Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Tears of Crimson!

However you're spending your Halloween Night, everyone here at Tears of Crimson wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!  To all our friends on the East Coast dealing with Sandy, we will keep you in our ghoulish thoughts this evening!  It's been a haunted week for all our friends there and we are sending all the supernatural positive influences your way to help with recovery!

To celebrate we've decided to share the history of how Halloween began, because knowing where things originate, helps make holidays more interesting in our opinion.  Take a walk back through time, and enjoy the incredible history of this tradition.  As always we welcome your comments, and love getting pictures from our friends of Crimson to share with our readers.

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, began as a Celtic festival known as Samhain. It was a Gaelic festival that marked the end of the harvest season, also known as the beginning of winter and the darker half of the year.  Livestock was slaughtered for the winter and bonfires were created to celebrate many rituals.  It was also believed to be the time when spirits could walk freely between the world of the living and dead. 

In comparison, this day is also known as All Saints Day (although originally celebrated on November 1st) created by the Catholic Church.  Other titles for this were: Solemnity of All Saints, All Hallows,  and Hallowmas.  The tradition was either celebrated on November 1st or the first Sunday after the pentecost.  The day was known as one where Saints received visions from heaven.

Ironically, even with All Saints Day, the puritans of the 18th  century were very opposed to Halloween and it didn't really find footing until the Irish and Scottish immigration of the 19th century took place.  It remained in the immigration communities until the first decade of the 20th century.

Turnips were actually used in Ireland and Scotland history instead of pumpkins.  The pumpkin was actually included by immigrants to North America because they were easier to carve!

The American tradition of carving pumpkins was first recorded in 1837 and was associated with harvest time, and not Halloween until the mid-19th century.

Trick-or-Treating began in Scotland and Ireland, and was called guising.  These children would go door to door in costume asking for food or coin.  They would carry lanterns carved from turnips.  In North America the first recorded instance of Trick or Treating was in 1911. 

We've come a long way from those days, and it's so interesting to look back on how a tradition began.  Today we have many ways of celebrating this incredible holiday.  No matter what you enjoy, from Haunted houses and trail rides, to adult balls, or Harvest Festivals.  Halloween has become a tradition that fills people from all ages with a sense of fun and excitement.

No matter how you spend your Halloween, everyone at Tears of Crimson wishes you a safe and enjoyable holiday!  If you have any extra candy that you need to get rid of, just drop it off in our mailbox!

(Historical information about the Halloween Holiday came from Wikipedia))

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Sweet 16th Kai and Kayla from Tears of Crimson

A special birthday wish from Tears of Crimson to my lovely daughters who turned 16 today!  Both my girls are very into cosplay, so their big brother took them to Anime Con in Atlanta as an early birthday present, and they both got cars!  Please be careful on the roads now that these two little darlings are behind the wheel.  Being mom, I wanted the Debutante Ball but gave in to them (as usual) and they got the convention instead. 

Kai is an artist and Kayla is a flutist (flautist), and I wanted to share with the world these two incredible young ladies that amaze me every single day of my life with their incredible personalities, talents, and love.  Being born the day before Halloween, it's always been a huge celebration for their birthday.  Over the years I've watched them grow into such beautiful young ladies, and I want the world to know how very proud I am of them.

And of course being a mom, I have to do the embarrassing walk back through time. I love you girls, and I want you both to know that I couldn't have asked for more perfect daughters!

Monday, October 29, 2012

In 2012 Vote for Vampires - We suck and proudly admit it!

Blood Suckers Unite 

Tears of Crimson is proud to bring you a solution to your 2012 political dilemma, Vote Vampire!  Yes we suck, but we freely admit it and take pride in our past history.  Scandal?  We scrub the minds of our victims clean, so the only thing you'll uncover in our past is a long line of happy customers, ready to serve when duty calls.  It's a patriotic duty that every American will enjoy doing their part for, even if it's not willingly at first.  We don't lie and talk about how we can help our constituents,  so ask not what we can do for you, get over here kneel at the throne and serve with pride!

As vampires, we do not discriminate!  Black, White, Gay, Straight, Male, Female,  your blood tastes great to us and we accept all donations in the spirit of which they are given!  We won't even promise not to suck you dry, under our control you can know up front that we plan on taking everything and using it for our benefit.  We'll even make you think you enjoy it as it happens.  

Global Warming?  With vampires in office you won't even have to wonder if there is a climate change.  Our first priority is to block out the sun, and we know that without the sun temperatures will rapidly decrease and that global warming will be a thing of the past.  Since vampires don't need automobiles, rising gas prices and carbon footprints will be a thing of the past!  Most of the human race will be turned, except those that we need to feed on, so poverty and hunger will be eliminated.

