Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Vaping as Smoking Cessation - Twitter Testimony

 The misinformation about vaping has been a thorn in my side for many years.  To set the record straight, vaping in the United States of America is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age, as is alcohol, and other adult products.  That should be the end of that story where teens are involved.  We are not attempting to ban alcohol, cigars, edibles, or other adult products that are illegal for teenagers to use, and vaping falls under that same category.  Vaping with or without flavors is an adult choice and the government has no right to tell adults how they can quit smoking.  That's what this fight for me in the vaping community is all about.  As a reader of my blog you have seen my smoking cessation success story thanks to vaping, and I credit it with saving my lungs after my COPD diagnosis from a long-term combusitble cigarrette addiction.  Vaping destroyed that addiction and my lungs are as health as a non-smoker now.  This is a fact that is backed up by medical proof through pulmonary function tests.  

I'm tired of arguing with political and health groups about the dangers of teens vaping, because banning vaping has no place in this argument, it simply shouldn't exist.  Enforce the laws against offenders selling to minors, hold the teenager and parents responsible for them engaging in illegal activity, and stop trying to kill millions of adults who have a chance to save their lives by using vaping (if they choose that) for their smoking cessation tool.   As a mother of five, and grandmother of two, I hold myself accountable for my children and granddchildren and so should others.  

I am focused on harm reduction through vaping for those who have used traditional methods of smoking cessation and failed.  These people have been able to drastically improve their health through giving up smoking cigarettes for vaping.  I failed with nicotine replacement therapy, gums, hypnosis and cold-turkey until I ended up in the hospital with COPD.  I've watched countless friends and family members die from cancer and other smoking related illnesses.  I will fight until my dying breath to make sure people have the chance to quit that worked for me.  These are only a few stories of millions who have been able to successfully quit with vaping.  

I encourage you to use the Hashtag #Vaping and share your smoking cessation success story with #vaping and share it all over social media.  It's time to stop letting THEM control the conversation.  The real story is about those who have changed their lives for the better through vaping.  Please feel free to comment below about your stories of success as well.  The world deserves to know the truth about people who have used vaping to save their lungs!  Those are the voices that NEED to be heard! 

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