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The Marinara Theory - Kristin O'Ferrall

Title: The Marinara Theory
Author: Kristin O'Ferrall
Genre: Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: August 7, 2020


Meet Ashley Whitaker, a twenty-six-year-old advertising associate, who considers herself a modern-day Mary Tyler Moore. Filled with moxie and a contradicting wealth of insecurities, Ashley uses all her coping mechanisms to deal with the minefield of dating.

After being dumped via text message, Ashley decides to focus her energies on her aspiring advertising career, becoming a Taekwondo badass, and funding a trip to Europe with a part-time waitressing job.

It’s only when she discovers the magic of the Marinara Theory that her life takes a surprisingly positive turn upwards. Suddenly it seems as if the heavens have opened up and populated the universe with available bachelors seeking her affection. Even her ex (AKA Mr. Text Dumper) is susceptible to the Marinara Theory’s magic and wants Ashley back.

The Marinara Theory also lands Ashley the role of manager of a lucrative new advertising account. But can Ashley rise to the challenge? It doesn’t help that tongues are wagging at work about a juicy rumor. There’s also office politics and her own self-doubt that she must overcome in order to lead her creative team and please the client.

Will the power of the Marinara Theory dissipate like Cinderella’s glass slipper at midnight or will Ashley recognize the secret to sustainability? The answer can be found in the pages of The Marinara Theory, which humorously chronicles Ashley Whitaker as she searches to find self-empowerment and, with any luck, her Prince Charming.

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Not in person. Not by phone. Not even by email. Text. 
Are you kidding me? 
That is how I, Ashley Whitaker, was dumped by my boyfriend (AKA guy I was dating).   
Don’t think it’s going to work out. Please take care. 
That was it!  No explanation. No apology.
I really liked him too—at least, I think I did. No, what am I saying? Yes, I did like him. And, I thought he liked me too.  Case in point: his last text to me – the one before the last text – seemed so promising.
“I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
It didn’t say “see you tonight” or even “looking forward to seeing you tonight”.
It said “really”.  “I am really looking forward to seeing you tonight.”
I mean, really?
And our date in retrospect also seemed great. We had gone to dinner and then to the movies. At dinner, he held my hand across the table and laughed at all my corny jokes. While waiting in line for the movie, he put his arms around me. I remember thinking: This is good. We’re now at the stage where PDA is acceptable. 
I remember coyly looking up at him, and when I did, he smiled back as if we were sharing a moment.  My stomach actually had butterflies.
And then, it happened. I opened my mouth and impulsively spewed, “So, would you consider me your girlfriend?”
I never did get an answer—the ticket lady conveniently asked for our tickets right at that moment. I also never got another date or another “really looking forward totext.
Oh, right. I guess that was my answer. No, he didn’t consider me his girlfriend.
I need chocolate.

Praise for The Marinara Theory

This novel was a delightful read. It was everything you want in a book. Characters you love and can relate to and an engaging plot. I highly recommend this book. Perfect for reading on the beach or anywhere. If you are looking for a fun book that will entertain people of all ages, The Marinara Theory is perfect.

I absolutely LOVED reading this book!!! I recommend it to any book lovers in search of something timeless, funny, honest, and riveting.

O'Ferrall truly understands the everyday comedy AND tragedy of being a female in our current society. Such a wonderfully relatable and hilarious read. I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil the plot.

I recommend The Marinara Theory to any and all readers, male or female! You won't be disappointed.

Love this book! Hard to put it down! I highly recommend it!

Author Bio

Kristin O’Ferrall is a creative at heart who has incorporated writing throughout her career as a grant writer, marketer, blogger, and author. Her first writing job was at eleven years old when Kristin was regularly commissioned by her mother to write pithy words of inspiration for her sales newsletters.

Kristin’s debut novel Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems is the first in the middle-grade mystery series, Marianna Mestre. The sequel will be coming out later this year.

To learn more about Kristin O’Ferrall, be notified of future releases, or to sign up for her newsletter, visit

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