The housing market?  No worries there with Vampires running the White House, we will make the humans we don't turn live in our dungeons, therefore putting an end to all need for housing, therefore eliminating the problem! My Fellow Americans, do not fear, all the problems that currently conflict your mind will be erased when you serve with blind faith under our compelling, your fears can now be put to rest!  United by blood, lust, and passion that is our creed.  And women, we have the solution to your concerns since vampires don't breed there is no longer any need for worry about contraception.  

In 2012 we think America needs big change, and no more BS!  We won't lie and tell you how we're going to make the world a better place for you, and freely admit it's all about our needs!  It's time for Washington to elect a race that can solve all our political debates, gender inequalities, monetary issues, green dilemmas, and failed economic policies!  In short it's time for Vampires!

In 2012 Vote Vampire - We Suck and Proudly Admit It!

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Tears of Crimson's Halloween - Free or .99 Books

October 27th and 28th Halloween Celebration

Free and 99 Cent Books All Weekend Long


At Tears of Crimson, Halloween is our favorite holiday, and we're sharing the love this weekend with free and deeply discounted books all weekend.  

Enjoy books in variety of genres, from horror and paranormal (it could hardly be Halloween without them) to romance, action, scifi and thriller, in fact we should have something to keep all of you happy.

See below for a sample of the books available, full length novels and shorts.

All books available at the following link - Tears of Crimson Halloween Listmania
Enough talking! Come grab some incredible books!  Follow along on Twitter as we celebrate as well 

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Paloma Beck Takes over Tears of Crimson

Do You Have Eternal Envy?

As a younger woman, I recall often being envious of what others possessed without even recognizing it. Sometimes it would show itself in me simply not liking the person. It was all in my subconscious of course but it caused me to be less friendly at times. Part of envy is in viewing ourselves as not enough – not enough of this or too much of that – and seeking a kind of perfection that is ridiculously unattainable. 

As I’ve grown older, I’d like to believe I’ve also become wiser. I’ve also learned to appreciate my attributes and be happy with who I am so as not to envy others. This epiphany has also come to me from the understanding that no one is perfect and until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes, I have no idea the cons to what I may only see as a pro.

In my next Sin Sister book, Eloise is cursed with Envy. She lives wishing she was more like others, had the things others had and could do things others did. When she meets Caedon, he fulfills every desire she’d ever have again and her soul sin is taken away. She is overcome with happiness knowing she will never again have to envy others.

Here’s an excerpt when she first realizes she’s free from her soul sin…

Eloise wanted to reach out and touch him. She placed her hand over his fingers still resting on her shoulder. They were so warm, strong and large. Eloise followed the landscape of his arm until her hand wrapped around his bicep and she marveled at how small she seemed beside him. His shoulders were solid and the corded muscles beneath his worn t-shirt were flexing. His low-slung jeans showed a peak of his happy trail and left her wondering just what she would find if she went walking down that path.
“Damn it. Your eyes, they’re lit up. And your scent… who are you?” The man lowered his voice at the question but she heard it deep inside. He didn’t just want her name. He suspected what she was coming to wonder herself but had dismissed as wishful thinking. He couldn’t possibly be her mate, could he?
“Do you speak, woman?” The man was growling; his sculpted cheekbones hollowed even further to give him a sharper appearance, but he didn’t scare her. Eloise didn’t move away; she wanted the connection to him as deeply as she needed her next breath.
“My name is Eloise. I’m one of Layla’s sisters.”
“Eloise,” he repeated her name with reverence. His hand reached for her, cupped her cheek and soothed her with gentle strokes. He leaned in to kiss her lips, and when the current rose between them as eyes locked and lips fused, Eloise knew. She melted into his touch because there was nothing else in the world she craved now that she had this man.
The kiss was brief and before she knew it, he was pulling away to look down at her.
“Name’s Caedon,” he spoke no more than inches from her. She could feel his breath on her skin and wanted more of this man. Though for the first time in her memory, she didn’t crave this because someone else possessed it, she simply desired Caedon.
It was her soul sin. She was destined to feel envy -of all things- until she felt herself truly fulfilled by her mate, the one being who would be able to make her complete. Now that she had found him, first as only a shadow in the vineyard, she moved towards him instinctively as if she somehow recognized him though never having met before. Eloise was all too aware that, as legend told it, envy would be left behind when she laid eyes upon her mate on a night brightened by a full moon. It was finally her time. 

©Paloma Beck, Eternal Envy

Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Two
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history. 

