Friday, June 12, 2020

A Tribute to Gremberry Farms!

Gremberry Farms knows flavors, and they are having a sale so that makes it a great time for you to get to know them!  If you're a candy maker, chef, or enjoy other incredible ideas to use flavors for, Gremberry Farms has you covered.  Don't forget, all my Keto friends, flavors make an incredible way to give some flavor to some of those low-carb recipes you're using!  Flavored Coffee is another great thing you can use by using flavor concentrates!  Giving you some great ideas below to get started in the world of using flavors, because life is just better with them!

Keto Coffee

The Delicious way to make your favorite flavored coffee without using store bought creamers!

2 TBSP Butter
12 Ounces of Coffee

Make your coffee the way you like, and then add in one of these great flavor concentrates to make it pure perfection.  Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend for 45 seconds.

Cinnamon Danish swirl coffee

3-5 drops Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Capella)
5 drops Super Sweet (Capella)

Vanilla Cream Coffee

5 Drops French Vanilla (Capella)
3 Drops Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Capella)
5 Drops Super Sweet (Capella)

Banana Pie Coffee

5 drops Banana Cream (TFA)
3 drops Graham Crust (Flavour Art)
5 Drops Super Sweet

For my non Keto friends.  You can use the flavor combinations above and instead of butter, use the milk of your choice.  Either way it's a delicious way to enjoy your coffee!  You can ditch the blender idea too.  Simply brew your coffee the way you like it, add in the flavor concentrate combination, mix well and add your favorite milk.  

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