Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Vaping Saved My Lungs


For those that are frequent readers of my blog, you already know that in 2015 I was diagnosed with COPD after smoking for 25+ years.  You would also know that I started vaping the moment I was released from the hospital.  I literally drove to a vape shop in my small hometown on my way home from the hospital and knew this was my last chance to kick a horrible habit that destroyed my lungs.  I had tried patches, gum, prescription medication, and even hypnosis!  None of that had helped me stop smoking.  

I'll be honest, I'd seen the vape shop in my town for years and thought it was some stupid fad and people were just trying to rip smokers off.  I was so wrong!  I picked up an e-cigarette, and some e-liquid and that was the last day I smoked a cigarette.  I have been cigarette free for seven years.  Let me tell you what else happened, my oxygen levels which were below eighty when diagnosed increased to the upper 90's three short months later.  My pulmonary function tests which were dismal during my diagnosis of COPD had turned around to those of a non-smoker.  

My diagnosis of COPD was because of Chronic Bronchitis and I haven't had pneumonia or bronchitis since the day I started vaping.  I believe in facts, and not listening to the media, and I'm so glad I took that stance because I'm not sure I'd be alive today if I didn't try vaping.  Nicotine vaping has not caused a single death.  The EVALI which was harming people was caused by people vaping illegal (or legal depending on your state) marijuana.  A fact you can research for yourself because sadly, they aren't making this widespread news.  From my research, I understand that this pot vaping was cut with vitamin E acetate which was making people ill, that's something you'll never find in nicotine vaping.

I do find it very sad that many people who have lung conditions or are just trying to quit smoking aren't being told the truth.  A truth that Public Health England has been giving research on for many, many years.  If you're trying to quit smoking and other pharmaceutical products haven't worked for you, please try vaping.  For more information on real research on vaping, I suggest starting here: 

I can't tell you why American Public Health wants people to keep smoking, I have some ideas, but they would just be my opinions.  What I can tell you is that vaping saved my lungs and I don't believe I'd be alive today without it.  Make your own educated decision.


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