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Sexy Fantasies? It's all in 10 Nights

10 Nights of Sexy Fantasies

It's finally here and we couldn't be more excited!  We've been teasing for over a month now, trying to get you warmed up for the hottest book yet to be released from the Tears of Crimson Library.  Voyeurism, BDSM, Role-play, those are just a few of the scenes you'll get to explore during ten nights of the steamiest love scenes our minds could dream up.  For our vampire lovers, we think you'll be aching to sink your fangs into the role-play scene, proving that you don't have to wait for that immortal bite to have a little fun in the bedroom.

For our romance lovers out there, this book will please and tease you in just the right way.  If you enjoy a great story line, hot love scenes, and erotic adventures, 10 Nights will be your next favorite book.  Based on the top ten sexual fantasies that women have (and men you should be paying attention here), 10 Nights brings them all to life in a way that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

Have you been craving a book that will leave you longing while fulfilling all your deepest desires?  Then 10 Nights is here to fulfill all your needs.  We'll be waiting on you .........

Coming soon to paperback and e readers everywhere

Sunday, August 26, 2012

True Blood Finale Overview - SPOILERS!

Tears of Crimson True Blood Season Finale Final Thoughts

(Tears of Crimson does not own any rights to the pictures or characters in True Blood)

The season finale was everything we'd hoped it would be and then some. The beautiful Viking God (Eric for those of you who don't know) was, as it should always be, the hero in our opinion.  Bill proved himself to be the shallow little creature we've always thought he was and watching him get staked, PRICELESS!  The only downside is he came back as some drenched in blood version of Lilith, and while it means Sookie won't be looking his way any time soon, he could have stayed staked.  To be honest we don't hate the actor that plays Bill, and if he would keep his dead paws off Sookie, then he could live and there would be no issue.  

Alcide regaining control  of the V-junky wolf pack was a great part of tonight's finale.   It was also great to see Alcide's dad play his second and finally prove himself to be worthy of his sons love.  Kudo's on the Wolf Pack scene, it was played out perfectly.  

Jason needs to have some sense knocked into that pretty little head of his, and telling Jessica he could never love a vampire, very uncool.  Not really sure if he's seeing the ghosts of his parents or suffering from a concussion, but let's hope those parents go back to the grave and stop filling his head with crap next year.  

Sam going into Rosalyn's body and destroying her from the inside, Five Stars, that was just classic!  Luna portraying herself as Steve Newlin was another great call and really kept the season finale going.  While the quadruplet's being born was a little silly, we were happy to see that she left them with Andy and hopefully hasn't completely destroyed the relationship between Andy and Holly.  We didn't see much from Lafayette, which was disappointing, but he's had some major scene time throughout the season and it makes sense.

The finale ended up with Bill rising out of his goopy blood puddle to come back as what we're assuming as the new Lilith, so there are some great opportunities for season six.  Now that Bill has shown his true colors, so to speak, we hope that Eric and Sookie will be hooking up, and not just to fight off Vampire with a superiority complex William Compton.

Highlights of the Finale
  • Edgington is destroyed by Eric (poetic Justice)
  • Bill is out of the closet with his "true" nature
Tears of Crimson forgives Ball for keeping Eric and Sookie away from each other ALL season long since you put our Sheriff in the beautiful light he was meant to be in!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tears of Crimson Books - 10 Nights

Tears of Crimson Books - 10 Nights

The release date is almost upon us for 10 Nights, and we are so excited about sharing this book with you.  September 1, 2012 not only means the release of 10 nights, but also your chance to win $100 in prizes.  If you haven't already participated in the giveaway, please do so now.  We've released the Friday Tease on the 10 Nights Site and hope you'll stop by and leave your opinions.  Karl and myself have worked diligently over the last few weeks to make sure all our ducks are in a row, so to speak.  

Working with Karl has been an incredible experience, and he's added so much insight into the story.  The final word count was 103,000 words making it a great full length novel.  I know the readers are going to enjoy getting the male and female perspective on the sexual side of passion, it's amazing what you learn when you delve into both mind sets!  Add to that equation that you're getting the American vs British dialogue and you just get a great book full of surprises.  Okay I'll admit it was also a very sensual experience writing with a man instead of pulling from just my own fantasies for a change.

