Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whitney Houston - Rumors of another Celebrity Blood Oath

As some of you know I've been following the Celebrity Blood Oath conspiracy theories for a few months.  The more I research this topic, the more questions that arise.  Later this year I'll reveal why this topic has captured my interest, but for now I'd love to know your thoughts on these conspiracy theories.  Is it possible in our time that such a sinister plot is actually going on right before our eyes?  Do you think it's just all nonsense and sensationalized media?
I've heard about the Illuminati for more years than I can recall.  It's always been an interesting topic, but to be honest, I just blew it off as a great story.  With all the strange events going on lately, noises being heard all over the world, etc., maybe there's something behind all these tales that I grew up hearing.  Am I completely convinced that these events are happening, and not just coincidence? Not really.  I am open enough to believe anything is possible and that's enough to keep me looking into the repeated claims of these conspiracy theories.

As a paranormal writer it's pretty apparent that I believe in the Supernatural. I'm also educated enough to know that there are scientific explanations for most of what's been reported.  If I sound a little wishy-washy on this subject it's because I just haven't been able to make myself accept either scenario as being actual facts.  I would like to think that the world we live in is governed by normal actions and reactions, while at the same time hold out hope that there is something mysterious at work that we just aren't enlightened enough to accept.  That being said, I hope beyond hope that these conspiracy theories with the celebrities are just that, theories.  Share your opinion with me on this subject.  I would really like to know where you stand.  

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