Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Call of Souls - The New Erotic Paranormal Romance

Getting back to the paranormal romance has been an insane ride, so I decided if I was going there ... well it was going to be my way.  If you'd read some of my other works, like Sin or 10 Nights you know I love writing sexy love scenes.  What better way to bring back the sexy than adding in a little Incubus, Nephillim, Werewolf, and Vampire hotness?  In my opinion there isn't a better way!

So what happens when a Rock God decides he wants your soul?  And what if that Rock God was also a Cambion who was pretty much the Alpha and Omega over all the immortal's? I'll tell you!  You get a hot as hell sexy new series that starts with Kiera's Song.  It's been an insane journey writing this book and I won't even get into how many rewrites  have been done.  I will say my muse threw so much information at me that it was almost impossible to capture it all in one book!

Some of my favorite characters from Tears of Crimson find their way back as the setting for Call of Souls takes place in my favorite city in the world, New Orleans!  Let me just go ahead and throw out the warning that this book is definitely not for young adults.  If you haven't read the Tears of Crimson series, you won't be lost, but if you have then you'll understand a little more about the characters that play supporting roles.

Call of Souls is the reason I put the last Tears of Crimson Book on the backburner.  There are elements in this that will tie in the... well let's just say that I needed these gorgeous creatures to fulfill Cara and Rafe's destiny.  Kiera Burke and Caleb Love are the focus of Kiera's Song and their meeting is anything but tame.  We'll take some time to speak with them soon.

If you love paranormal and erotic this new adventure is one ride you don't want to miss.  I'll be releasing in October and will give a firm date when the editor finishes polishing up the script.  As always I'm accepting ARC reviews, so if you're interested just click the TOC mail logo on the front page.  I can't wait to share a little paranormal love with you guys Caleb style!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Return of Dracula!

Let the blood flow!  The Prince of Darkness returns to the screen this October 25th 9 PM Central, just in time for Halloween.  NBC hosts the return of  our leading vampire for the new series.  We at Tears of Crimson are very excited to welcome Dracula back to the limelight and look forward to some great entertainment. Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play the leading roll and after watching him in the Tudor's we expect great things from him.  

Obviously the general public can't get enough of the fangs and what better way to show them off than by bringing out the original Dark Lord himself?  We'll be doing updates as the season progresses and as always give our honest opinion. The pararnomal world seems to be in great demand these days and we just hope that people continue craving the immortals.   

Monday, September 16, 2013

Secret Societies

In the mood for a little conspiracy today?  How about delving into the world of Secret Societies.  Step into a dark world of secret societies that might give you the weeping willies when you discover their purpose.  You be the judge and jury as we take a look behind the purpose of these clubs.

Order of the Nine Angles:  Represents a dangerous form of Satanism according to Wikipedia and when you read through Code of Kindred Honour you get a grasp of just how dangerous they truly are.  This code basically states that they don't trust (and basically despise) anyone who is not a member, and considering that they are willing to die and use lethal force to hold up their own belief's, they definitely aren't selling peace and love.

Freemasonry:  It's probably one of the better known secret societies and claims to be a fraternal organization that leads back to Stonemasonry.  By following the link above you can see where it got the criticism of the press back in the early 19th century.  There's also a free book listed with that link that might just make you rethink how dangerous this organization could be.

Skull and Bones: Undergraduate society at Yale University and has a long history of tradition.  What  better conspiracy theory than for a secret society that has members of well known political powers?  William Howard Taft, George Bush Sr and Jr, Secretary of Defense, and on and on.  Could it be possible that this society is repsonsible for influencing our world leaders?

If you love a little conspiracy you can read the post about John Kerry who was a member of this society as is also claimed here as being a coverup artist for the Illuminati. With Kerry appearing so much in the media these days, it's a little disconcerting. This leads us to the next secret society.

Illuminati:  According to Wikipedia the Illuminati name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. That's the historical idea behind the group but after movie (or the book) Angels and Demons by Dan Brown we were given a new take on what this secret society is all about.  Add in the blood oath's for some major celebrities and you've got one great idea for a conspiracy theory.  The New World Order has often been associated with this group and some very religious people believe that behind the Illuminati is the need to control the world for Satan.

There are hundreds of secret societies out there, which since they are known I'm not sure that actually makes them secret.  If you love a great conspiracty theory and believe that the world around us is being controlled by a few people, then this is right up your alley.  Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into some of the more well known Secret Societies.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Public Service Announcement: Is What You're Drinking Killing You?

