Monday, May 21, 2012

Gabriel's Diary - For Your Reading Pleasure

Let me begin by saying that this novella is intended for adult readers that enjoy their romance a little dark and edgy.  When we say exotic tales for the adventurous, we aren't just tempting you with a phrase.  This inside view of Gabriel's sexual adventures, is just that.  A walk into the world of the Master of Seduction, or as some might label it coercion.  If you've read the Tears of Crimson Vampire Series, then you know that Gabriel takes what he wants either by mind manipulation or by using the lure of his supernatural persuasion.

You will journey back in time and walk with Gabriel as he seduces familiar, and some unknown, ladies from history.  When we ran across this Diary, it was shocking to say the very least at how far he would go to obtain the things he desired.  Tears of Crimson invites you to take a walk inside the mind of Gabriel while reminding you to be cautious on how far you delve.  There are some paths that start you on a discovery that will change you forever, this is one of those opportunities.

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