Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rosemary Michel - Closed Doors


Doors are made to be opened.

At thirty-four, single mom Larissa Malone still feels guilty over her teenage pregnancy. Raising her twins alone, she’s strived for an orderly and stable family life. As a result, men have been few and far between.

But Michael Healy knows exactly what Lari needs and how far she’ll go to get it. Easily persuaded, she agrees to a series of sexual encounters with this near stranger who lives life in the fast lane, and whose passion in and out of the bedroom keeps her coming back for more.
Everything seems perfect in this erotic liaison where fantasy becomes reality, until Larissa finds herself thrust into the middle of a grisly police investigation where her lover is the prime suspect and Lari is his only alibi.

As their lives become intertwined, she discovers that behind Michael’s discreet wealth and overt charm lies an obsessive perfectionist and a brilliant strategist, driven and relentless in getting whatever or whomever he wants. Suddenly she must face a man whose past is rife with heartache and pain, a string of affairs and an ex who is pure poison.

Now Larissa must move through the shadows of her past to face her future and decide if Michael is too dangerous a risk or the ultimate reward.

I've been a police officer for twenty-seven years, half of that as a detective. I wanted to write ever since I read Joseph Wambaugh back in my rookie years. This is my first published work.

Human behavior, with all its twists and turns, fascinates me. I have to know why. What motivates  our choices? Why do people do what they do? How do they wind up in the situation they’re in? And most of all, how do they rationalize it all? That may explain my degree in sociology, my writing, and choosing a career in law enforcement. Being a police officer has certainly given me a unique window on a plethora of vastly different lives.

In the same way, I have to know what motivates my characters and how they justify their choices. It has to make sense, at least to them. I was a reader long before being a writer, and we’re a perspicacious bunch.

I run, meditate and practice yoga, though none as much as I should. I have an unavowed interest in astrology; it’s my Scorpio rising. I over analyze—ironically this is great for me as a writer and a detective. I definitely watched too much TV growing up. I like mixing drinks, but not drinking them and making desserts. In between? No worries, we'll order pizza.

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