10 Nights focuses on the ten most popular sexual fantasies that women claim to have, and merges it into a great story-line that we both believe will give readers a mind-blowing enjoyable read.  The two main characters Leah and Rhett, we feel you'll grow to love or hate, but either way you'll feel their emotions with each new chapter.  It's an experience that I'm very proud to have been a part of, and I do consider this my best work yet.  

10 Nights will be released for the adult reader because of the strong sexual content and theme.  It is a true romance, but also encompasses Erotica with the BDSM mindset of Rhett. Leah, while inexperienced in her sexuality in the beginning, is a strong female character with her own strengths that are prevalent throughout the book.  We will be ready Monday to release ARC's to book reviewers and bloggers, and we ask that you get your requests in early as we plan on only releasing ten.  If you would like to receive the ARC of 10 Nights please contact us at via email  and tell us a little about your reviewing history or blog.

Thank you so much for all your love and support of Tears of Crimson, without people like you this would just be a dream.  It has been an incredible year and there are so many other projects on the back burner.  I'll go into detail about those other projects after the release of 10 Nights, and I hope you'll be as excited about them as we are.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Post from R. Osterman

Mind the Thorns Author - R. Osterman

When I started writing Mind the Thorns, I knew I wanted to build my own vampire lore.  LIke Michelle, I wanted the kind of vampires I had to work for the kind of story I was telling.  But how does a writer build a perfect vampire:

Question 1:  How are vampires made?

Before you can really get into what makes a vampire in your fictional world tick, you need to figure out how they’re born.  In the case of most vampire fiction, it is transferred from one vampire to a human through the bite, usually with the qualification that the vampire has to completely drain the victim of blood.

There is a significant problem in saying that it is only a single bite or scratch in that the world would be quickly overrun with vampires with a new one being created each time one fed.

The lore does deviate a bit with the draining.  In some cases the victim must also drink of the vampire’s blood as well to seal the bargain and create the a new creature of the night.  This is, generally, to create form of mutual consent.  The vampire willingly offers undeath, and the victim accepts this unlife and the damnation of their soul.

Question 2:  What is the downside to being a vampire?

I put this high on the list because I think it is a question that is rarely asked but is of supreme importance.  If the cost of being a vampire is trivial or marginal, then why not embrace half of the world and then enslave the half that remains?  Or rather, why would anyone hesitate to become a vampire?

As a general rule, sunlight is treated as fatal to a vampire.  Giving up all activity during the day is a fairly high price, especially if light itself is fatal.  Many writers put that into the their writing but then find out it interferes with part of their story.  Thus Whedon-pires run around with coats over their heads, or the vampires in Moonlight stock up on blood before going out in the daylight.

This is the fundamental problem I have with Meyer-pires.  I respect that being found out would be a “bad thing”, but at the same time, that is really their only risk.  Yes they have to drink blood but they’ve managed a good long while on animal blood so that’s only marginally a problem.  The sunlight makes them sparkle and reveal their inhumanity, which is bad, but really not that bad overall.  My personal take away from Twilight was that vampires could have just been the mutants of the Marvel universe and could have fit into normal society.

Contrast that with, say, Harris-pires.  Sunlight is very fatal, a stake through the heart makes them a bloody mess, and they cannot happily get buy on animal blood.  It’s human blood or nothing, at least until True Blood is invented.  Those are some significant downsides.

Question 3:  What are the upsides?

If we are to believe that people are willing accept the gift of undeath, or at the very least don’t step out into the sun the moment they’re turned, what do they get in the bargain after casting off their mortal selves?

The common powers include an immunity to aging, immunity to non-silver weapons, and the ability to hypnotize or mind control their victims.  The mind control plays well with their efforts to stay hidden and explain why so few of us know they exist.  Flight is a common theme, as is turning to mist, or transforming into another creature.

