Friday, January 29, 2021

Homesteading with the Hughes

  I'm really excited to announce a new project that my children and I have decided to pursue.  Homesteading!  We're putting together a Youtube (and Facebook) Vlog as we kick our projects off this spring.  Our main focus will be on gardening and raising chickens.   You can follow our journey on Youtube here:  or on Facebook here:  My family is trying to be as self-sufficient as possible and I truly hope these videos will help get other people interested in being self-sufficient as well.

I truly hope you'll subscribe and join in the journey.  After watching the grocery store shelves grow bare this year, I think we all can agree that preparing for the future is just a good idea.  Not only does this help in emergency situations, but can help you lead a healthier lifestyle by growing your own produce.  Remember you don't have to have 40 acres of land to plant a small sustainable garden of your own!  I look forward to sharing our adventures with you! 

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