Eloise has lived with bitter envy her entire life until the moment she fell into the arms of Caedon. Once claimed by her mate, she will covet nothing more for eternity, especially now that she has it all. Caedon plans to fulfill her every need if he can just keep her safe. With their secret so close to being exposed and a mate who finds herself in the midst of the drama, Caedon has enough to keep his hands full. 

Then Caedon’s parents, believed dead for a century, come across the Terrorist Elimination Unit’s (TEU) radar. Can he save his parents while protecting his newfound mate?


Paloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the contemporary and paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons, volunteers in PTA and teaches religious education. 

Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories - and they are anything but PG. As a natural introvert, quiet time with her characters is necessary to keep sane while writing is the perfect outlet for her creativity.

Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharon Kleve takes over Tears of Crimson Today

Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.

She loves romance. She loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other's arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deserve—with a few bumps and bruises along the way.
One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.

When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.

Author of "The Corny Myers Series"
Book One, Flamingo Blues, Published December 2011
Book Two, Be Mine, Published February 2012
Book Three, Klutzy Love, Published August 2012

Author Comments: St. Patrick with a Bite, the fourth book in The Corny Myers Series will be complete this year, hopefully!

I'll be busy promoting the Passionate Cooks cookbook all month. Much like romance novels themselves, the dishes range from spicy to sweet. There is something for every taste and every level of culinary expertise.
Best of all, they are all FREE!

I made my recipe for Lip Smacking Pork Roulade is delicious Saturday night and paired it with fresh blackberry margaritas. Blackberry bushes are prickly, but worth every sting. Yummy!

Klutzy Love Blurb:
Corny is a hot chick with a great job that she loves. All that changed in the blink of an eye when her boss had an accident involving an oversized rubber band. She’s still a hot chick, but her boss is dead.
Steve Spears is a seasoned narcotics cop who ends up wanting to strangle Corny on a regular basis. After finding out Corny’s dream of opening a pet detective business, he decides he doesn't want a girlfriend who routinely puts herself in danger. That’s his job!

Corny misses Steve, but she’s getting on with her life. She decides to get a month’s worth of dating out of the way in a single night, by combining her three favorite things—men, food, and alcohol.
Steve’s big gun and cop’s intuition saves Corny’s life, but not from another trip to the emergency room. He makes Corny promise never to get hurt again—she agreed, but has her fingers crossed behind her back.

Klutzy Love Excerpt:

I raised my salty-rimmed margarita, "Let's make a toast to Mr. Langfield; he was kind, kooky, and had poor taste in women."

"Here, here. God bless the silly romantic fool," Kitty cheered and twirled her hair around her finger.

"I second that," Brenda clinked her glass to ours and munched on chips and salsa.

After a sip from my drink my sexy-guy radar started to beep. I did a quick scan of the restaurant and spotted my target. I discreetly waved my hand above my head and said, "Target acquired... target acquired." 

We laughed until we about peed our pants and then I leaned forward and quietly asked, "Do you think he heard me?" then giggled more. "I've seen my share of gorgeous men, but that guy is smok’n hot."

"Oh boy, is he ever," Kitty and Brenda said in unison and fanned their faces dramatically.

"He's been looking my way. I'm giving him my, 'you can buy me a drink' look."

All of a sudden Kitty rolled her eyes toward the bar and whispered, "Holy moly, he's coming this way."
Sure enough he made his way through the crowd on the dance floor towards our table. Before I hyperventilated from excitement, Kitty kicked me in the shin. "Thanks, I needed that." Kitty could be pretty levelheaded in stressful situations.

What reviews are saying about Klutzy Love.

Dr. Doolittle in spikes… Klutzy Love is the prequel to Ms. Kleve's earlier book, Flamingo Blues. In Klutzy Love, the reader learns how Corny Myers, who possesses the unique ability to converse with animals, met her boyfriend, Steve, a Seattle policeman. The story starts with the knucklehead son of her late boss taking over the business. When things go from bad to worse at work, Corny decides to pursue her dream of becoming a pet detective so she can both utilize her talent with animals and be her own boss.