This is also a turning point for the writers.  Some things are simply physically impossible.  Anyone who’s spent too long in the sun knows it can burn.  That disadvantage works with the rules of science as we know them.  Even mind control can be explained away as extreme charisma.  Flight, on the other hand starts into the realm of magic.  Now, that’s not a problem for every writer, but it is a decided choice.  One of the things I greatly respected about Rice-pires is that they were as limited by the rules of the universe as their mortal prey were.  They could not fly, though they could jump very high.  They could be seen in mirrors, and they were not automatically repulsed by crosses.  After all, why would a cross make something coil away all by itself?

So when setting up the powers for vampires, the challenge comes in, like for weaknesses, as to how much magic exists in the world you’ve created.

Question 4:  What makes a vampire a vampire?

I list this last even though it may appear to be the most important.  I do that because we all know it’s a relevant question and we have to get to it eventually.  Now, to clarify the question, what exactly happens in the creation of a vampire?

A Whedon-pire, for example, is really a demon that inhabits the human’s body.  The human dies during the draining and a demon comes to take over in their place, retaining the memories but is itself a new beast.  In contrast, a Vampire: the Masquerade RPG vampire is still the mortal but with all of their blood drained and replaced by that of their maker and bloodline.  They retain their memories, their passions, etc.  In some of the newer stories, vampires are a separate race from humans, living their own lives and only making offspring in a more traditional way, that is through good old fashioned sexual reproduction.

From there the rest of the vampire lore can be fleshed out.  How do vampires organize?  Is there a society of vampires or do they exist as lone creatures?  Do they see humans as companions, slaves, or food?  How many vampires are there?  The list goes on.  Part of the appeal of the genre is for readers to discover just what makes your vampires different and interesting.

And once they’re hooked, then you can drain them dry.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Tease 10 Night Excerpt - Sexy Role-play?

Erotic Role-play Excerpt from 10 Nights

2012 ©All Rights Reserved

Leah didn't hesitate. "My body is yours, Sir, do with it as you wish," she told him, deciding that if he wanted to play a game, she was happy to go along with him.

Nodding in satisfaction he took her hand and led her to the table in the center of the dungeon. "If you are truly prepared to offer yourself up to me then climb up onto the altar and lay your life in hands." His dark blue eyes filled with heat as he thought of the game, which was only just beginning.

Allowing herself to sink into his world of make believe, Leah climbed up onto the table and laid back. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come, which she could only guess at, as she lifted her hands above her head and clasped them together, wanting to appear like a perfect sacrifice.

He walked around the table, enjoying the shivers that ran through her delectable body. He was glad the roleplaying was turning her on, and made a note to do this again with her another night. "We must lose this dress, my dear," he told her, "I wish to see what you have to offer me."

Pulling a dagger from a holder in his sash, Rhett held it up before her, turning it so it picked up reflections from the candlelight. Her trembling increased, increasing his arousal. Lowering the blade he traced the point of it over her skin, making her flinch. "Don't move an inch, dear one, I would hate to make you bleed too soon." Her eyes widened and she struggled to keep herself still as the blade trailed up her arm, across her shoulders and down the other arm.

Rhett moved the blade back up her arm and then lightly ran the point down her chest. She flinched again as the blade moved between her breasts, but quickly froze. Seeing her reaction he smiled in pleasure before slowly tracing the blade back up to her throat. The fear in her eyes was a tremendous aphrodisiac but he knew it was time to move on and he slid the blade under first one strap and then the other.

The flimsy material parted easily under pressure from the razor sharp blade and with the straps cut he once more traced the blade down between her breasts. He didn't stop that time though; instead he kept the blade moving, slicing through the gown from the straps that hid her breasts to the hem.

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True Blood has Tinkled in my Cornflakes

Just Look Up

Okay so you see that sexy guy up there, you know Alexander, he's the reason I watch True Blood.  I'm going to rant and this makes two this year, so wow go me!  A True Blood without Eric/Sookie/Bill scenes is not True Blood, okay maybe it's not the Southern Vampire Mysteries, but either way I am not a happy Southern gal at the moment.  You know what?  I'm glad that the AVL was given it's time, I love Jess and Jason, LaLa is still my favorite gay guy, and Pam and Tara very hot, BUT, and this is a big ole but.  I watch this show for that sexy hunk you see above, and the relationship stuff between him and Sookie.  So what if I wish I could have been Sookie when he lost his memory, I still want to see THEM.