In the four years I've run Tears of Crimson I've never done a Public Service Announcement, so I hope this explains how important I feel this topic is.  Like most of people I was trying to do the best thing for my body by changing lifestyle habits that I knew would hinder me from living a long life.  One of the changes I made, and thought was a good decision, was switching to sugar free drinks.

In the beginning I thought this was a very positive change since I was visiting the gym, watching what I ate, and had cut down hundreds of calories from switching to sugar free drinks from soda.  As a mom of five, and someone with a desk job so to speak, it was easy to put on some extra pounds.  What I'm about to reveal, I can't base on medical research, just my own opinions concerning my body.

These changes did very well for me for about six months.  I was feeling great, looking awesome, and had so much energy I felt like bouncing off the roof.  Then something changed.  I don't think it was a sudden change, but over a month I started to feel really tired.  I barely had the energy to do a daily walk, much less have the stamina to work out for a few hours at the gym.  I made an appointment with my doctor and discovered that my blood pressure was elevated and was put on medication for that.  As far as I was concerned that was the problem and I started the medication regimen and continued to try to eat well, exercised when I could find some energy.  All the while, I continued doing my sugar free drink mix in my water.

A few weeks ago things really got to the point where I knew another visit to the doctor was in order.  Numbness in my hip, leg pains, dizziness, memory issues, migraines, needless to say I wasn't feeling like writing and I also noticed myself getting angry.  Since I've always been a glass half full kind of person the emotions meant more than the physical symptoms.  I'd put off the office visit trying to get my kids back in school and take care of things for our upcoming trip.  Out of the blue my mother sent me an article on Aspartame Poisoning.  You can read that article here .

I was floored as I read through the symptoms which fit many of what I was experiencing myself.  It was like a light bulb going off in my head.  Without a second thought I went into my cabinets and threw away every box of sugar free mix into the garbage.  I was drinking 8-9 bottles of water with this added in on a daily basis.  Everywhere I went I had this with me, preferring my water to even diet cokes when we ate out.  Like I said I don't have a medical basis for my findings (even though I practiced Respiratory Therapy for seven years prior to becoming an author), but I can give you some personal results.

The first 24 hours without this drink I had the worst migraine that lasted two hours.  It was so bad that I thought a trip to the emergency room was going to come from it.  I managed to suffer through that and the next day I suffered with shooting pains down my leg but lessening of the hip numbness that had plagued me.  Day three and headaches were completely gone, the leg pains erased, and the numbness in my hip?  It was completely gone.  Day four, which is today?  I actually got a great night of sleep, no headaches, dizziness, my mind is clear, and I feel like a new person.

Drinking sugar again is taking a little getting used to since I've stayed away from it so long.  Anyone that's ever switched to diet drinks can attest to that fact.  It's almost like putting syrup in your mouth when you try to change back over, but considering the things I've dealt with, this is something I'm willing to deal with.  The physical differences in my body are amazing but what's even more incredible is the ability to remember things again.  As a writer, my mind is my biggest tool so you can imagine how hard it has been when I couldn't remember what the plot was for a story without re-reading the story from the beginning every time I decided to write.

My conclusion, and like I said I can't base this on medical observation, is that my drinks were killing me.  What I thought was this great idea to get healthier was doing just the opposite.  Sugar free products are banned in my home now.  It's only been four days but I have great hopes that things will continually get better and when I get back from my trip in Nashville this week I plan on making the appointment with my doctor and hopefully work on getting off the blood pressure medication as well.  In closing let me say that sometimes we do things with the best intentions, but have we really researched the consequences of the changes we are making?  I for one will do nothing again that involves pulling chemicals into my body.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blood Oath for Amber Rose?

Who knows what goes through the minds of these superstars who obviously are always looking for a new publicity stunt.  Methinks the lady (can you call her that?) protests to much!  Seriously though as far as an Illumaniti Blood Oath publicity stunt I guess we'll just have to wait a few years and see how it pans out.  A year back I began doing a little light research on the subject for a book project, but nipped it in the bud.  I still have a fascination with the subject but being the open minded person I am, I felt digging into something like this might have negative consequences so I went back to what I love doing, writing romance.

For you conspiracy buffs out there though, here's another one to put on your radar for the elusive Illuminati Blood Oath research.  Let me know how it works out for you!  Oh and if you do research and men in black start knocking on your door, do tell.  So yeah I watch too much television.  Do the Men in Black come for this kind of stuff?  Do they even exist?  Not a clue.  Guess a romance writer isn't on their hit list so I'm pretty safe.

Have a great hump day folks.  Remember if you have a paranromal insight and want to share, feel free to send me an email.   
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