Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Sexy New Book Trailer for 10 Nights

10 Nights Book Page

Warning!  Hot, steamy, sexy book trailer!  The new book trailer for our September release of 10 Nights.  We knew when we hired Text Tailors that they would give us exactly what we wanted for our book trailer, and they definitely didn't disappoint!  Meet the delicious Rhett Hammond and his new conquest Leah in a way that's going to leave you gasping!

After graduation, twenty-four-year-old Leah was determined that no man would destroy her plans for the future.  Or so she thought. Her best laid plans and well-ordered life were turned head over heels after her best friend, Janie, invited her to a “coming-out” party.

One look at Rhett and all previous thoughts went straight to hell. He made an unbelievable offer to her: “Give me 10 nights and I’ll show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

Was this an invitation to paradise or would his request destroy her mind, body and soul?

From virgin to courtesan in 10 nights? Was Leah even willing to consider it?
In a game of cat and mouse in which 10 nights, 10 choices and 10 fantasies could change everything, who would declare victory?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's hot, sexy, and will leave you aching for more!

Tears of Crimson Books is excited to announce the new site for the latest release from the Tears of Crimson Library, 10 Nights.  We'd love to have you come join us on the sexy new site for adult fantasies and celebrate the debut of what we hope will be the biggest book premiere of 2012.  It's all about passion at 10 Nights and we've got great opportunities for artists, writers, musicians, and companies to promote their work as well as celebrate ours.

Tears of Crimson will be pumping the promotion for 10 Nights until launch date which is September 1st.  You can follow along with what's going on here and on the 10 Nights site, as well as follow the hashtag #10Nights or @10_Nights on Twitter.  If you're a facebook lover follow along there by visiting the page 

Don't worry we haven't forgotten our Vampire Loving friends in this sexy new romance.  We think our Tears of Crimson friends will be blown away by the role play scene in 10 Nights!  This book takes the hottest fantasies women have and mixes them in with an incredible plot and one sexy Alpha Male that you'll either love to hate, or hate to love.  It's the steamiest thing yet to come out of the Tears of Crimson Library, and that's really saying a lot!

So please stop over at the 10 Night site and share your love and support.  We are so excited about this new venture and hope that you'll come with us and celebrate the love of something really sexy and sinsational.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome, both here and at 10 Nights.  Without you, we know that Tears of Crimson would have never grown to the capacity it has, and we thank you so very much for everything you've done!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Casting Call for FREE Promotion!

It's an Indie Casting call for bands, authors, artists, dancers, models, bloggers, and even new companies selling products to adults. No fees and free promotion to 100,000+ is what we are offering. So what's the catch?

There isn't one! We're getting ready to debut 10 Nights, the sexy romance novel and we're looking to do something new and in your face for our marketing campaign. What better way to spread the word than to hook up with other Indies and share the spotlight?

Before you start jumping up and down with excitement, let me tell you a little more about the book and what audience we're hoping to reach so you can decide if this will help you target your fans. 10 Nights is attempting to reach adults over the age of 18 who enjoy adult related pleasures. The book focuses on pushing boundaries, so if adult-themed situations make you cringe, this might not be the promotion for you.

We're looking for 10 of everything because it fits our theme. So 10: Music videos, bloggers, dancers, models, companies, authors and artists. Obviously since we're pushing a sexy book, we are looking for material related to sexiness. Since we are promoting a fiction book it would not make sense to promote another fiction author. That being said if you wrote a non-fiction book about sex or sensual relationships, we'd love to have you.

The only requirement for being a part of this promotion is placing the small banner below on your site.

So why should you help us promote our release of 10 Nights? Because we're going to promote you! It really is that simple. Every participant in the 10 Night Marketing reveal will be given a blog write up on the site and have their name appear on every advertisement we create. We will push ads to Twitter, Facebook, emails, Pinterest, Stumbled Upon, and other targeted places that we're lining up.

You really have nothing to lose and the opportunity to reach thousands. Deadline for entries is August 10th. We encourage you not to wait, when the 10 people in each category are chosen the door to this opportunity is closed. We look forward to promoting you during the 10 Night Tour!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sexual Fantasies...hmmm

Everyone has them, those sexual fantasies that you think about but have never had the nerve to tell another living soul.  Come on admit it, there's one dark one hiding in there!  What you might consider completely taboo, another person may think of as inconsequential.  Over the years people have seemed to open up more about what is accepted in society sexually.  Some would say that's a wonderful thing, while others would say it has been the downfall of society.  Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on with that argument, it's very apparent that as a race we've had sexual fantasies for as long as time has existed.

A fantasy that we recently ran across was enough to inspire this blog post.  At Tears of Crimson, we don't like using the word strange, so we'll say this one is somewhat different.  Agalmatophilia - Attraction to a doll, statue, or similar figure.  Okay and if you are thinking of a blow up doll that's not completely um different, but thinking of a stone statue and sex, well that was a new one for us. One can only ask if that movie Mannequin, had some true background to it.  Apparently a person with this particular attraction doesn't just get aroused from the statue, but wants to imagine doing sexual things to it.

