Friday, June 28, 2013

Love, Romance and Plagiarism? Stealing Your Way to Bestseller!

The Dear Author Article about the "Plagiarizing of Tammara Webber" made me angry enough to spit nails.  Stealing another persons work is bad enough, but when that stolen work makes it to bestselling status, it's even worse.  As an author, I know first-hand how much hard work is poured into a book.  It's not just some words on a screen, or between the pages, it's your baby.  You love it, treat it like an unborn child, and send it out into the world hoping that other people will give it the same emotion you did while creating.  

Piracy is something that we deal with already, but plagiarism?  That's a unique monster, and in my opinion should have a special place in the library of book hell for the person that does it.  Greed is the underlying theme behind both crimes.  Dear Author goes into detail about how they uncovered this disgusting act of thievery.   BN and Amazon have removed the title in question from their shelves and according to Smardy Pants Book Blog, are offering refunds to those that purchased the book.

The sad part is it doesn't stop with just the one book.  Apparently other titles are being added into the mix that have some affiliation with the fake pseudonym of the author.    It was discovered that the author picture was a fake and used without permission as well.  Teresa Mummert gave a post where they dug a little deeper and are discovering all kinds of new developments. There's no telling what else will be discovered as this case goes forward.  My only concern is that now this becomes the witch hunt of 2013.  Already one author who was named in this illegal activity is being claimed innocent by other book bloggers who know them personally.  

We'll be following this story closely because this is one that speaks to my heart.  Long time readers of Tears will understand why I think people like this should be held accountable for their actions.  Let's hope that anyone who considers stealing a person's work sees this as an example of what could happen. 

Just in case there are any concerns about my real identity.  The hot, sexy, mama on the left is me!  Yes I'm trying to lighten up the atmosphere with that comment.  My blood pressure was through the roof when I first heard about this story.  The reality is that if things continue on this way, proving your identity might become a reality for all authors.  The days of hiding behind a book cover might become a thing of the past.

Feel free to friend me on facebook if you have any doubts about who I really am.  Although I am still listed as CaraFaithDonovan I promise you get the real deal there.  That's another blog post topic!  For those of you who don't know.  Cara is a character from the first book, A Night at Tears of Crimson.  And yes, I did roleplay under that name for many years on Twitter.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy #WW to all my Author Friends!

Sending out some love from Alabama to all my writer friends on this incredible Writer's Wednesday!   What other job in the world allows you to spend all  your time daydreaming and actually getting paid for it?  I hope the Amazon God's have been smiling down on you this month and no one has suffered the Brown Bar of Shame!  We all know for an author there is nothing worse than that chocolate covered curse!

Sin is hanging on to its bestseller status in Coming of Age and New Adult and College.  Thank you to the Tears of Crimson Friend's for continuing to spread the word.  As always, my mind is geared toward the next book.  If I've discovered nothing else in this crazy world of  publishing, it's that you have to keep writing!

I read an article the other day about this author who only wrote one book a year and all I could think was how lazy!  That and this author must be making some serious money off one book if that's all she's doing.  For the majority of us we need to keep sharing our dreams if we hope to make a career out of this.  On the flip side to that article, I read about Jasinda Wilder.  I may be off on the numbers and correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you put out 20 books in six months between her and her husband?  The truth is we live in a now world, in my opinion, where the next thing to catch someones interest  changes like the wind.  Write books and don't stop!

I've put out three books this year:  Angela's Salvation, Romance Book Club, and Sin.  I hope to at least have two more by the end of 2013.  That to me is the real life scenario of being a writer in today's keep up with demand world!  I'll make one more reference to that former article about the one book a year; I believe it was about the quality being affected.  Actually I disagree completely.  I think if you have a mind that never shuts off the ideas you could write tons of books in a year.  I don't like when people generalize everyone into their mindset.  Did you notice?

Self-Publishing has changed the world of books forever.  With 25% of sales (it could be more) coming from self-published authors, I think it's safe to say that we have proven we can hang with the big boys.  Romance, if I had to make a guess, probably accounts for a majority of that 25% .  What a great time to be a Romance Author!  Where else in the world can you sit on your butt in front of a computer and still make a great income?  Amazon has definitely afforded me the opportunity to stay at home for the last two years, and believe me when I say I'm grateful!