Tinkling in a Southern Gals cornflakes is never a good thing!  Ask my husband!  I don't know if Ball is just plain ignorant or he wanted to tick off people like me who watch the show for ERIC.  Whatever the reasons were for keeping my favorite people from having even ONE, count it ONE, moment together ... whatever fairy blood he's been sneaking for his own use, I hope like hell whoever takes this show over FIXES the problem.  

As a HUGE lover of the Harris books my heart is broken at how far off this show has gone away from the characters I fell in love with.  So yeah, maybe I'm a bit obsessive over the books, but you don't fix something that wasn't broken, and dang it those books ROCKED.  What's even worse is I will watch the last few episodes just hoping that I see some fragment of emotions between the beautiful, sexy Viking and that Sookie who I love and hate because of her ability to have Eric.

My cornflakes are soggy, my heart is broken, and dog gone it someone better make me happy!  True Blood is the one show that I demand complete silence for and my husband gets the kids every Sunday Night it's on.    It's my addiction, and it's one of the few things in this life that I will give up a night of writing for.  So fix it!  Bring back the sexy Viking and Sookie scenes and make me smile, cause a ticked off Southern Gal is not something you want to be around!


That other vampire writer chick

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sookie and Eric Fan Fic - Blame Alan Ball

The Legalities:  Eric, Sookie, and everything related to this fan fic is owned by Harris and HBO not my characters.  I promised last Sunday morning that if Alan didn't have a scene with Sookie and Eric that I would write out my own fan fiction, and I don't break promises.  So here's my little story and I have to say it makes me happy, if nothing else *grins*

"You mean Bill is just going along with this whole thing," sitting down on the worn couch she was just stunned at everything Eric was revealing to her.  The warehouse being bombed, Bill's acceptance of it and the thought that Bill would be willing to put humans at risk, was just more than she could take.

"It's the blood Sookie it's taken over his ability to think rationally," he had come to protect her from Russell, even if he had ulterior motives, that was his official stand on the matter.  The fact that a new Sheriff had been chosen for Area 5 was a problem he planned on eradicating as soon as he made sure she was safe.  

"I just can't believe he'd support this Eric, that's not the Bill I know."  Who was the Bill she claimed to know, she thought to herself.  One of the main reasons she had broke things off with him before was his inability to be honest with her.

"We just need to get you out of here for a few days, it's not safe for you to be in Bon Temps right now".  He knew he needed to change the subject, and her and Bills past wasn't something he wanted to reminisce with her. 

"I'm not leaving my home Eric," even after Mike had broke in and proven that she wasn't safe in Gran's house, she still refused to admit she couldn't take care of herself.

"I can't protect you here Sookie, would you for once just listen to me and stop being so damned headstrong?"  She might have powers to protect herself, but Russell was stronger and had a much more sadistic mind, she'd never be able to fend off an attack from him.  

"I'm headstrong!" Coming from anyone else she might have agreed, but he was the king of stubborn.  "Look Eric, I appreciate you wanting to save me, but I'm still staying right here".

"Two nights Sookie, can you at least give me that and let me put you somewhere safe while I try to figure this whole thing out?"  He ran a hand through his hair wearily.  "I can't worry about you and do what I need to do."

"Why Eric, someone might think you care," she said the words mockingly but as she looked up into his eyes she felt an instant regret for the comment.

"You know damn well that I care about you Sookie, and it is beneath you to try and say otherwise".  He could think of a few things to do with that mouth of hers right now, but doubted it would help his case much. 

"I'm sorry, I guess that was rude of me".  She was miserable without either him or Bill around and was taking it out on him.  "Look I know things didn't end the way you wanted and I'm sorry if I hurt your ego."  It was as close to apologizing to him as she could get.  They enjoyed some fun while he was without his memory but she couldn't forget the demanding vampire he was before that and now was again.

