of my readers know, this book was much tamer than my steamy romance novels, and having their support was a huge bonus, because I had no idea how to promote a western romance.

It's with a heavy heart that I watch this powerhouse close it's submissions to other authors who could benefit from this type of publishing contract.  I still don't know the details about what will happen to my rights to this book, but I have faith that the Kindle Scout Team will do what they've always done and do right by all the authors involved.  It was very nice to be included in a small group of authors chosen to publish on this platform.  My hope is one day they will revive the Kindle Press publishing house again.

Wishing all my fellow Kindle Scout authors a beautiful journey in whatever path they take, and sharing some of the great books below that made me fall in love with Kindle Press.

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