Corny is feisty and fun and before she can do anything too ditzy, Steve is there to keep her grounded and safe. Once again, Ms. Kleve has written a fast paced, light-hearted, and enjoyable story filled with very likeable characters both two-legged and four-legged. (A. Mosa)
Klutzy Love is a winner!... Klutzy Love is a feel good, light-hearted romp with sprinkles on top. Corny Myers has the quirky ability to talk to the animals, although what her four-legged friends say is slightly different than what you might expect! (Think Dr. Doolittle meets Ted :-) The romance with her boy toy, a Seattle Narcotics officer, steams up the hilarious antics of the slightly klutzy, slightly ditzy Corny. Klutzy Love is fun, fast paced and will definitely leave you wanting more. (Washington Grrl)

Contact me at:

Links to Purchase:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kaylie Newell takes over Tears of Crimson

This is by far my favorite time of year.  As a writer of suspense, I love fall and all the story inspiration that it brings with it- The blustery, spooky weather, the haunted houses, pumpkin patches and hay rides.  But one of the BEST things about fall in my humble opinion?  The scary movies J  True, some of my favorite movies to watch during the month of October aren’t all scary.  Some are just a little creepy, some are funny, some are reminiscent of childhood.  But they all make me think of Halloween in one form or another.  And I heart Halloween!

Here’s a list of my top five movies to get you in a haunted frame of mind this season-

1.)    The Burbs- This is somewhat of a cult classic from the late eighties.  My husband and I watch it at least three or four times in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  It’s ridiculously funny and some of the one liners have been known to make me spew Diet Pepsi out my nose.  I’m no professional movie critic, but this is my version of a thumbs up ;)
2.)    The Fog- I wouldn’t say this seventies classic is necessarily scary, but it’s deliciously spooky.  And some of the scenes are cringe worthy.  Working all by yourself in an old lighthouse off a stormy coast?  Yup.  Cringe worthy.
3.)    To Kill A Mockingbird- This movie really doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween, but the subplot with Boo Radley is pretty darn fantastic. (Well, everything about this movie is fantastic, really).  I love Scout’s point of view- she paints a wonderful picture of what it’s like to be a little kid who’s scared to death of her legendary scary neighbor.  And the scene where she and Jem are walking home from the play gives me chills every time.
4.)    Halloween- This cheese ball classic from 1978 still manages to scare me, no matter how many times I watch it.  I think the creepy music has a lot to do with it.  Yowza.  Jamie Lee Curtis at her best!
5.)     Psycho- Norman Bates is a pretty sick feller.  The whole premise of this story scares the pee waddling out of me.  And I don’t think I’m alone.  The shower scene is an all time horror classic, and the main reason I always check behind the curtain before I hit the potty.

There you have it, folks!  Hope you can take a few hours to cuddle up under a warm blanket and watch a few of these movies.  I don’t think you’ll regret it.  …Just keep the lights on while you’re at it ;)  Happy Halloween!

Kaylie Newell is the author of A Death That Lingers, an award winning paranormal/romantic suspense that is available in paperback and digital format through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   

She’d love to hear from you! You can find her on her blog at and on Facebook at  

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Amanda Bretz takes over Tears of Crimson

About Love, Simplified:
Love, Simplified is a romance novel set primarily in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. The book focuses on the themes of leaving corporate America, living a simple life and of course, falling in love.

When workaholic Cecile Day realizes she isn’t living the life she wants, she uproots her life in Denver and moves to her family’s ramshackle cabin in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Cecile wants to slow down, move to the country and live a life full of the things money doesn’t buy, but her motives for moving aren’t quite that simple. She knows running from an array of demons, leaving a wealthy fiancĂ© and high-powered career won’t be easy, but what she hopes to gain by moving is peace of mind, sense of self and lasting happiness.
Upon her move, Cecile meets her sexy neighbor, Ethan Morgan. Cecile quickly discovers Ethan can provide her with companionship and a simple, country life, that is, if she’ll let him. She feels haunted by her past mistakes and struggles to feel worthy of Ethan’s affections. Even though Cecile has worked hard to simplify her life, will she realize she can’t live without the most basic necessity of all: love.

Love, Simplified is available in paperback and in ebook format. Purchase through Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords via the author’s website (

About the author:
Amanda Bretz is the contemporary romance author of Finding Justus, Love in Greener Pastures and Love, Simplified. She holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University and has worked as a journalist in both print and online news media.

When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book. Amanda resides in historic Saint Charles, Missouri, with her husband, Brandon. To learn more about Amanda, visit her website (

