Thursday, February 9, 2023

Kowaliga Idol - Golden Ticket Winner


First time I'd heard about the contest, and honestly I didn't plan on entering.  I was at my favorite Steakhouse (Friend's in Clanton, Alabama) enjoying my usual once a week steak (no judging) and I usually do karaoke after.  So they were having a contest, and I decided why not.  I'm way past the days of trying to make a music career, but I'm always up for a little fun, so I entered.  I have no idea how the rest of the contest goes, but hey, I had a great time and got to sing so that's already a win.

If you live in Alabama there are still other auditions, including another one at Friend's in Clanton on February 22nd (I believe, I'd call to verify that date).  Other dates and more information can be found at Kowaliga Idol Here:  Even if you're not interested in singing, come out and support all the other singers for some fun entertainment.

It didn't cross my mind to have some record me singing but I have some songs on Sing Snap 


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