"I'm a thousand year old vampire Sookie, and I don't need your pity".   He allowed her to get closer to him than any human in the past, and her easy dismissal of him, wasn't sitting well on his pride.  "I know that you have conflicted emotions about Bill and I, but please don't feel it necessary to appease my feelings".  Standing up he towered over her as she sat on the couch, his eyes glaring down into hers.  "This going underground is for your protection and has nothing to do with any feelings I have, or had for you in the past".

That stung in ways she didn't want to think about.  She wasn't a heartless woman, far from it, and standing in the same room with him was difficult enough without remembering those incredible nights they shared together.  "I just don't think it's a good idea for you and me to go underground together."  She stressed the word together, hoping he got her meaning.

"Is that what you're worried about?"  "That I won't be able to control myself if I'm alone with you?"  He chuckled then smirked.  "Trust me, I'm far past the point where I'd allow you to turn me down again".  Never would he admit how much she had destroyed his pride when she left him.  

She didn't like the idea of him laughing at her.  Maybe she was worried she wouldn't be able to stay away from him so she bit back snidely.  "I'm worried that you might drain me since True blood is so hard to find right now."  She was lying through her teeth, and the thought that he no longer wanted her was a huge blow to her own self-esteem.

That hit him in a place he'd long since forgotten he had.  "I think if I get hungry I can find other ways to sustain my needs, Sookie".  Smirking at her, he hid how much her comment upset him.

"Fine, you get two days, but after that I'm coming back to my home, solution or not".  The thought of spending two days alone with him did things to her libido she refused to think about.  Regardless of what she might say to him, there was a part of her that wanted him.  

(That's how I would write the next show with Eric and Sookie )

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Porn? Really, that's what your calling it?

It's only Mommy Porn if you allow people to criticize your work and not give you the respect you deserve for writing a great book that just happens to have an erotic flavor.  I brought this up on Facebook last night and I'll bring it up here, being a literary snob does not make you a better writer or reader, it just means you're not willing to embrace that people may like books that don't revolve around a subject matter you approve of.  Let me make this very clear, I'm a mother to five wonderful children, married and live in the heart of the bible belt.  If you think there is anything I haven't heard when it comes to my writing in a negative light, well you're wrong.  When I wrote vampires I was influenced by the devil (I'm not making this up, people said that) and now that I'm promoting the soon-to-be-released Erotic book, 10 Nights, I'm encouraging people to indulge in sinful sex.  Seriously? 

Anne Rice, Stephen King, JR Ward, and every other author that has a mainstream book out there probably didn't go out and murder people to write their books, or meet any real immortal vampires to tell a story.  Tell someone you're writing an erotic book or ask them to help promote and find out what type of bias you'll deal with.  It's amazing to me that even people in the business of SELLING books will say something along the lines of we don't promote Erotica.  Really you don't?  Then you're not in the business of selling books, cause take a look around you, Erotica is selling! And it's mainstream!  Call Fifty Shades of Grey what you will even if it was marketed as contemporary romance, it's erotica.  

I can promise you that Amazon has no problem taking your money and promoting books that call to the public and perhaps if you're offended by what other people consider great reading, you should reconsider what you're marketing all together?  James might not have an issue with you calling a book Mommy Porn, since she was laughing all the way to the bank, but I find it insulting.  I've read the books, I enjoyed them, and they were romance just in a different way than what we are use to seeing in the Contemporary Romance field.  

I don't usually rant over things, if you look back through the Tears site, you'll not find one single time that I've ever protested.  This issue has my dander up, and mainly because I find it utter stupidity that a style of writing be excluded from the main stream.  Maybe I find innocent kids being murdered offensive so I should refuse to promote any book that talks about murder?  I wonder how fast the public would be up in flames if I came out and called a detective story against my rights as a reader and should not be shown on any site where books are promoted?  

