Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wish You Once More - Julie Archer


Title: Wish You Once More
Series: Wish You #2
Author: Julie Archer
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Release Date: October 7, 2020


The more you love someone, the more you hurt them... 


Mat Redmond chose his career over me. He broke my heart. I vowed never to let him back in. 

Until he shows up in the last place I expect him to. 

Old memories and feelings come back to haunt me and I can't push them away. Then Mat abandons me a second time and I'm not sure I can forgive him again. 


Bree Sheridan was my first love. And I broke her heart. I hurt her with my choices, and I vowed never to do it again. 

Except I did, and I regret every single moment. 

But when my family needs me, I have to come back home to look after them. If I make another wrong choice this time, I'll lose Bree forever. 

Wish You Once More is a second chance rockstar romance and can be read as a standalone.



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I stared directly into her eyes, losing myself in those icy blue pools, the same as I always had. “I miss this.” My finger swirled around, pointing at the drinks, the joint, then finally at Bree. “I miss you.” 
Her lips parted, forming a silent gasp. She blinked fast, her eyelashes brushing her cheeks. “What about Ellie?” 
“What about her?” 
“Aren’t you and her, you know, together?” Bree twisted a strand of blue hair around her finger, something she always did when nerves overcame her. 
Slowly, I shook my head. “She may have her own fashion brand, be effortlessly gorgeous and best friends with a supermodel, but—” 
“Oh, she’s absolutely perfect then.” Her shoulders sagged and she dropped deeper into the sofa cushions. 
“She doesn’t have paint on her fingernails, or a Disney princess plaster protecting a cut on her knuckle.” I took Bree’s hand in mine, my thumb caressing the two things I’d mentioned. “Or a glorious wild streak of blue, which I’ve always loved.” My other hand stroked her hair, where her own was still entangled. 
I watched Bree’s breath hitch at my words, as the realisation sank in. 
Ellie was nothing compared to Bree. 
I wanted to erase four years of hurt. Four years of hooking up with random women who meant nothing. Because all I wanted was right here in front of me.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Author of contemporary romance featuring rock stars, small towns, a healthy dose of angst, some steamy times and always a happy ever after! 

When not writing, I can usually be found binge watching teen drama series on Netflix, or supporting Spurs from my armchair, and running around after my two feline children, Corey and Elsa. 

Real Angst. Real Romance.

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