Thursday, January 2, 2020

Today Our Government Started The Death of Tobacco Harm Reduction

Today is a sad day in America as our government started the destruction of tobacco harm reduction.  While many will rejoice that open systems were not included in the FDA ban of all flavors except menthol and tobacco in pod systems, this is the beginning of the end of the greatest smoking cessation tool on the market today, vaping.  What this bill did not end, the PMTA will wipe out this year because the million + fee for bringing products through the market will destroy the majority of the e-liquid manufacturers this year.

I strongly encourage all adults that vape to learn how to DIY and to stock up on the tools needed  so you don't have to return to deadly combustible cigarettes that will remain on the shelves to kill 450,000 Americans every year.  Our public health system has failed  and with this ban have encouraged every single adult pod user to return to smoking by this ban if they use flavors in their delivery device.  For those that wish to learn about open-systems (until they have banned those as well) I will be doing an in-depth discussion of how to make that switch on later today.

Because of our government and public health failure to support tobacco harm reduction, I am encouraging all adults that smoke and wish to learn about how to quit to follow Public Health England for smoking cessation advice.  They were the ones that warned the United States about the dangers of Cigarettes and continue to be the leading scientific community to understand how tobacco harm reduction works.  They understood science and knew that illegal black-market THC (pot) products were harming people, not nicotine e-liquid.  Our American Scientists have a long way to go before they catch up to Public Health England.  This is the difference in a society that is not paid off by tobacco or pharmaceutical companies, and is the example we should be following.

I was diagnosed with COPD in 2015 after a lifetime of smoking, and vaping was the only reason I was able to quit this deadly habit.  Since my switch to vaping, my lungs have continued to heal, and I have been able to breathe like a normal person, with my oxygen levels returning to normal levels.  The vaping community has, and will always have my strongest support because I wouldn't be here to speak about this atrocity of American Public Health if I hadn't been led toward vaping as an alternative.  Most of you know that I'm a former respiratory tech, and I've watched hundreds of people die from smoking complications.  I've also had family members die of Lung Cancer and Emphysema, so when tobacco harm reduction is challenged, I will call out the killers behind such an act of destruction.

Today marks my decision to longer support any public health organization, or government official, or for that matter, any individual that supports the end of vaping as tobacco harm reduction   To me, these people are asking for the death of 450,000 Americans a year, and I cannot, will not, stand behind any such criminal.  If you or a loved one has become ill because of cigarettes you should take up this same mentality.  We cannot allow our government to continue destroying adult lungs and taking money from tobacco or pharmaceutical companies to push their murderous agenda!  I have made it my life mission to bring the truth out against these people, and will not stop until every single person has the RIGHT to choose how they want to quit smoking.

We have seen the failures of FDA approved drugs like Chantix, and the horrible consequences these drugs can cause.  If you haven't researched this, I strongly encourage you to read WebMD's article on the Chantix suicides and suicidal thoughts.   This is a tragedy for Americans.  Outside of vaping, most tobacco cessation products have a  7% success rate to keep a person off cigarettes for 6-12 months.  13 million Americans have successfully quit smoking due to vaping.  Destroying the industry that is actually helping Americans quit shows that our country is determined to kill tobacco harm reduction.

While e-liquid manufacturers may rejoice today over the small battle they have won in not having all flavors removed from the market, I will look on in sadness as I watch the vaping industry die a slow death.  Today our Government Started The Death of Harm Reduction, and they must be held accountable for this.  Talk to your local politicians, who sometimes forget they work for you and not the other way around.  Demand that they keep vaping with flavors legal for adults, and if they disagree vote them out.  We have the potential to destroy the epidemic of combustible cigarette deaths in this country, but that won't happen unless you stand up and be heard.  Hold them accountable for the death of 450,000 Americans a year.  Make them own that title.

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