Here's my stand on the entire Erotic field of writing.  I live in Alabama, I am a mom of five kids, married, and if I can deal with all the books out there that I don't find to my personal preference, then others should be able to look at Erotica and do the same.  Stop the insanity and support Erotic Writers as part of the mainstream.  Don't exclude Erotica from being promoted because it offends you.  Let the readers of a site decide what they want to read and give  fair honest reviews that don't label a book you don't enjoy as something like Mommy Porn.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stalking Alexander Skarsgard's Girlfriend? Uncool!

I am a huge fan of Alexander Skarsgard, but can't even imagine threatening his real life girlfriend.  I know he's beautiful, but really death threats on twitter? Apparently the cute as pie Juno actress, Ellen Page, received death threats on Twitter saying that if she continued to date Alexander she would be killed.  You can read the full story on NY Daily News.  This gets our Uncool Award of the day, because seriously loving an actor is one thing, threatening someone he cares about, completely insane.

This leads me into something I've been containing for a while, when do obsessions get out of control?  I think most of us have fallen in love with a character we've seen in a show or read about in a book, but when does that love become unhealthy and need to be checked?  If you are having thoughts about hurting another person that's definitely a sign that you need to seek mental help.  Fantasies are wonderful things, but when those fantasies turn to a point where you can't function in your normal every day life, you either need to start writing (had to throw that pun out there) or take a step back and reassess what's missing in your own life.

Dr. Michelle is in (that was a joke for those of you that missed it), as the Queen of obsessive behavior (I am a writer after all) I know how easy it is to slip into fantasy and forget that there is a big beautiful world out there waiting for you to live in it.  Sure I'd love to pretend that vampires do exist and step into one of my favorite worlds and play in it, but knowing when to step back and appreciate the things right in front of your face is something none of us should forget about.

While sexy men like Alexander,Taylor, Damon, Spike, and okay a dozen other hot sexy actors I could name off the top of my head, would be great to fantasize about, I have a tall hunk of my own that actually married me knowing I wasn't a supermodel.  He puts up with my grouchy attitude, sub-par cooking skills, and even thinks I look beautiful without my makeup in the morning.  Now that is a real superstar, trust me I don't even like me in the morning!  Honestly do you really want to get out of bed an hour early and get all dressed up before you can say good morning to your man?  Heck no I don't, so while I think all those super sexy hunks are hot and delicious, I'll stick with my man and just have great fantasies about the others.

Taking your obsessions to the point of wanting to hurt an individual you don't even know is not healthy.  Before you allow yourself to get to that point, consider that what you see on the screen is just a person playing a part, you might not even like him/her in real life.  They are playing a role and you are giving in to their great skills, but it's not real.  They could have stinky morning breath (I hate that one), or whatever thing completely turns you off.  Your life may not be filled with million dollar homes, incredible parties, but I bet there is something about your life that even the stars envy!  Enjoy being you, and hey I like you just the way you are!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cara Donovan from Tears of Crimson

Looking back to 2009, I can't believe how far Cara has come.  For long time readers of this blog, you might remember that Cara Faith Donovan was originally a character that was created by me for True Blood Role-play.  Everything about her was original, well because she was me as a young woman!  I met someone who played Barry the Bellboy on Facebook and he told me about this group of folks on twitter that were doing role-play.     Oddly enough I never knew who the person was behind Barry, still don't today, but the idea was so exciting that I just had to try it out.  Prior to Twitter, I hadn't role-played since the days of Gor on IRC (does anyone remember that).

I was obsessed, let me say that again so you really get it, OBSESSED with Eric Northman from True Blood.  I thought he was the cat's meow and I wanted to play in a world where he existed.  So Cara came to Bon Temps and I kept everything about her in character, to the point of where I created a whole back story about her in real life that I would share if anyone talked to me in private messages or even phone conversation.  This was a role, an act that I would not deviate from no matter what.  Many years later I still have a few regrets about the pain I caused to people by keeping so in character, but that's a can of worms to open another day.