“I’m sorry, this might hurt a little,” Ethan said as he wrapped Cecile’s ankle in a bandage. For a man of his size, his touch was gentle. Cecile became mesmerized as he wound the bandage and secured it with a metal clip. “All better,” he said with a smile, his blue eyes sparkling in the light.
“Where did you pick up your bandaging skills?” Cecile asked as she leaned her head back against the soft cushions of Ethan’s couch. After kayaking back to their cove, Ethan had helped a limping Cecile to his cabin, where he had a first aid kit.
“I used to volunteer for the Red Cross,” he admitted.
Cecile let out a small snort in disbelief. Okay, the man has to be a saint, if I doubted him before, this just sealed it, Cecile thought. Habitat for Humanity volunteer. Captain of the neighborhood watch. Former Red Cross volunteer. She definitely felt inferior, and like a slacker, when she compared her life with Ethan’s. In a sick twist of sarcastic self-loathing, Cecile imagined casually filling Ethan in on how and why she came to move to the cabin. Cecile stifled the urge to sigh. She may as well sport horns and a pointy tail.
“Hey, you okay?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Just been a long afternoon, I guess.”
“Well, if you didn't want to hike down the bluff, you could’ve just said so. You didn't have to twist your ankle to get me to carry you down, ya know,” Ethan said with a wink and a smile.
“Hey, a girl’s gotta have some insurance. I figured you’d take pity on a clumsy, wounded woman. You played right into my plan,” she said as she put both hands behind her head.
“Wow, I feel like I've been duped, here I just thought you had no grace, whatsoever. Now the truth comes out, you’re just a sneak.”
As Cecile shared a laugh with him, she stared into his eyes and realized his hand was still resting on the top of her shin, his powerful thigh cradling her ankle. For some reason, the intimacy of his contact with her body, coupled with the way his eyes were locked on hers caused a rush of heat to spread throughout her body.
Ethan moved his hand from her ankle and gently cupped her chin toward him. His mouth moving toward her lips was the last thing Cecile saw before closing her eyes. When his lips found hers, Cecile used her fingers to thread through the curls in the back of his head she’d admired only an hour beforehand. His soft tendrils glided through her fingers while his sensuous lips caressed her mouth. Ethan was the first to break them apart. For several moments he said nothing. He simply pulled back far enough to gaze into her eyes, while his fingertips gently stroked her jaw line.
Cecile knew her face was flushed and she could feel her heartbeat accelerate. Now she knew where she stood with Ethan. He didn't merely think of her as a neighbor and friend. If his kiss hadn't already let her know that, the way he stared into her eyes as he caressed her face left no room for doubt. She could no longer question or doubt what she felt for him.
What Cecile felt was no longer solely about physical attraction. It was true that no other kiss had rocked her like the one she’d just shared with Ethan, but it was more than that. No other man had handled her as though she were made of the finest, most delicate china. Nor had any other man gazed at her with such affection and admiration.
Cecile realized, as she silently took his large hand in her own, that she’d never felt such an instant connection with someone after one kiss. A reserved “ice queen” to her core, Cecile had never let anyone in so quickly. Usually Cecile liked to keep her partners at arm’s length. She liked being in control, she liked to call the shots. In the past, she’d preferred a man to ask permission before going for the first kiss. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d ever let a man take the first kiss the way Ethan had. It had never happened before, but the situation was different, she was different.
Ethan Morgan was different.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Help us decide the direction for Tears of Crimson in 2013

One of the most important things at Tears of Crimson is our friends!  We'd like to offer you the chance to decide how Tears of Crimson will move forward in 2013.  So we can better understand what your needs are, we are asking you to take time out of your busy schedule to do this quick survey.  The results will help us decide the direction for the upcoming year, and hopefully keep the people we love the most happy, you!

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Kinky Korner eXposed - For the hottest sexy books

Kinky Korner eXposed

A place for erotica readers and writers to relax and enjoy!

A little bit of background...

Kindle Korner eXposed was set up SOLELY for the purpose of giving erotica authors a place to share their books, to be promoted and EXPOSED in ways others won’t allow. Although there may be a guideline or 2...uncensored is the “feel” we will try to provide. It is also a place for erotica readers to find exactly what they’re looking for...time and time and time again.

While my personal tastes may vary, I am providing this outlet because I respect what others may choose to read or write.

I will support and promote without judgment and hope to create a space where everyone can simply be themselves.

All of that being said, we are being forced to take down Kindle Korner eXposed because we are no longer allowed to use the word “Kindle” in the page name. So we are starting over from scratch, essentially...with...

Kinky Korner eXposed on Facebook

My heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every one of our followers. Although it started out as my page, it quickly became a page that belongs to ALL of us, as without YOU, “kkX” would not be where it is today.

Here’s to re-building and making Kinky Korner eXposed “bigger” and better than ever!

From Tears of Crimson

We would like to personally encourage you to like this incredible page on Facebook   There are few places that authors of erotica can post their work, and Kinky Korner eXposed is a page that we've truly enjoyed.  We have no affiliation with this site, but when we discovered that they had to start over from scratch due to a Facebook regulation, we wanted to show our support and help them rebuild their following again.  They've shared our books, and we truly appreciate that, so we are endorsing this page!
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