Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Shawn Sellers - A Life Among Spirits

 Join paranormal researcher, Shawn Sellers, as he takes you through his journey of real hauntings and other phenomena he and his team have adventured upon over the years!

A Life Among Spirits is the cultivation of a lifetime of experiences dealing with the paranormal.  Shawn Sellers is the founder of Southern Paranormal Researchers, and this in-depth recollection of his experiences opens the door on the world of spirits and other paranormal events.  More than just ghost stories, these are actual events and detailed information about the investigation into them.  Shawn’s family raised him on Hoodoo and brought him up in the world of Freemasonry, giving him an early childhood experience in walking among the other side.  Within these pages those passages through what he was taught come to life.

As an included bonus in this book, you’ll find an Addendum of the Spirit World.  For those interested in pursuing ghost hunting, the information will be invaluable.  Another bonus includes haunted Montgomery, giving Shawn’s (and his teams) investigations into Alabama’s most haunted city.  The SPR (Southern Paranormal Research) journals give bone-chilling insights into other Alabama hauntings as well.  A Life Among Spirits, is not for the faint of heart, what you’ll discover may very well change your opinion on the spiritual world as you know it.

Shawn Sellers is a spiritual worker and paranormal researcher. He is currently living on a Native American reservation while on a spiritual journey and is working on new projects. He was raised unconventionally by his grandmother who taught him about the spirit world at a young age. His grandmother was well-known locally for her abilities and she passed a great amount of her knowledge on to him. In addition to his grandmother's hoodoo influence, he was also brought up in the world of Freemasonry.

His grandfather and uncle were all active masons in the community and helped to usher him into the fraternity. Shawn progressively went through Demolay, Blue Lodge, York Rite, and on to the world of the Mystic Shrine.

Shawn Sellers founded a paranormal research team in 2006 and they investigated all over the United States. In addition to using his psychic abilities, he welcomes the introduction of science to spiritual and paranormal.

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