Those role-play nights (and days) on Twitter became my obsession.  And the person behind the Eric I played with, I'd give their twitter name but I'd hate to do that without permission, I was just as obsessed with him.  Now as a married mom of five, you can imagine that being obsessed with a make believe character wasn't going to end well.  I played on Twitter as Cara for an entire year, falling more into the obsession with each day until finally I knew I had to break the fantasy and bring myself back into the reality of my life.  I admit playing a 19 year old for years was great for my self-confidence and made me feel young again, but it was destroying my real life.  So I "came out" so to speak, to people who had no idea I was really a mom of five, married, and not the person I claimed to be.  It caused a huge upheaval and people were TICKED, and that's putting it lightly.

Inadvertently, the separation from that group of role-players (who were my closest friends in my mind then) actually pushed me to write the first Tears of Crimson Book.  In all reality you can't be friends with people you are playing a role with, and it took me another year to finally comprehend that I took things way too far. I won't go into what was going on in my life at that time that led me to feel the need to fill it with make believe, because it no longer matters and it can't change the facts, but it definitely changed my life.

After I lost the connection with the True Blood group it left me hours of my day to fill and I filled those by pulling back the dreams that I'd had since I was a young teenager of fifteen.  I had hidden that part of my life because to be honest, they weren't the greatest days.  I'll leave it at saying those teenage years were filled with abuse that I was attempting to cover from my family.  Rafe was my guardian angel during those years and whether imagined or real (the jury is still out on that one) he saved my life.  The dreams that he gave to me from the years of 15 to the present gave me sanity!

So while Cara was created to play in the world of True Blood, she was also me and the adult woman's version of dealing with something that happened to her years ago.  It gave me closure over those events that shaped the person I am today.  I truly believe that we are all given ways to survive both mentally and physically the things in our lives that our minds can't rationally deal with on their own.  Rafe was my gift and role-play Eric was the demon  that I was fighting against.  Once I was able to let go of him, I was also able to forgive the real person that had caused me so much pain in my past.  Have I completely confused you yet?

I hope this gives you some insight as to why the Tears of Crimson stories are so very important to me.  They are my therapy (I bet a psychiatrist could have a field day with that statement).  Each time you read the Tears of Crimson books you are walking into my life, so yes I do take it a little personally.  I walked those worlds with Rafe in my dreams for all of my adult life and so when I tell you to walk in my world, I literally mean it.

A Night at Tears of Crimson is free today and tomorrow 8/6 and 8/7 on Amazon so if you'd like to take a glimpse into my dream world now is the perfect time.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fang Fiction - Sharing the Love!

We love when friends of Tears of Crimson send in their own sexy stories and this week we wanted to share one from Dylan Patton.  When you get our sexy owner blushing you've done a great job.  Enjoy lovers of the fang, we definitely did!  As always this is for adults 18+ so please if you're under that, come back when you're a little more fang worthy *winks*

'Unlikely Inspiration'

