Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vampiric - S L Hartley - paranormal romance


Vampiric - S L Hartley

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When one of the community starts feeding on their fellow vampires, Hathen Noble, the lead vamp in the Nightingale Park den, steps in to intervene. This decision brings him face to face with Jess Green, head of the new vampire unit at the Clearview Police Department, and a human with a thing for the undead.

Falling for each other quick, the couple soon find themselves deep in lust. But could these feeling be something more then just a physical attraction?

Join Hathen and Jess as they investigate crime, get to know their city, and get to know each other... Intimately. A paranormal romance with vampires.

Story approximately 19,000 words. 1st in the series.

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