Sunday, March 19, 2023

Kowaliga Idol - Michelle Hughes

I had a great time at Kowaliga Idol last night, and just found out I made it through to the next round.  I'm sorry about the video quality, my cell phone really wasn't able to pick up out on the lake, but hey at least you can hear me?  The stage was outside, and it was a brisk (okay cold) night but I was lucky enough to go first.  115 performers were at last night's event and it was narrowed down to 82 moving forward.  Some of my favorite people are moving on with me, including my soon to be son-in-law, Justin Mims.  

If you're on this blog, you know me as an author, but for those of you that didn't know, back in the early 1990's,  I was singing in Nashville and working on a music career.  I was a songwriter as well, a talent that I'm working on bringing back to life because I really love writing songs.  I'll try to update on that adventure as I move on.  Of course, I'm still working with United Healthcare, and love the way I'm able to make a difference in people's lives there too! Sending some love out to Cynthia and Erika and no, I'm not giving up my day job ladies!!!

What are my hopes as far as a music career?  I'd love to have someone sing some of the songs I wrote. The only way to get your music in front of people in the industry is to sing them yourself first!  So, no matter where this Kowaliga Idol Journey goes, I hope to have my songs out there for the world to enjoy someday soon!  

So the location for the next part of this journey is Martin's on Lake Martin.  You can get directions for that here:

Thanks to Kowaliga Country for hosting the event!  You can find out more about this radio station here: and find out how to listen live there as well.


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