Dylan Patton
            Michelle sighed in frustration.  The blinking cursor on her monitor seemed to taunt her.  She sat up in her chair, groaning.  She had a dead-line for her next novel.  But a bad case of writer's block was making that hard.
             Her muscles were sore.  She was tired.  Although she was wearing only a red silk robe, she was getting warm.  She stood up and walked to her window.  She slid it open smiling as the night air quickly filled her room.
            Michelle felt better, the night air rejuvenating her.  She padded barefoot back to her desk.  She got halfway there when she felt a hand on her arm.  Through the silk sleeve, she could feel how cold the hand was.
"Are you as restless as I am?"
            The voice was slight raspy.  It reminded Michelle of a smoker.  Michelle stood there frozen.  How did this guy get into her room?  She took a step forward.  The hand fell away.  She turned away to face the speaker.  There was a man standing there in front of her.  He was tall, long blond hair pulled into a pony tail.  He was wearing black boots and black leather pants.  A black coat covered a long sleeved white shirt that was tucked into the pants.
            The man began walking toward Michelle staring into her eyes.  Michelle could feel herself swaying back and forth.  She felt woozy, but in a good way.  Like she had a couple of glasses of her favorite wine.  Her eyelids became heavy.  She swayed a couple of times.  She began to fall backward she a pair of arms caught her.  She was then lowered to the floor.
"I'm glad I had such an effect on you."
            Michelle could feel the man's hair caress her face as he lowered his face closer to hers.  His cold lips kissed her cheek.  He kissed her chin, then her jaw.  He kissed her neck tenderly.  As his lips touched her neck, she could feel his hands tighten on her arms.
"I want to taste you so badly, but not until you beg me for my bite."
"Wh-what's your name?" she asked.
"Alexander." he replied.
            Alexander slowly places a hand on her knee.  He squeezed it as his hand moved up her leg.  Michelle softly whimpered as her robe was being pushed up.  She had no idea what was going on.  This strange man had appeared out of nowhere.  He was touching her and for some reason she wasn't stopping him.  She was married, happily.  Yet there was something about this man that she wanted, that she was drawn to.
            Alexander traced his fingertips up her leg, under the robe.  Michelle whimpered as his cold touch contrasted against her warm skin.  The way he was touching her was turning her on.  Alexander's fingers began tracing in circles on her inner thigh.  Michelle let out a moan as Alexander began to kiss her neck.  He placed another hand on her waist as he slowly began to undo the robe.
"You want my bite, don't you?"
"Yes." Michelle moaned as his fingers continued to move on her inner thigh.
"And I will, but only when your arousal is at its peak.  That's when you will taste the sweetest."
            Alexander opened the robe.  He slid a hand into the robe.  His fingernail caressed the nipple of her right breast.  He moved it back and forth as he watched her squirm.  Michelle's back arched as Alexander's hand moved further up her thigh.  He stopped, smiling as he could the heat radiating between her legs.  He squeezed the nipple gently as his fangs began to lower.  His thirst was building.  Michelle was so horny, and he could feel it.  She was ready to be taken.  She wanted to be bitten.
            Alexander gave Michelle's breast a squeeze.  She moaned louder as she arched her back.  Alexander hissed as he bit into Michelle's tender, soft neck.  He groaned as the first few drops filled his mouth.  He bit harder as he began to suck.  Michelle pulled him to her as she grinded against him.  Alexander squeezed her tightly.  Michelle's moans were getting louder.  She had always fantasized about being bitten by a vampire.  She had never imagined it would feel this good.
            Alexander pulled away.  He had become so enthralled by her taste, he had to stop now.  If he didn't, he would kill her.  He laid her down and kissed her on the forehead.  Before she could protest, he left through the window.  Michelle sat up.  She looked around confused.
"Was I dreaming?" she asked.
            Michelle touched her neck.  Her neck was sore on the left side.  As she pulled her hand away, she noticed there was blood on her fingers.  At first, Michelle was afraid.  But then she smiled.  She had been bitten by a real vampire.  Her top fantasy had actually come true.
Michelle looked at her computer monitor.
"I think I have an idea for my next story."

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vampire Rights and Restaurant Bans!

As part of our 2012 Election Campaign we are calling for a ban of all restaurants that refuse to offer live donors as part of their menu.  We have stood in the dark long enough and allowed these horrible violations of our rights to continue, but no longer!  Where is a vampire supposed to go when they need nourishment?  Should we be forced to walk down darkened alleyways and visit seedy nightclubs and suffer with the quality of our food-source?  This is a travesty that must be addressed to the public, and we will no longer stand idly by while you continue to deny us our rights as tax-paying citizens of this great country.

We demand healthy,  prime choice donors to be placed on every menu of each restaurant for our dining entertainment.  Until these demands have been met, we encourage all our supporters to protest.  Equality between all persons, dead or alive is what we strive for in 2012.  Below you will find our banner and hope that you will share it with pride, if not we know where you sleep.  A well-fed vampire, is a happy vampire!  Believe me when I tell you, you won't like us when we're hungry!

Join with us, or become our next meal (Rafe has mentioned I need to work on my public speaking skills, so with that in mind..) of course we won't eat you if you refuse to join our cause.  The world would just be a kinder place with your support (Sometimes I think Rafe needs his bloodline checked for that crap).  So please join with us in our 2012 National Campaign, for Vampire Rights across the world!


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