People told me it was a pipe-dream when I started this crazy adventure.  Guess I picked the right brand of smoke?  Seriously though, never let anyone tell you something can't be done.  Negativity is right up there with generalizations in my book.  The only person that can choose your destiny, outside of the readers if you're a writer, is YOU!  My husband is the worlds biggest realist, even he has had an attitude change about this fantasy dream of writing books.

Have a great Writer's Wednesday folks!  Just remember to keep on writing and never give up!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clueless! What Makes a Book Soar?

I'll be honest, I thought I had this crazy book publishing world almost figured out.  I don't have a clue!  What makes one book hit the bestseller list in three days, while another book just floats off into the black abyss?  The truth is, I am just clueless.

I wrote Sin as a fun book to make me smile.  I didn't  pay for promotion, put it on a book tour, or basically anything else.  I didn't even pay to have a cover designed.  It was for my own enjoyment and to be honest I doubted it would sell.  In comparison, Romance Book Club:  I forked out tons of cash on editing, virtual book tours, and other promotions and it barely sold.  Color me stumped.

This crazy world of publishing is one fickle lover.  It seems to me no matter how you stroke it, readers are going to find what they want and they'll like what they like.  Maybe it was the use of the F word?  Did the fact that I blushed while writing all Sin's colorful language yank some chains for folks? Not a clue again.

I gained some very cool insight from a review I read on Sin.  One of the reviewers said this book wasn't overly edited.  I was kind of tickled by that remark, because that's all I've ever heard is that you need to edit the crap our of your books.  Heck if readers like my country slang better than the edited watered down version, I'll give it to them.  The truth is I like writing books about sex.  I like using all those words that would make my mom long to wash my mouth out with soap.  It's fun!

As a mom of five I sure as sin can't use them in real life.  Well, unless I want my kids running around talking like sailors.  Living in Alabama I definitely don't talk about sex to folks that come up to cook out, so yeah I enjoy writing all those naughty thoughts in my head!  I may write nothing else for the rest of my life but these sexy little books because the truth be known, it makes me feel good.

I'm not winning any awards with my small little community here, that's for sure.  I think that newspapers here would rather pretend people like me don't exist.  We wouldn't want to stir up the local women by letting them discover they don't have to pretend to be nuns.  Don't get me wrong, I love my little hometown.  Me and my family are very isolated up on our mountain, and outside of school functions I don't rub elbows with many of the locals.  Mainly because being told you're going to burn in hell for writing such books ticks me off.  Seriously?  Pick up your bible and start with the part that tells you not to judge other people.

The bottom line is I am clueless when it comes to how bestsellers are born.  My advice?  Write what you love, be proud of who you are, and when someone tells you not to do something... do it!  These people that give advice love tooting their own horns, but the truth is they don't know any better than you do.  Some books will sell others won't.  The more you write, the better chance you have of getting that one that blows the roof off the charts.

This is Michelle... Clueless in Alabama... but I'm having one hell of a good time doing it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Video Debut Release for Resistance - R.A. Mizer