So that's our new sexual fantasy for the day.  Have you come across any sexual fantasies that are somewhat out of the norm?  We'd love to hear about them!  We'll be bringing you all the latest ones as we find them, and with all these devious vampires, I'm sure we can dig up a few!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vacation Time at Tears of Crimson

It's that time of year again, yes the Tears of Crimson staff is taking a vacation!  Please don't be upset, we promise to be back after July 18th with great things to keep your interest peaked.  Imagine trying to get all these vampires, werewolves and sexy humans on the same page for a vacation, it's been insane!  Our facebook, twitter, and other social hangouts will probably be a little slow until the 18th, but you never know we might pick up the iPad and drop in from time to time.

This year has already been so busy for the TOC staff that we felt a vacation was warranted.  With two new books still due out (10 Nights and the third Tears book) we knew if we didn't get that break now, it just wasn't going to happen at all.  Late August and October will probably have us in a nuthouse, so ya'll make sure to send cards and flowers when they bring out the straight jackets.  The little vampires have been on the warpath, destroying electronics so the community laptop is out of commission until after the vacation.  We were mighty impressed with the new bookbook cover from MacBook Pro, so who knows, we might finally convert finally to the Apple at the TOC mansion.

We hope all our friends enjoyed their July 4th celebrations, if you have photo's of fireworks please send them in we'd love to share.  And pictures of BBQ's, not sure why but the vampires around here really love them.  You'd think fires, human food and vampires wouldn't go well together, right?

While we're enjoying our down time, we hope you're enjoying whatever it is you're going to be doing.  If you stop in the TOC mansion, make sure to clean up after any parties.  The last time we left, we came back to a horrible mess.  Oh btw, vampires, yeah we know which one of you did it!  So this year, seriously, no kegs in the pool, bloody victims in the parlor, and above everything else, no taking clothes out of Cara's wardrobe.  She might seem all nice and innocent, but mess with her clothes and we all have to deal with her moody vampire ways!  Dealing with Gabe is bad enough!

Have a great week guys, be safe!  Much love from all the Tears of Crimson Staff!  Hey if you can sell some books for us while we're gone, we'll be forever grateful!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fiction - Reading More Into it

Fiction, Reading more into it!

Fiction:  Something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story

With the definition of fiction above as a reference, I am confounded why people still argue that a story doesn't portray certain forms of actions in a realistic light.  If a book is labeled as fiction, no matter what the content matter is, it should still be considered make believe.  These remarks of not portraying a lifestyle correctly have come up several times in reviews I've read on books like Fifty Shades of Grey and even with my own book Undercover Submissive.  I can't speak for E L James, but in my own defense I am writing a world of make believe.  

To be perfectly honest, I would not want my readers to assume that anything that happens in my fiction books were real life scenarios.  Please don't misunderstand, I am not picking on those reviewers or their opinions, it just brought to light a topic that I felt needed to be addressed.  Anything that you read in a fiction book should be considered make believe, even if the subject matter is plausible.  I would hope that any author who wanted their material to be viewed in an intentional, this is how it's done, real life manner, would pull their books out of the fiction categorization and put them into self-help or another format that states that's what they are to be used for.

When it comes to BDSM and the new mainstream media fascination, this needs to be expounded upon.  Serious injury can occur to people who attempt to try some of the make believe fiction that they read assuming it's to be taken as fact.  I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about this lifestyle to contact an organization like Janus or a local chapter in your state where education is available.   

Please remember that fiction books are like movies and television shows, they are not meant to be taken seriously.  Research, use common sense, and find people that you know and trust before EVER considering to attempt anything that you've read, or watched concerning the BDSM lifestyle.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to educate yourself before playing in this realm.  

Our motto here at Tears of Crimson is that everything you read coming form our library should be considered fantasy or fiction.  We love to write books of dark seduction, but in no way, shape, or form do we intend to educate you about reality with our make believe world.  Have questions about what we are all about here?  Please feel free to ask, we don't bite, unless you ask nicely!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 Nights Could Change Everything!

10 Nights can change everything.  Your perspective, your life, your belief, and your heart.  Have you ever thought about what a big difference could become of your life in just 10 Nights?  If you set all your attention on what you wanted for that period of time, and focused on nothing else, how big of an impact do you think that would be?

For arguments sake, I'd like to focus on what we at Tears of Crimson love best, passion.  If you could change anything about your love life and had 10 Nights to reach that goal, whatever it may be, would you be willing to put your entire world on standby while you took the chance?  Think about this honestly.  One goal, 10 Nights, and everything else that rules your thoughts being pushed to the back burner while you made this your priority.  Could those 10 Nights alter your entire way of thinking about things then?

So tell me what would you change about your love life if you had 10 Nights to do it and nothing else standing in your way?
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