Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 21, 2012 Thoughts

Does anyone ever wonder if perhaps the Mayan's just got tired of doing a calender after 2012?  If not and some planet is going to collide with Earth, maybe at least the Alien's will be hot and we won't really care much anyway?  Did I mention that's my wedding anniversary?  I might be a tad upset if I don't get my gift! In all seriousness though, I believe personally this is just another Millenimum type scare and that people need to stop worrying about when we're going to die and enjoy being alive.

If by some chance I'm wrong you can say I told you so December 22, oh wait we won't be alive, scratch that.  I'm sure my family will be pretty upset that they didn't get to open their Christmas gifts.  If you're going to schedule the end of the world, couldn't you at least do it AFTER the holiday?  I mean honestly what were these Mayan people thinking?

To be honest I'm surprised kids all over the world haven't used this as an excuse to open their gifts early.  If I was a kid, you can sure bet I'd be playing this one to the hilt.  I could have definitely saved a lot of money if they'd have ended the world before Thanksgiving, so thanks for nothing Mayan Folks!

Nasa has said the world is not ending, I mean come on if the space people don't think a planet is about to bump into ours, should we really be worried?  And if you're a Christian, the bible plainly tells us that no man will know when the end is coming.  So science and religion both agree that December 21,2012 isn't the last day for Earth.  Wait, now I am a little worried!  Do science and religion ever agree on anything?

I haven't talked to friends in the Wiccan community, but I do remember that December 21st is the Winter Solstice, not sure what that has to do with anything, but thought I'd throw it out there.  We made it through the 2000 scare, and can't forget that thing back in ... was it 1996 or 1998 with the comet?  I think we'll all make it out just fine, and if we don't, well it was nice knowing you!

For those of us that plan on enjoying the Holiday Season, and not worrying about the end of the world, all my warmest wishes to you and your families!  Remember tis the season to give, so I'm asking that you guys remember Toys for Tots, a great organization that helps bring Christmas to those that have so little!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The True Gift of the Season

What one gift can you give to the person who has everything?  This holiday season why not give the one gift that matters most to that person who holds your heart?  Material things fade away, but a promise from the heart is eternal.  So if you're looking for a gift that will truly matter, then consider what your partner has longed for the most.  If you don't know his or her deepest calling of the heart, then this would be the time to discover it.  Most of us love material things, and think that we can't live without certain ones, but at the end of the day the heart and soul crave the thing money can't buy, love.  

This year, even if you can afford to give your partner all the material things their heart desires, try giving them the priceless gift of discovering their hearts desire.  If times have been hard and you don't have a lot to give monentarily, then what better gift than one that is delivered without a price tag?  We may not say that we need to feel loved more than anything else, but that is just a lie that the mind accepts to make us able to live with what we have.  If you are willing to humble yourself for your partner, then you have the basis for a great relationship.  Being selfish and only considering your own needs has never won the heart of another.  So look into yourself and decide what it is that you can offer that could change your partners life in a positive way.

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, you still have 14 days to discover what could change your partners way of thinking about you forever.  You know there is something they have longed for mentally that you've been unable to give them.  Maybe you had to much pride, or felt you would seem weak in their eyes if you admitted your feelings, or maybe you've been so wrapped up in your own needs that your partners needs were coming second.  This is a beautiful time of year to change that and make a life-long commitment to his or her happiness.

Last night I had a dream that there was one person out there that knew they needed to do the right thing, but kept putting it off.  I write this blog post today in hopes that the person reads this and decides to follow their heart. It's a season of love, hope, and dreams coming true, so take the time to share all those things with the person you love the most.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Out of this world passion!

Not really sure why my mind decided I needed to write a book about Alien Seduction, but I rarely get the opportunity to decide what I want to write.  This is a tentative cover of the new book in progress, I'll throw it out there for the friends of Tears of Crimson, and take any constructive criticism you'd like to offer.  

At the moment I'm working on the Crimson Farewell, the last book in the Tears of Crimson series (yes it's breaking my heart) and this new book Allure of a Dream Warrior, and bouncing back and forth as the ideas find me.  With everything that has happened this month in my personal life, I feel almost obsessed with getting new works out.  We are also working really hard to get the editing completed on the second 10 Nights Book, Beyond 10 Nights, since we had to push back the release date to January 1st.  

I know the blog has gotten a lot more personal this month, and that's because all my creative efforts are being spent on the books.  December is a very tough time for me during a normal year with children being home full-time, with the addition of my little's mans surgery and my daughters illness, it has been even more chaotic.  After the new year I will try my best to get back to the entertaining posts from guest authors, and bring back in the leading men and ladies of Tears of Crimson.  

I really don't like not posting every week, because this is how I keep in touch with all my incredible friends, so know that I'm not avoiding any of you, just trying to keep what little sanity I have left!  I'm sure you've noticed I've had to almost stop posting on Twitter and Facebook as well.  Unfortunately until things calm down in my personal life I don't see that changing.  I've marked down the first 10 Nights book to 99 cents on Amazon for anyone that hasn't had a chance to read it yet.  I've been really happy with how well it was recieved and would like to thank all of you for helping to spread the word.  

So on Allure of a Dream Warrior:  The idea hit me last week and I've written 20,000 words already because it just decided to take over my mind.  The premise of the story is about a college student who is haunted by dreams after she suffers a heartbreak that threatens to drown her in a deep depression.  Anyone that knows my writing, already gets that my females are always innocent (sorry but I like them that way LOL) and my males are normally dominate alpha males.  She discovers that the man haunting her dreams is actually real when he abducts her from her bedroom and the story takes her from Earth to a new world and explores their relationship.  That's about all I can reveal right now, but I hope my readers will be willing to take a chance on a new idea of writing since Sci-Fi has never really been my thing!  I promise there will be no tentacles hahahah, maybe some unusal appendages, but something about tentacles just turns me off! 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas if we don't get the chance to talk before then!  I'm looking forward to gaining ten pounds that will force me to work my butt off in January to take off LOL!  In case you don't know my mom is one of the best cooks in the world, and when she does Christmas Dinner, it's like walking in paradise!  Take care of yourself and share the love during this wonderful holiday season.  

Much Love,

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