Brother Roland,

                I have been two weeks in this house.  Today is the sixth night of my third week here.  What I have just witnessed, I must relate... if for no other reason than there should be a written account of it.  I cannot say whether it is remarkable or frightening.  I suppose it could be characterized as both.
                Last night, I did as was customary: entering the room of the patient just after midnight.  She was already asleep.  I hoped to God that this might be a calm night, as had been the previous two nights.  I did not know that this would be one of the worst I had until then experienced.
                The fire was low and I sat up reading the newspaper by the aid of a single candle.  I’d had a cup of tea to keep alert, but soon I felt tired.  I rested my eyes for a few moments but was awoken by a shrill scream.  These screams were not uncommon during the night-terrors and I reacted as any doctor might.  I flew to the patient’s side and arrested her to prevent self-harm.  She thrashed about and cried out.  I took her wrists, but they were hot to the touch.  I tell you, it were as though her arms were red-hot!  She seemed to calm for a moment but still breathed hard.  I saw that she was extremely flushed, so I retrieved a draught I prepared for high fevers.
                She swore and yelled that she was burning.  Before I could return to her, she'd flung herself from the bed and retrieved her full washing pitcher.  Mouth open, she poured the water over her face.  She fell to the floor, limp as an abandoned marionette, destroying the pitcher in the process.
                I could not understand it.  Steam rose from her body as though she had, indeed, been engulfed in flame.  I hefted her up and lay her upon the bed.  She was wet through and unconscious.  I tried as delicately as possible to remove her gown.  Her skin was quite red, as though she'd been roasting.  I replaced the garment with another dry one.
                I removed from my bag a good thermometer.  I have never seen fault with its readings.  Her temperatures were atrocious.  Such a fever would kill anyone.  I was shocked.  The glass on the thermometer shattered.
                Baffled, I called for a footman to bring a bath.  With the aid of another footman, he ushered in the porcelain giant but by the time they set it on the floor, her skin was no longer flushed and her temperature was, by my judgment, normal.  She slept soundly for the rest of the night.
                I am a learned man of seven-and-forty years and twenty of those years have been spent practicing medicine and I tell you now, I have never seen such a violent fever.  And for it to come and go as it did, was a spectacle to behold.  Her screams still cling to my memory.  I awoke myself in the middle of this afternoon with the shrill cry in my ears.  And at the time of my waking, she was not even in the house.  I wholly blame fatigue and hope to dispense with that issue tomorrow.
                Until then, I have a night left in this week of observation before starting a new one on Monday.  Look for my next letter to come soon.  I shall keep you abreast of every detail.
I hope you and your family are well.

Yours affectionately,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Thanks for making SIN a bestseller on Amazon!

Thank you so much for all your support and love with the debut of Sin!  It broke the bestseller category for New Adult and College #34 , and Coming of Age #36 and currently sits at #429 overall!  That's just amazing and I know it's all because of great friends like you!

With my birthday coming up next week I couldn't ask for a better gift!  This was the first book I've written where I didn't hold back anything, and I can only guess that resonated with readers.  The world of erotic dancing and one bad ass club owner named Sin!  Just so excited that people fell for him as much as I did! 

If you'd like to keep up with how Sin is doing, here's the link:  Sin on Amazon

The paperback for Sin is available for those friends of Crimson that don't enjoy reading electronically.  There was a slight delay in getting it out due to formatting issues I wasn't happy about. If you'd like to pick it up:  Sin in Paperback  I think most of my friends here know that I am self-published, so there's always a few kinks to work out with each new release.  

This has been an amazing summer of book loving fun!  I hope whatever you're doing this summer you're having as much fun as I am.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cover Reveal: Resistance by R.A. Mizer

"Resistance" by R.A. Mizer
Genre: Romance / Historical Fiction


"England, 1816
Dr. Peter Fairbanks travels to Derbyshire in hopes of founding his own practice and setting up a life for himself. Before he can settle in, he is invited to a house-party at the sprawling estate of Ravenwood Fields by its master Baron Ravenwood, Lord William Pierce. Never suspecting the secret which haunts its grounds, he consents to stay indefinitely as the family doctor. But between the strange behavior of his patients and the sensational scandal which simmers just under the surface of the posh family's carefully crafted exterior, he begins to question his choice.
Arabella Pierce has not felt right since the carriage accident. She is plagued by strange dreams and visions. Her head never seems to stop hurting. When she is introduced to Dr. Fairbanks, she feels no attraction yet something inside urges her to become better acquainted with the handsome physician. Tormented by inner passions, resistance brings her increasingly closer to a state of desperation and danger..."

About the Author:

"R.A. Mizer was born R.A. Hackney in Pune, India in 1986. She was the first child of a Caucasian father and an Indian mother whom her father met during his college years.  Her parents brought her to the United States when she was six-weeks-old. They raised her in North Carolina along with two sisters: Sarah and Rebekah.  She has been married to her high-school sweetheart, James Mizer since 2007 and hopes to start a family soon.
From the moment she could pick up a pen, she has had a love affair with writing and creating. She was incredibly blessed to come from a family full of creative people and interesting characters. She writes stories of all lengths but the novel format is her favorite, delighting most in development of characters and their respective relationships. She enjoys reading classic, Gothic and some contemporary works."


While the family ate, the sun rose higher in the sky. The light shone down on Arabella’s face. She was in the familiar state of wakefulness between dreaming and cognizance. Images faded from her mind as her body once more realized her limbs. She smelled Earth and felt moisture on her back. Supposing those to be fragments of a rescinding dream, she opened her eyes. The horror of the truth set in hard as she found herself looking up into the boughs of a large mulberry bush. Sucking in shallow, panicking breaths, she rolled out from underneath the hedge and scrambled to her feet. She turned about frantically. Why was she in the garden? How had she gotten there? Tears stung her eyes as fear gripped her heart. Behind her the house loomed. Despite her mud-caked slippers, she flew toward her waiting sanctuary.

Somehow avoiding the servants she all but ran to her room and, regaining most of her wits, locked herself in the safety of its walls. A fire crackled in the hearth. A bowl of piping hot water was waiting in a basin on her dressing table. Her heart beat hard in her chest as she washed her face. She searched the mirror for changes in her appearance; there were no discernible ones though her her eyes were bloodshot and her skin white with distress. Looking into the bowl, she noticed her hands were abominably dirty, black soil caked under her fingernails. She picked it free, scrubbing vigorously until her fingers were red.
‘Oh God,’ she thought to herself. ‘Not again...’

She lay down on the closest couch that would support her, her body curling in tightly until her knees were tucked under her chin. Her head was split in half with pain. She took deep breaths and shut her eyes. This had happened once before. There hadn't been an explanation for it then and there wasn’t one now. And whereas before she’d told her father, she would not dare tell him now.

Availability and Cover:

"Resistance" will be available in mobi and epub formats on Amazon for $3.99.  Releasing July 8th.
Cover Design by ShoutLines Design.  Attached is a zip file containing the full jacket in both web-comfortable 72dpi format and 300dpi print-safe format (higher resolution) and the eBook cover (both web and print size).
Also included is the banner and button both in 72dpi web-comfortable format.


Blog Tour (July 8th - 15th) Signup -->

Author webpage -->

Cover Designer:
ShoutLines webpage -->

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Sin

I had a great question asked today about why I titled the new release Sin, and decided to give a little background.  First let me say that I have nothing against the world of Erotic Dancing.  This may brood some argument, but I don't see the difference between modeling, beauty contests, and erotic dancing.  The majority of strip clubs only allow topless and well breasts ... I don't see them as this huge sexual thing, I'm sure a few men would disagree with me on this!

I've had friends in my life that chose this profession as a side job to make extra money, and I can tell  you that they weren't bad people.  I've known my share of male erotic dancers (friends) as well and it's a job to them.  Yes, erotic dancers tempt people, but so do books and models, etc.  I'm getting off topic, but wanted to make it VERY clear that I don't have negative views of strippers.

So back to Sin!  The story follows college student, Anya.  She's struggling to make ends meet and her best friend Kera, who works as an erotic dancer, gets her an interview with the club she works at.  Anya isn't thinking about stripping for a living, she's only looking to waitress.  Anya has some preconceived notions about the world of dancing topless, even though she doesn't look down on her friend.

Anya meets Sin the owner, and he's unlike any other man she's known before.  He's rude, abrasive, egotistical but also drop-dead gorgeous.  He scares the hell out of her, but at the same time she's discovering  he has this appeal that calls to the bad girl in her she never thought lived inside.   Anya is the good girl.  She's always done the right thing, followed a life of strict morals, and here's Sin tempting her with his bad boy attitude while telling her that he doesn't sleep with his girls.

Anya sees the money her friend is able to make while dancing, and the temptations increase.  She makes the decision to dance and this is where the story truly begins.  Sin was a former male review dancer and he offers to teach her.  He is only thinking about the money she can make him.  Erotic dance lessons and a man that doesn't do relationships.

Sin is a hard ass.  That's the only way to explain him.  Women in his life are just for his pleasure, and he's got some pretty dark ideas about what pleasure means to him.  He's confronted with this girl next door who doesn't know crap about life or her own body and shouldn't even be working in his bar, much less as a stripper.

So in a long explanation, that's how the book came by it's name.  His name is Sin and the things he makes Anya feel, well to her they are sinful.  It was a fun book to write even though I've used every curse word I knew!

Purchase Sin

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Your Invitation to Sin

 Giving into Sin has never been so sexy! 

By:  Michelle Hughes

Erotic Romance
Available NOW

Purchase on:      Amazon      Barnes &Noble      

Sin.  He definitely lived up to his name.  The man was like looking straight into the eyes of pure sexuality.  I never thought I'd walk into a strip club, much less be standing here asking for a job in one.  Amazing what weeks of living off potted meat and noodles would make you do.

I was in my last semester of college and struggling  to make ends meet.  My mom would have kicked my butt if she knew I'd walked into Sin's.  I had no intention of telling her.  I was a grown woman.  At least I thought I was before I met him.  After looking into those eyes of his I wasn't sure I'd ever lived before.

Sin was no prince charming.  He made it clear from the beginning that he didn't do his girls.  That didn't stop me from dreaming.  One night in his private dance studio and I was ready to stop being the last college student who held the V card.  I didn't go looking for temptation, but when I met Sin, it found me.

The world of erotic dancing and sensuality come to life in SIN

Sin is a book for mature readers due to  graphic language and sex scenes.

 Keep up with the Author 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Growing Up Around Alexander Skarsgard?

If you've been hanging around Tears of Crimson for any length of time, you know we have some major fan love for Alexander Skarsgard.  As in, we think he's the cat's meow, he's the VILF, the hottest thing since... okay you get the point!  His interview with Conan Wednesday was a fangasm!  Okay we really weren't paying much attention to what he had to say, let's be honest that sexy smile makes thinking impossible! Yes  we were hanging over the couches at the TOC mansion, drooling over every delicious second we were given. And of course when the naked word came through those lips, we perked up.

Apparently the sexy Alexander doesn't mind nudity, because dad like to cook in the buff.  We have to wonder what it would have been like being friends with a teenage Alexander.   We would have encouraged him to be a lot more like his dad!  Seriously though, I hope his father forgives him for the small comment.  I admit there was a lot of giggling going on around the mansion from the men on that confession.  Sure he was talking about the stove, but our minds are dirty.

Since we're talking about our favorite viking, let us be real clear who WE think should be the sensational Christian.  You guessed it, Alexander!  Now don't take this wrong, Ian is a gorgeous little sexpot but when it comes to yanking our chain for that role, there's no contest.  Let's refer to his Calvin Klein ad, and leave it there.  The man is the walking epitome of what WE think Christian should embrace.  We want more Alexander, and in sexier roles.  With three movies out this year already we know he's busy.

That's all from the mansion.  We're on vacation but it was hard NOT to write about the sexy Swede that makes us think the most orgasmic thoughts!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Your Invitation to Sin

We're asking you to give in to Sin!  Don't worry it won't hurt much!  We are looking for bloggers, reviewers, and everyone willing to help us debut Sin.  This release happened so quickly that there wasn't time to promote, but that's how Sin usually happens.  So we're sending out an S.O.S for bloggers, reviewers, and anyone who'd like to help spread the word.  The debut for Sin is July 4, 2013.  If you'd like to be a part of the teams please fill out the form here.

This is a sexy read for adults only.  If the F word offends you, well this might not be the book for you.  If you like it down and dirty, with a lot of sexy action, then you are just who we're searching for.

Blurb:     Sin.  He definitely lived up to his name.  The man was like looking straight into the eyes of pure sexuality.  I never thought I'd walk into a strip club, much less be standing here asking for a job in one.  Amazing what weeks of living off Vienna Sausage and Ramen Noodles would make you do.  

I was in my last semester of college and struggling  to make ends meet.  My mom would have kicked my butt if she knew I'd walked into Sin's.  I had no intention of telling her.  I was a grown woman.  At least I thought I was before I met him.  After looking into those eyes of his I wasn't sure I'd ever lived before.

Sin was no prince charming.  He made it clear from the beginning that he didn't do his girls.  That didn't stop me from dreaming.  One night in his private dance studio and I was ready to stop being the last college student who held the V card.  I didn't go looking for temptation.  But I was willing to accept my invitation to Sin.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reveal - Otherwise Occupied (Otherwise Alone #2) by Shay Savage

Release Date: June 2013
Genre: Adult Romance

Cover Designed by Mayhem Cover Creations -

Evan Arden is a hit man for a Chicago mob boss. He lives his life day to day with the company of his dog, Odin. He has to work hard to get back into his boss’s good graces, but the target proves to be difficult. As demons of his past begin to haunt him, he seeks the comfort of sleep from an unlikely candidate, but will confiding in her be his undoing?

Goodreads Link: Add to your Goodreads

This is the followup to Otherwise Alone (Otherwise Alone #1) by Shay Savage

Released: December 15th, 2012


Lieutenant Evan Arden sits in a shack in the middle of nowhere, waiting for orders that will send him back home - if he ever gets them. Other than his loyal Great Pyrenees, there's no one around to break up the monotony. The tedium is excruciating, but it is suddenly interrupted when a young woman stumbles up his path.

He has two choices - pick her off from a distance with his trusty sniper-rifle, or dare let her approach his cabin and enter his life.

Why not? It's been ages, and he is otherwise alone...

--> 56 Page Novella

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Buy Link:

Also by Shay Savage:
Surviving Raine (Surviving Raine #1) -> Goodreads Link:

Author Bio:

Shay Savage lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, two children, and a variety of household pets. She is an accomplished public speaker, and holds the rank of Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International. When not writing, she enjoys science fiction movies, and loves soccer in any and all forms. During the fall, she coaches her daughter’s soccer team. Though she currently works in the technology field, her school background is in psychology, and she brings a lot of that knowledge into the characters within her stories.

Author Contact Links:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michelle Bellon presents His Salvation

Genre: Romance Suspense

Ten years have passed since that hot July night, when Seth McCullough walked away from Krista Chancellor, his high school sweetheart; determined to keep his dark, tumultuous past from tainting her beautiful light. He thought he had buried his demons forever when he cut ties and joined the military, but when he begins to suffer debilitating headaches, displacement of time, and horrifying nightmares, he starts to fear for his sanity. Desperate for relief and seeking solace, he takes off for Mexico only to awake one morning confused, bloody, and linked to multiple high profile murders. Suspicion grows as he realizes he is submerged in an agenda too terrifying to comprehend. Determined to find answers, Seth reaches out to the only person he has ever trusted, his old flame Krista, and together they find His Salvation.

Seth noticed Krista's shoulders were extremely pink from the full day’s worth of sun exposure.
“Dang, Kris, your shoulders got burnt today. You’re going to be sore tonight,” he commented. He had dark, olive-toned skin which tanned nicely, but Krista burned if she wasn’t careful. He had reminded her to lather on the sun block that morning, but it was only SPF 5. He had bitten his tongue to keep from chastising her.
Now he saw her skin looking angrier by the minute and grimaced, knowing she was going to be miserable by nighttime.
Krista looked down her nose at her left shoulder and gave a shrug, “Oh, well. I have some aloe stuff my mom bought me. I think I might have it here in my bag.” She reached into the bag she had plopped down next to her, and eventually pulled out a small bottle of aloe.
“Can you rub this onto my shoulders for me?” Without waiting for an answer, Krista swung her right leg over the side of the tree so she straddled it with her back to Seth, giving him access to both shoulders.
Seth, used to her bossiness, squirted some of the gel into his palm and began to delicately rub it into her skin.
“Oooh, ouch. You’re right. It’s already starting to hurt.” Krista winced.
Seth felt the cool gel warm up under his fingers against on her hot skin. Krista glanced back over her shoulder and for a quick second, locked with Seth’s intense gray gaze.
Seth stopped rubbing the aloe into her skin as something between them vibrated, humming so loud it seemed to fill the silence of the woods surrounding them. Krista leaned back into Seth’s chest, reached her left arm behind his head and pulled him to her, operating on instinct rather than organized thoughts.
Within seconds, Seth had his arms filled with beautiful, soft, Krista. Her fingers tangled in his hair at the nape of his neck and their lips met in a long awaited union. He was no longer capable of calling to memory why he believed he should be avoiding such an encounter with her. All he could do was feel.
It felt natural, when she leaned back against him, to wrap his arms around her and pull her closer. When she pulled his face toward his, it seemed as if he had made the journey a thousand times. There was nothing awkward or out of place, as he had wondered about. The moment his mouth met hers, she invited him in with a gentle parting of her lips, flicking her tongue over his. A hunger within him was unleashed and he ran his own fingers up into her hair at the base of her skull, cupping her head, tipping it back gently to take the kiss further, deeper.
The world stopped, tilted, and reversed rotation. There would be no going back. This was an irreversible revelation.

Buy Links:

About The Author:
Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and four children. She earned her Associates Degree in Nursing and fills her moments of free time with her love for writing. She has written six books, all of which are to be published in the near future. For more information go to

Author Links:

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